Nov 262015

I want a show with what you think is your best outfit with your sexiest stuff on underneath. You can make it a few video clips, but I want a full strip show and a pleasing once fully stripped. I want you in full view all the time, none of this laying back stuff.

A challenging request, as I don’t do a strip tease. Also, I get a bit shy, so no laying back and hiding myself while he watches me please myself…a challenge. How was I going to manage?

…perhaps with a bit of rebellion, as is my way at times.

I knew his request meant to wear a sexy outfit, like a dress. But he used the words “best outfit” and in my humble opinion life got no better than a soft flannel and pajama pants.

…Yep, that’ll do it.

Now, he was specific with “sexy stuff on underneath” so I went with a purple color theme with purple flannel and purple silk lingerie on underneath. And of course, to appease him despite my rebellion, I added his favorite stockings.

He loved the video and song choice (I had just heard it that day) though at first he argued over the clothing choice. When I pointed out his wording and my thought process, he said that he learned a lesson and it wouldn’t happen again. And just like I thought, he chuckled good-naturedly over it.

After all, I am a brat at times because he occasionally likes the antics.











His favorite parts are the flannel off the shoulder and a hip bump in tune to the music.

As for the pleasing part of the video, that’s for his eyes. I did keep on the stockings for him.

He did write to me in the middle of the night:

That video got me off so nicely! You did wonderful in that video, I cannot tell your nerves are going crazy. This video is smooth, sexy, and satisfying! I cannot wait for more from you, when you get more comfortable…I love you so much and I am so proud of your brave self and sending me these wonderful videos.

*All photos were taken from the video on pause. They are unedited.

Nov 232015

Yes, it’s been three years blogging now.

Three years ago I needed a creative outlet and a way to feel like I was part of a community – I found both in blogging about sex. It also brought me closer to my baby sister as we had a project to keep us communicating more consistently.

Thank goodness for this blog;  it has reaffirmed a support system and a confidence bolster that I needed through all the moving and transitions. In so many other situations that I felt lost in, I decided to start writing about something that I was passionate about. I also began organizing, exploring, and embracing what my sexuality meant to me.

Blogging – in reading others and their own offerings of supportive comments – has kicked all many insecurities completely away. I am confident in my sexuality and desires. Getting out and meeting other like minded people, which I don’t believe I would have done without blogging first, has helped this self-assurance.

While my marriage has always kicked ass, blogging has also improved it. We have another method in which to communicate and share thoughts and fantasies. I can read through our adventures, have chronicled our explorations, and been amazed at the results.

So thank you, for joining, encouraging, and supporting me (and my sister) through these three years.


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Nov 212015

1592We had an idea to record ourselves having sex. It was my second (and last) time doing this (curiosity is gone).

I was organizing some photos, and found this photo.

At the time, I took this with my phone, while laying in bed waiting for him to strap his phone to the bedpost.

Awhile ago, I posted a photo from the scene.

Sinful Sunday

Nov 202015

“So I just read your post…” Mimir began in a message. He had just read my writing on a conflict that my husband and I had on my playing with Mimir the first time. He didn’t like that my husband felt negative about anything. He went through all the concerns point by point in an articulated defense while taking full responsibility towards any negative feelings felt by my husband. He stressed his respect of my marriage and wanted to know what he needed to do on his part to clear up any further miscommunication.

I freaked the fuck out. Not going to lie. I full fledged panicked. A few factors occurred to create this high of panic:

  1. I was tired from lack of sleep and fighting subdrop from a scene Mimir and I had had just the previous night.
  2. My husband wasn’t home to help me with that subdrop.
  3. My husband hadn’t been home due to a lengthy separation and I was just more on edge in my day-to-day existence because of sappy-loving-missing him reasons that I hate experiencing as I feel they make me weak. (And because I know someone will think it: I scened with Mimir while my husband was gone with husband’s full knowledge and even urging.)
  4. I wrote about this fear prior to even posting the very first scene with Mimir, because of this scene with Mimir and the worry of how he would perceive my writing. I analyze a lot, I over think a lot, and sometimes I just like to immediately go to worst-case scenario.
    1. I was afraid if he read about any conflict that he wouldn’t want to play with me: “And then there’s my husband, who had no problem with me playing with this man, but had a problem with me doing a scene that night in general. I wrote up that issue. I plan on posting it. Will no one want to scene with me because I’ve shared the concerns I had with my partner? And yet, I feel that it is important to write up any conflicts with adding in a new play partner, because dammit, as a reader I don’t read about such issues; I read things like “it was a challenge that we overcame”. How did the conversation sound? How did it evolve and resolve itself? What were some concerns and hurdles? If I want to read that in others, I should write about the experience.” – Known Blogger
    2. A Dissolute Life had just recently written about someone not wanting to be in her life because of her being a blogger. She writes:“I’ve always known that my blog could be a deal breaker for someone, I just didn’t expect it to happen.  It’s scary even for me, but I’ve chosen to take the risk.  For any man who gets involved with me he’d have to be comfortable with the level of exposure that could come… I’ve thought about the impact of this space on my life for years.  On the one hand it has provided me with a rich playground of creativity and connection.  On the other, I risk losing important people if it’s ever revealed — by me or by anyone else.”A Dissolute Life

I replied to Mimir and wrote frantically    bothered him all day with messages and texts   reassured him as much as I could on all his concerns. Mimir also has a partner and mentioned that every one of us needs to be okay with our scening together. I spoke of my respect of his partner (she’s so sweet and overall awesome like him), and their relationship. I ended (did I even end?) that I would not have pursued a second scene if the conflicts were not resolved, and that part of the reason I waited to post anything is that I will not post a conflict that has not already been resolved between my husband and I. I also told him that I don’t have to post/make public any thing between him and I.

I then gave him a heads up on another conflict that occurred with the second scene, and offered for him to read any further subsequent conflicts that I would post that involved him, for his prior approval and to clear any misunderstandings before he read about it. (I was already writing up the scenes afterwards and sharing them with him with a question of if I could post.)

Additionally, I texted my husband to read our messages (we both have access everything in each other’s lives) and asked for his feedback. He eventually got back to me late that night and said that it seemed like everything had been discussed and cleared up, and to let Mimir know that he was fine with him.

I am afraid this may sever our brief time as play partners (not friends – I think we’re good enough friends to continue our friendship), and that would disappoint me because he is an amazing rigger/top. He really seems to get my moods and proceeds with the scene accordingly. I also trust him and was excited at the prospect of connecting and experiencing things with him.

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Nov 182015

It’s so challenging to write about an experience someone else has experienced as well; yes, I know they understand it’s from my perspective, but they may not be clear how the experience was felt by me. To put it out there in writing is a raw and unguarded feeling.

Last night, for example…

After our scene:

Me: “Don’t take this the wrong way, or offense, but that was hot.”

Mimir smiled. “You can take the experience any way you want. I’m okay with that.”

This morning, by text:

Me: Hey, do you want to read anything I’ve written or should I stop bothering with trifles such as writings?

Him: Yeah, I enjoyed reading your posts. I like knowing when new stuff is up

Me: Okay,  great…Can I run the idea by you on Fet?

Him: Sure!

Ten minutes later, on Fetlife…

Title: Influx of too much writing

(Background information of why I should name him now as a character, and a brief synopsis of the name I’ve chosen and why.)

(Apology of a rough draft unedited…a paragraph I am particularly nervous about sharing where I compare him to a lover complete with words like tasting, swallowing, inside of me, deeply penetrating.)

“Anyhow, still a bit nervous anytime I share, add to the exhaustion that very little sleep provides to a morning person up late, so any thoughts and/or feedback is not only appreciated but almost needed in my current frame of mind.”

4 hours later….

Him: … “another great blog post. You don’t have anything to be nervous about”

*End of message*

Let me tell you what those four hours meant to me: nerve wracking seconds ticking by for four hours.

I own that my emotions are mine,  and that we started texting far too early in the morning and he probably fell asleep. But I was anxious and nervous. That’s the problem with sharing your innermost thoughts and perspectives in writing.

In writing versus face to face:

Face to face I can read facial expressions/body language/voice intonations to gauge if it’s safe to forge ahead or withdraw the words. I can use facial expressions to decide if something needs to be explained  or clarified further.

In writing, it’s all out there in the open, solely my thoughts/feelings/perspectives for the other person to take them as they will.

It’s especially vulnerable to share it with someone who was there – who created that reaction in that scene, who may not have had the same experience nor appreciate such a perspective, may be shocked/surprised at my take on it.

Obviously I trust and feel comfortable with this man who is binding me. I understand that my head space at the time was clouded by exhaustion, a bit of sub drop, wanting his input/approval/understanding of what felt like a very exposed moment in sharing.

I am grateful he did respond, took the time to read and reassure me that everything was okay.

It’s just scary putting myself out there sometimes, laying it all out without a filter from the other person.

Maybe one day I’ll play with a writer and read their own perspective of a scene and we can both be stripped naked with our words together. The reassurance would be them shedding just as much light on how they viewed it. (Of course, I can already see the downside of reading a perspective so foreign to my own.)

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Nov 172015

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Nov 162015

Sitting on the ground, surrounded by rope and still naked, I thanked Mimir for having me over.

He mentioned it was fun and said it was too bad my friend (who I mentioned may be coming with me) wasn’t able to make it. He then mentioned that maybe she would like to come over for rope sometime. “She likes more impact play, I believe,” I mentioned, starting to organize his rope around me.

“Well, if she ever wants, I have some things for that as well.”

Screeching halt to my warm and fuzzies. I swear it would have its own sound effect.

No man (I just recently did a knife/sensation scene with a female who rocks!) will scene with me except for Mimir. Maybe I don’t put myself out there, maybe people don’t like me, maybe I’m not one of the cool kids (these insecurities don’t last, I believe most people genuinely like me and want to associate with me). Maybe it’s because I’m married, and my husband has been said to be intimidating (he’s not, he’s a big teddy bear) or because they have so much respect for us.

No more warm and fuzzies.

“Did you just offer to beat my friend?” I teased, but still a bit taken aback.

With our other friends, I’ll ask for rope, bring my girl friend along if it’s event that I can, and she’ll get a scene and I’ll just be a rope practice bottom. Mimir and her just met, and I know he takes all people under his wing – as it were. But thus far, people playing with her seem to create a lack of me getting a scene.

I don’t let this stop me from persuading her to join me, I enjoy her company and feel that she needs to be pushed out and have fun – she always thanks me for this afterwards. I love to see her enjoying herself. And if Mimir wants to beat her, that is very kind of him to offer. I even mentioned it to her the next day and she expressed an interest in just needing impact in general.

It was a momentary insecurity that made my spacey thoughts grind to a halt and my overactive thoughts take back over. The timing of it sucked because it was soon after our scene. But I realized I have faith that just because he plays with her does not mean that I will be excluded like I’ve seen in the past with others.Wicked Wednesday

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Nov 132015

On my back…isn’t that a great start to any story?…sorry, I digress already but I fell in love with the start…

Mimir’s flat hand laid prominently in the dip created by hip bone, slid across my bare skin as he sat alongside of me, traversed the stomach, slowly, as he does, with purpose and intention, and ended with fingers nestled between my breasts – palm center of chest, as if the pause was to synchronize my breath with his. I heard his deep inhalation and exhalation as my own chest rose and fell under his hand.

Sitting, he nestled between my thighs, one of my legs stretched and warmed by his hip, the other knee he forcibly bent to place ankle to thigh with rope then wrapped and bound tightly. The room was silent which made the rustle of the rope’s fibers pulling against each other emphatic; and my notable intake of breath each and every time the entire length of rope was pulled slowly across the juncture of inner thigh – every journey around – so unhurriedly, such a pinpoint of my focus on sensitive flesh, the ridges bobbing at the juncture at a maddeningly slow pace each time a wrap of rope was being placed.

With both legs tied in such manner, the whole routine was again repeated with coconut rope, the scratchy abrasive fibers created even more havoc at the receptive juncture…and even more pain against the exposed parts of thighs and shins. He would pinch, tighten, press down, and pull at the spiky strands, created a strange song of various cries to spring from my lips, my dance of back slightly arched or tensed thighs to lessen the onslaught of cacophonous sensations.

By this point, I was already fully absorbed in the present moment, in a quiet space that consisted of only him and me.

He shifted and a ringing sound was heard before the knife grazed my throat. I stopped breathing, surprised, the only movement my pulse rapid under the fragile skin that the blade traveled. From my throat, the tip scratched across from shoulder to shoulder, down and across again just under soft breasts, the descent crisscrossed waist before the knife focused and pressed harder into the bits of susceptible bare skin intertwined between the ropes.

With ankles tied to thighs still, he pressed down on the thighs and parted the knees until they almost touched the floor, my hips spread to accommodate. Shifted, the ropes tightened in some areas; the knife tip skillfully traversed the inner thighs. Softly, he caressed with fingertips up the side of my body, started at the hip, then the curve of my waist, up ribs to just under my breast.

Then, he laid on top of me, kept my legs spread, pulled wrists in each of his hands up as far as they would go on the floor above me and pinned them in one hand, the other hand went around my neck and gently controlled my breath – allowed or stopped it in a rhythm unknown to me, his own jagged breath almost growled against my face.

In that brief moment of his body pressing mine into the floor…

…my legs bound and spread,

….his hands pining my wrists and throat,

….in shallow inhalations tasting and swallowing his breath as it washed against my face,

…he became more lover than play partner – he felt as if he was a part of me, inside of me, not only quieting my mind but deeply penetrating inside.

He moved off of me and my body missed his heat immediately, felt bereft. Rope wound around my wrists and pulled until the shoulders protested, my ears detected a far away table was being used as a post to hold them above in such a manner.

He again positioned himself sitting between my legs, strung more rope between the wraps on inner thighs and pulled until my legs closed together, knees up and tiptoes grazed the floor. As he pulled on this inner rope my body stretched between the table and his hands, the unforgiving fibers dug into wrists and thighs, and he continued to pull and lengthen the space until my body screamed though only a groan escaped from my lips.

More sounds issued from me when he began unraveling roughened skin, took his time to pull the rope tight before he released it, gripped aching muscle and reddened flesh at each turn of the discharged wrap with his commanding hand. As each leg was unbound, his palms firmly touched the uppermost back of a thigh, the whole hand stroked the backside of the leg, gradually uncurled it. My thoughts fleetingly noticed the unusualness of areas not often touched. Fingertips soothed down the upper part of thigh and leg once straightened, fingers kneaded into the foot and gently massaged.

He traveled along my body, briefly cuddled against my side, his fingertips caressed the side of my face and stroked into my hair, the merest of touches so soothing, before he continued up to my wrists and released the bindings. My small hands disappeared into larger ones as he held them for a moment, rested one on each of his thighs, palms to the sky, as his fingertips caressed from fingertips to palm, gently grazed the rope imprinted wrists, brushed against the length of my arm and back up again to tenderly rub the palms and fingers.

*We ended as we always do: cuddled together, silent and close before quiet reflections.


cammies on the fllor 1
mutual phone mastibation 1
don wand reviewa 1
tied lover 1

I went further down the list for Sexy Searching this time, as I have already written about the top search terms.

Tied lover seemed appropriate as being tied enough times by this man, with this type of scene, switched something in my brain for a moment.Sexy Searching 

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