Mar 122013

It arrived in the mail in an ornate envelope made of parchment so thick it felt heavy in her hands. This weight, too, may have been a product of the things that weighed so mightily on her mind.
Heart drumming as her feet padded against the floor into the livingroom, she came to a halt in front of him, breathless. “It’s here” she said in almost a whisper.

His attention instantly shifted from the book in his hands, his laser gaze boring into hers made her shift her feet. She wondered madly if he could glean her thoughts from the pulse pounding in her neck. Suddenly his features soften, the book set aside, an invitation to sit in his lap issued in the patting of the proffered space. Tension easing out of her, as a sudden weight sliding off, and she curls into his arms.  He knows her. His ultimate pleasure comes from the pleasure he brings to her. He is in tune, connected, a part of her.

A soft sigh stirs the delicate hairs by her ear. “We don’t have to go, you know? If for a moment, I had thought that it would cause you this much apprehension and not excitement, I never would have sought out the invitation in the first place.”

She wilts, slightly ashamed, mostly confused. That envelope, that simple, construction of ink, paper, glue… It was so much more. Especially because all the time and trouble was undertaken at her instigation…

About two months prior to it’s arrival, the path to this choice she was facing was embarked upon on a steamy summer night. Bodies damp from the sweat of vigorous sex and moisture in the air, they laid talking, enveloped in each others arms and whispering secrets, fantasies, forbidden longings in each others ears.

“Tell me, you can, don’t be ashamed lover, I want it, every thought, every piece that makes up you. Tell me.” A simple request, one she was not against.

Heart pounding, she licked lips that had suddenly gone dry, then began to tell him about her fantasy. Voice trembling at the start, she quickly warmed to her subject upon seeing the desire being rekindled in his eyes at her words. She wanted to be used, on display, caressed by many hands. She wanted him to see the outside perspective of her being brought to her pleasure. She wanted to see women lavish their attention on him and spoil him as she felt he deserved.

She wanted sensuality, sex, pain, bliss. She didn’t want a dirty hotel, a shameful or awkward swap. Elite. “If we were ever to do this, it would have to be right, perfect.”

She continued to speak of tantalizing things. She wanted to stare into a strangers eyes as she swallowed his orgasm. She wanted to grip the hair of an unknown man as she ground her hips against his eager mouth. She wanted to kiss her lover sweetly as another man pounded her into another world. She wanted to taste another woman on his tongue and be flogged by power of several arms.
Each moment and scenario she dreamt and disclosed made his mind race more and his body grow stiff. He’d heard, vague whispers, allusions, to a very elite house where those with an open mind could go and play and be free. This woman, this tempest of passion in his arms, meant the world to him, and to think of the pleasure she could have in one night, more ever, than he could even begin to bring to her at one time. He began to think of ways he could inquire, to make this fantasy a reality. There was a favor owed, one he’d been holding for something important. It seemed it was time to call it in. He’d heard invitations to these particular parties were exceedingly hard to come by.

Thought fled though as it was impossible to ignore the naked temptress in his arms and her shyly whispered, dirty desires. His body releasing tension the moment he slid into her warm sheath, he didn’t realize just how much of an effect her words had been having on him.

As they writhed in the pleasure of each others heat, the momentum building to an almost blinding crescendo, they had no idea of the path they had started on that night, or what wicked delights were to come of it…

Speaking of wicked delights

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Mar 112013

I laze in the sunshine, breathe it into my skin, content and basking.

You do not see me immediately through the tall grass in our yard;

I pause and prospect, before I pounce my prey

But simply, for I know that I am your spirit and soul.

Cherished, but everything in my universe is under my influence.

I sit up suddenly, watch you walk nearer, smile tolerantly,

Roll over onto all fours, stretch, long, languidly,

Upper body lowers, rustles and crushes the grass blades,

Arms reach out in front, back rolls, lower body raises,

Hips hinge, ass up, see how graceful, how tempting;

Positively feline-like to catch your interest.

And my eyes never leave you, stare unblinking.

Yes, come closer to me as I contemplate.

Shall I be affable or aggressive, my lovely toy?

Shall my claws clasp, cling, cut in ecstasy?

I smile in anticipation, as you near me and wait my next move

You are my playground of infinite possibilities

I unfurl, whirl, curl up on your lap

Caress, pat, pet and watch me arch into your touch

Let me rub my body beside yours, feel how velvety I am

I lick at your lust, lap at your skin, nibble at your thighs,

Come up and sink my teeth into your neck.

You try to anticipate what I will allow, gauge my temper,

Stroke my skin, sense my hunger to have you,  unrelenting,

Nourish my needs gradually, ease in until I am accustomed to you.

I know a diminutive dialect, use it when I sense silence isn’t suitable,

I purr like pure poetry expressing my pleasure.

You feed me what I demand, what I hint I want;

Satiated for a moment, but by no means long satisfied.

I do not show appreciation to you as I abscond,

My gratitude is given away by being near you,

Even as I slink, strut, swagger, sway away

To recede back into the shadows towards the house, done.

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Mar 072013

Hot, wet, hands gliding over hard planes. He comes up behind me as I finish the last of the dishes from the scrumptious dinner we just shared together.

Its been a long day. Work, errands, life, nuisance. Its easy to curl into bed, drift into sleep.  Just then though he brushes the hair from my neck and softly licks the sensitive skin behind my ear. A hand runs lightly up my skirt searching for the wetness he knows will be between my thighs…

All thoughts of sleep have vanished. A sudden firm hand in my hair and I’m spun around. The soapy dish goes crashing to the ground as I’m roughly lifted up and my legs are wrapped around his waist. His insistent hardness pressing into the softness of me as he sets me on the counter and drives into me.
My hands flail, fervent, seeking leverage. I knock the water on high, soap over, things I can’t identify go crashing to the floor. He’s driving into me so hard I can barely catch my breath. I’m rasping his name as he’s telling me to come on his nice, hard cock. Demanding, insisting.

I splinter, fracture into a million pieces like the ill fated plate. He stares into my eyes and fills me with his throbbing orgasm moments after I shudder to completion. I’m panting, legs shaking, tremors still gently coursing through my body. I slide off the counter onto the floor.

He smooths my hair, kisses my head. Helps me adjust my skirt as my hands seem unable to responde to the impulses being sent from my brain. He laughs as we look around at the chaos created in mere minutes in our orderly kitchen. He pats my ass in appreciation and the self satisfaction of male prowess.

It’s moments like these that make the long day of work, the crazy coworkers, the killer traffic, and the stupid dishes not seem to matter.

And all it took was a few minutes.

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Mar 052013

Sometimes he gets ornery. Last night apparently I wasn’t allowed to kiss the side of his neck, if the sudden wrenching on one arm to move me was any indication. He smiled mischieviously. When I am told I don’t get something, that’s all I want. Childish whimsy meets adult fantasy. He knew this.

“What do we say?” He prompted.

“Now,” I insisted. I flashed my adorable smile, show dimple. He shook his head, his smile wider. “Now is perfectly acceptable.”

He leaned over me, briefly kissed me, moved his neck where just the tip of my tongue could barely touch for the briefest of seconds, before pulling away and gazing down at me expectantly. That was it, I was pulling out the big guns, or my bottom lip as it were, in a pout. “We say please, not now,” he instructed me, oblivious to the cute pouty lip strategy.

“Does please guarantee me?”

“Almost always,” he left a loophole in that statement, I saw it, but still pushed for my advantage.

Later, I was devising, I was going to demand sex several times a day with a please, and remind him of that statement. For the moment, however, I didn’t want to give myself too much of an advantage. I liked the game. “Please release my arm then,” he seemed surprised with this request, but immediately obeyed. I rolled us over and tried again with his neck, but he turned his head, and even with me pushing, I couldn’t access it still. He went to grab the same arm, “I said please, you can’t get it.” He tried a different tactic, and rolled me over, holding both shoulders, but I had my legs, and pushed away.

It was some minutes of twisting and turning before he had my legs under control, but I still had my elbows, and I was insistent on gaining the upper hand and getting to his neck. He kept complaining of elbows in his chest, and before you knew it, I was on top again, my legs free.

He was apparently done with elbows, as he grabbed around me, flipped me off of him, and laid on top of my back. His feet wrapped like steel around my legs, applied pressure and kept my thighs apart. He moved his hard, warm shaft against my entrance, the head rested against my clit. His hand moved to the back my neck, brushed aside hair and roughly kissed the exposed skin,  before the fingers moved higher still to the base of my skull and gripped the hair, pulled back, and kissed the laid bare side of my neck. He used force with his lips and tongue, then went lighter, moved up the ear lobe, used my hair to manipulate where he wanted to trace his mouth. He nibbled for a moment, then whispered how much he loved me as he moved his shaft along the tenderness of my sex at the same time.

“You’re so sexy,” I muttered, “such a turn-on,” and some other compliments that barely even penetrated my consciousness but escaped my lips. He continued to breathe softly on my neck and ear, whispered of his love, tongue delved upon skin briefly, teased, moved on. His fingers still tangled in my tresses, not releasing any pressure.  His other hand pressed into the bed, in front of a hip, and fingered my clit, before discovering that I was wet. He gently guided his head to my entrance, probed me open, glided deeply, paused there, before his hips began the rise and fall pattern, and I was begging please…and now.

Now + Please = Wicked Amazing

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Mar 042013

I want  you, need you, every inch of you

The touch of your skin against mine
The taste of your lips like passion’s dew
As when we were that very first time
Tongues mesh, begin nibbling on lips
Mouths meld hot and fervor breaths
Move to your neck, soft kisses, playful nips
Sensitive skin, hearing your sharp intake of breath
Cloth barriers become a tug-of-war
I want you, need you, such a longing
Clothes find scattered places on the floor
My body aches, skin hot and burning
A moan escapes me as hands explore
The feel of you, the flavor of your body
I want to taste every part and more
Your fingers roam, slip inside slowly
Velvet secrets, closed eyes, arched back
Buttons pressed, I need you,  now
Inside of me, consuming,  building climax
Uttered prayers, my  begging vow
Skin against me, lower yourself gently
Feathery kisses and utterly filling
Slowly, engulfing, then urgently
Screaming, giving, more demanding
Capturing, surrendering, rhythms seethe
Grasping, relaxing, sweet release
Need, Want, Love, you’re all that I breathe
Lovingly drifting back piece by piece.
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