Dec 312013



Holy cow, how did we get to here?!

To say we’re excited is beyond an understatement.

Rebel is such a respected blogger, and her contributions in the community are huge, so it is a great honor to be recognized and mentioned by her. She has helped our own site greatly by allowing us to get involved in Wicked Wednesday, and by mentioning us very early on in our blog with the “very inspiring blogger award“.

How did we get so lucky?

Thank you (everyone) for continuing to follow us on this grand adventure!

**And don’t forget to click on the link and discover others bestowed with the same honor. This is a great community to a part of.

Dec 312013

Exploring Surrender always has a way of short phrases and form that get me hot. I feel like I journey with her.

Have I shared that I am such a lover of reading about oral sex? DeepThought69 has always gotten me, add an amazing read of one of my favorite subjects, and it’s delicious.

I love to fuck, and making love is a rare mood (at least my interpretation of it). But I really like lilmissshalla’s words, and wanted to make love after reading it.

Fridayam often writes such beautiful words, and this story touched me (maybe because there are so many parts of me that I can relate to). Ah, older body with a younger one.

CountryKink wrote about spying on her man chopping wood, and the subsequent punishment. I loved how she described his actions while spying, and I was truly disappointed his punishment was what it was.

Esther Perel is someone who I really respect. I’ve read most of her book, Mating in Captivity, and this article rings painfully true in a lot of ways.

Expectations, especially family ones, hold a lot of influence. Girl on the Net discusses these.

SecretlySensuous wrote more of an inspirational story that I needed this month, as I need to appreciate the things that matter more.

Misogyny, a word often mistakenly thrown at Doms and Sadists, Sir Jaerls eloquently explains his role, thoughts, and emotions behind it.

With that thought in mind, an interesting and visual heavy from That Feminist Dyke shows the difference between BDSM and Abuse.


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Dec 262013

Reading the article, In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns, I found myself disagreeing with many things. Oh, that’s not to say I was doubting the findings (though all findings are towards a bias or agenda), it’s just that the article didn’t ring true with me.

For one, I can orgasm from vaginal penetration – indeed the first time that’s how it’s most often going to happen. For another, I will communicate, even the first time, even with a casual hookup something unsexy like “my foot fell asleep, let’s change positions,”.

This article was stating that women most often orgasm in more committed relationships than others, mostly due to the emotional ties, but then mostly goes into the physical whys – which I more agreed with. The thing I did find myself agreeing with is that a more serious relationship has the advantage of a partner knowing the road map of that individual’s preferences. They know the pleasure zones, the sensitive zones, the off-limits or ticklish zones. So of course, under this context, a more serious relationship does have the orgasm advantage.

I personally have never been in a hookup where I felt that the man did not try to please me equally -if not more- than himself. I am quite sure these self centered encounters do happen, but they haven’t happened to me. And I have had many casual contacts. The articles makes it seems as if the majority of hookups are onesided on the man’s pleasure.

Another thing, however, I found myself nodded at was that casual sex is more of a bandaid of the perception of shared intimacy to get me through the week when I would not have that otherwise. And casual sex isn’t always about achieving orgasm; however, if I found that I wasn’t on a consistent basis, I don’t think that I would personally pursue the casual hookup. While not the ultimate goal, an orgasm is a thing I would miss dearly if I couldn’t achieve it time after time.

There is something so appealing about the unknown, about the power of turning a stranger on. Of hesitant and brief eye contact, of nervous intakes of breath, of shaking and unsure hands roaming, trying to find boundaries, excited at the prospect of no barriers, tentative touches, soft and exploring kisses, clothes being shed in such unfamiliar and awkward stages, discover what makes a person hot, giving them body or verbal cues to what ignites my own passion. Casual encounters are ridicously sexy in their newness. I love exploring unfamiliar territory, feel empowered by my ability to seduce and please a stranger.

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Dec 242013

M’s sexy wish list:

To have sexy underwear (I don’t have many sexy clothes, and not one pair of sexy underwear);

To have a reason to wear a corset out in public again;

To meet more amazing bloggers;

To have my sister take sexy photos of my husband and myself;

To become more comfortable showing photos of myself;

To have a few play sessions and learn some new kinks;

To become published;

To be polyamorous;

To continue the exploration of sex with my husband.

I am grateful to:

My husband for the steamy stories and love and support to continue this journey in writing and sex;

My sister for being the brave exhibitionist most Sundays, the creative darkness to our blog, and for taking photos of me that make me feel sexy;

An incredibly giving man who helped build the new blog, inspired a few more stories, and always is a sounding board;

The bloggers who help me with my own desires and acceptance, the positive sex messages they give, the overwhelming support in a close-knit community;

All the readers, and especially the commenters, who encourage me to refine and continue writing;

Going to Eroticon, which was a unique experience, and one that I feel challenged me and taught invaluable lessons.
Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

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Dec 192013

He put a finger in my mouth, and I sucked on it, running my tongue down the side, my lips sliding all the down the length of it, before he pulled it back and moved the finger between my labia, my own kisses allowing his finger to slide inside before it curled deliciously against my g-spot. He moved unhurriedly, rubbing it against my spot, uncurling, slowly easing the teasing digit out, softly circling my entrance, bringing out my cream, dipping back in, back out, spreading my dampness between my lips and up to my clitoris, circling and flicking the nub, again advancing between my folds…oh my…

We had been going all day; my sore body was still so very sensitive as well. “Finger fuck me hard,” I groaned, arching my back, my hips bucking against his slow and torturous finger. He complied, his finger dancing in and down to a rhythm by now he knew I liked. My thighs trembled, tightened, thrusting my hips up to meet his finger, to fuck it even harder.

His breathing was getting faster and more ragged, with mine. “Yes,” he stated softly, “yes, mmmhmm.”

Tightening, tensing, clenching, trying to grip just the one finger, feeling it press, feeling my core absorbing the touch and fanning the sensation outwards, I moaned into my orgasm.


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Dec 162013

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