Jul 072015

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face sitting through floor,  short story with onomatopoeia,  doxy torture,  belly button violation

Having limited computer time means I’m not taking a picture but I did copy the terms that are popular right now for our Sexy Searching.#SexySearching

I have no idea how face sitting through the floor would work, look like, or even why this term led them to us. I frequently write of the times with the Doxy Wand and my love/hate with pushing past my comfort level of orgasms and sensitivity. I have the title Belly Button Violation for that search, and I use that term whenever someone touches my belly button (I dislike it).

I also have the title Very Short Stories: Onomatopoeia so finding us this way makes quite a bit of sense as well. I’ll focus in on this search term, it’ll lead you to the post in which I asked a friend to give me one word (he gave me onomatopoeia on this day) and I wrote a short story about that word on a post-it note and then took a picture and also typed it for those who cannot read my writing. I wrote about noises cluing in a lover. Sounds are such a turn on during sex: the grunts, groans, moans, whispers, words, screaming, intake of breath, sighs, slaps, even squishes. My ears love to be an active participant during sex with the rest of my body.

I am traveling right now, have been for the past three weeks, and my husband and I are never alone. FOR THREE WEEKS. I am very verbal during sex and have a lot of difficulty keeping quiet, so much so that we rent or buy houses where the master bedroom is away from the other bedrooms whenever we move. We do not have sex (husband’s choice) when we travel normally, especially when we travel with others.

We stayed in a house with an old wooden sleigh bed, in which he couldn’t even fit his tall frame completely straight so proceeded to crowd me out, and it creaked every time he rolled over. Not the friendliest bed to find space to have sex in, and the bed was so loud that sex wasn’t possible without every member in the house hearing that bed.

Next place we stayed had a large and quiet bed, thank goodness, so sex was a bit more possible. However, we still had to be quiet and my husband can be incredibly so (his verbalizing his own pleasure has only occured in the past few years) and I missed his grunts, groans, whispers or statements that I felt good, that he was close, that he was coming. His noises clue me in to continue, to clench tighter to bring him further, that spur my own orgasm even further because it is so hot to hear him being pleasured. I hated the silence that he was, and our positioning didn’t face him so I couldn’t see his body language – I had to rely on feeling, and it wasn’t nearly as cool as when I also get to hear him.

He sounds amazing.

The following place was a couch, and no real privacy. I was ovulating, which means that sex is really all I want to be doing and my husband was good enough to me to at least finger me to an orgasm to help me sleep, and with one orgasm I was able to keep my own cries of pleasure to nothing more than breathing hard and a whispered “don’t stop” (which I don’t need to tell him yet do every time because I feel it’s important to share anyhow). Being aware that I need to be quiet diminishes my pleasure because I can’t get lost in it – to get lost in pleasure means that I am louder, more vocal. It still feels amazing – just less so with the mindfulness that I need to keep.

I can’t wait until we are home and I get lost in us and our noises. It’s amazing how taking away that sense makes me crave it so much. I miss his words next to my ear, I miss the ability to cry out in pleasure.

Noises are sexy.

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Jul 012015

Love and Lust in London writes about men being discriminated against and I can completely see his point. He was fearful of backlash, but I’m (perhaps naively) I’m unsure why.

Resisting and being forced is so fucking hot to me, the power dynamic that switches the brain into something I want, crave. Molly’s Daily Kiss questions why she would ever be outright compliant when the other way is so much fun.

Gleeful Blade writes a scene about being fucked with a dagger. So hot.

Molly’s Daily Kiss also featured this person, but just in case you missed it, Guy New York writes In Defense of Erotica and it’s brilliant and far more articulate than I’ve been able to express.

Jun 302015

The kink of the week this time is chains. With M going on vacation, she asked if I wanted it. Well I’ve never used chains. The first thing to pop into my head was Fleetwood Mac. I grew up with my parents listening to them. I quickly pondered if I could argue a case for the band being a fetish, but figured I should give a more serious effort to staying true to the prompt.

Clearly the easiest way for me to handle the topic would be a photo. Luckily for me, I have plenty of kinky friends I could call on to borrow some chains from for the photo.

The problem came from, being the queen of fail, I got sick. With the hip flaring up, and the cornucopia of meds I was on for being sick, a sexy photo shoot was a bit out of my reach.

Luckily, my chemical cocktail lead to some creativity. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I happen to have some AMAZING artistic skills. *giggle*. If I couldn’t TAKE the picture, then maybe I could MAKE the picture. The fruits of my painstaking labor are featured below.

Bust size may be a slight exaggeration...

Bust size may be a slight exaggeration…

All jokes aside, chains is something I’ve been curious about for awhile. To me, the binds seem more intense. The weight of the chain playing a factor in the mindset during the scene has intrigued me. I’m also fascinated by the fact that I see many people use chains for temperature play, but curiously, always for COLD. I’m interested to see how they would be for hot temperature play simply because I’ve really never seen it.

There aren’t many big ticket items left on my sex bucket list. Now there’s small peripheral things, like chains, left. This prompt has brought that subject back into the forefront of my curiosity, and I will certainly keep you posted on what shenanigans I get into with some lovely chains.

While this wasn’t the most informative post on the wonders of chains in kink, (although I hope the drawing made it worth the read), click below to find some bloggers who definitely have a better grasp on them.
Kink of the Week

Jun 292015
macro 032

Sometimes I am surprised when he slides in, that our bodies can fit together so perfectly.

Sometimes I am shocked about the level of comfort I have become both with myself and with the public since blogging.

Sometimes I wonder why I look at a picture (this one originally taken for a macro challenge on Sinful Sunday meme) and cringe how it actually looks when I view the act as so beautiful.

I do not think society needs to view images like this, but I don’t think that the negative reaction is appropriate either. That’s why I admire projects like the Pussy Pride Project or The Penis Project, very often we are even unaware of what our genitals look like, and then may feel self -conscious or compare them to porn or the horrible analogies that we heard when we were younger (sadly even recently). It is a part of our bodies and should be embraced just like the rest (heck, maybe even more so since it provides so much pleasure!).

I know that even for myself, I didn’t know what I really looked like, or what we looked like coming together, until this blog when I slowly and tentatively began allowing photos to be taken. I feel that that I have benefited greatly from these pictures, especially considering that my first reaction was to cringe – that needed to change, and it has.

Wicked Wednesday

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Jun 242015

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl… This rarely, if ever, works out for me. So one day I woke up and decided that I was going to be healthy! I immediately changed my diet and embarked on a very intimate relationship with a treadmill. I didn’t ease into anything. I would basically go to the gym until I dropped, or my feet started bleeding again. It turns out, a body isn’t meant to do those kinds of things.

Interesting fact on anatomy:

Did you know that there’s more than one muscle in your butt? In fact, there’s this vertical muscle that makes your body pivot. It’s called the piriformis. The way it’s set up is, your sciatic nerve, the one that starts in your lower back and goes all the way to your feet runs directly behind it. For some people though, the nerve runs through it.

Back to my story…

One day, I’m going hard on the treadmill and suddenly my leg just goes OUT. Hit the floor, horrible pain in my ass, excruciating. I can’t walk. Trip to the Dr, lots of tests, I’ve torn my piriformis, this evil little muscle I didn’t even know existed.

Now, I’m the queen of all things fail, so does my nerve go behind my muscle like most human beings? Of course not. It goes through it.

I’d give you a list of everything I suddenly couldn’t do, but we’d be here all day. Let’s sum it up with everything. It hurt to do everything. The most meddlesome part of all this, because I have fabulous priorities, is spreading my legs. I couldn’t spread my legs, it was like white hot fire shot down my entire leg and tears would spring to my eyes.

Um yeah. I like sex. Like, a lot. A kind of essential part of sex is the ability for me to spread my legs…

It was time to get creative. The problem was, almost everything on my left side starting at my lower back, couldn’t handle the slightest touch. The phrase “MIND THE LEFT!” was suddenly my constant mantra. Hugging, random touches, cuddling, somehow it seemed like everyone was targeting my left side and I’d have to squeak out the phrase to save the poor, injured side of my body.

Sex was going to be the most complicated thing I’ve ever attempted. If I can’t handle a gentle pat on the ass as I’m walking by, how the hell am I supposed to handle a pounding!? We decided to try standing up for sex, but I couldn’t last long because I’d put all of my weight on the right side, and with me and stand up sex I always have to be on my toes because I have ridiculously short legs.

We tried laying down with my legs together in the air, but my back would take quite the pounding so that didn’t last much longer. Then we threw a pillow under my ass and that worked a bit better.

We tried laying on our sides, but I couldn’t lay on my left side, and he found it almost impossible not to grab my left hip to use for leverage.

Suddenly my most common phrase for sex wasn’t anything as sexy as “oh baby harder!” Or “I like that!” It was “MIND THE LEFT!!!!”

The accidental grabbing of my left side was so frequent that my frustration mounted to the point where I wanted to take a sharpie and draw a caution sign all over the left side of my rump. It seemed like he was magically drawn there, again and again, and it didn’t matter how often I cried out “MIND THE LEFT!!!”, he continued to touch it mere moments later.

It worked out that from behind was the ideal position for us. I was totally OK with this, especially because it happens to be my favorite position in the first place. Finally, we were having amazing sex. After the many days of trying to figure this whole sex thing out, we had gotten it right.

We were both getting into it. I cannot describe how amazing this sex was, it was like the failure and frustration of our previous attempts just made this one so much better. I was slamming my ass back to meet his thrusts. Instead of using my hips for leverage he had my hair wrapped around his fist. I LOVE having my hair pulled. I was in heaven. The pleasure was building and building in my body and my moans were getting louder and louder. It was primal, he was getting into it, his thrusts getting more intense. He pulled back his free arm and THWACK! He smacked my ass with the gusto of one rewarding his good girl, just like he knew I liked.

It only took him a moment to realize what happened. A deep indrawn breath, a strangled noise. A spasm and the sudden collapsing of my body. I could not even draw in breath, the pain was so blinding. He had forgotten the cardinal rule we had established for everything… He had forgotten to mind the left. He had a 50/50 shot of delivering a delightfully arousing blow that surely would have sent us over the edge of bliss; instead he hit the nail in the coffin of our sex.

It was over. I curled into a ball, making vague mewling noises with the panted breath that was all my body was capable of at the moment. For once, it was not me chanting my fail sex benediction of “oh God! I am SO sorry!”, it was him.
Wicked Wednesday

Jun 232015

1. What would you eat for your “last supper”?

My mom’s spaghetti. If that miracle is not possible, then a large dessert bar, because desserts are delicious.

2. Name 3 interesting and unique things to do in your town/city/region.

Kinky Hunt (granted this isn’t public), beach, mudding

3. Tell us 2 things that terrify you.

Zombies – they seriously terrify me so much I’ll just list that as it’s all-encompassing, even the the old black and white cheesy movie zombies that were obviously fake. The noise, the way they move, they give me nightmares for months if I see them, so much so that my family goes to great lengths to shelter me from anything zombie related.

4. Give us your best sex tip.

Have fun! (Yep, that truly is the best tip. Enthusiasm and enjoyment is obvious, and you and your partner will greatly benefit from just relaxing and having fun in the moment.) 

5. What do you have that you need to throw away?

So much! Having just packed for a move, a lot was discarded (thrown out or donated), but I still held onto far too much. Currently in my possession? Nothing, there is no trash around me.

Bonus: Would you participate in a sex organ beauty pageant? Why or why not?

No, that sounds weird, and I wouldn’t participate in a pageant type thing anyhow. Not to mention that competition with appearances really just bothers me. 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Jun 172015

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