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Sep 132013

A continuation from when we awkwardly all got in the bed and still didn’t know the boundaries, with the exception of “no sex” from my lover. A new element in our relationship, and afterwards I was curious about the men’s perspectives.

***Cammies: Lover and I mostly made out with friend beside us,  who occasionally stroked my skin or reached out to touch lover for just an instance. He would kiss the side of my neck. Lover fingered me to squirt multiple times, my screams becoming louder with each orgasm. He pulled me up to whisper, “would you give him head?” and I nodded. “I thought you would. I’m going to fuck you doggy style.”

I rotated with my head near friend’s hip and ass up in the air. Lover entered me and I stroked friend’s penis and sucked the tip into my mouth. Opening up my mouth wider, I slid my lips as far as I could get. I could have taken more of him, but he had a piercing that I was unaccustomed to. The jewelry was not soft on the back of my mouth.

Lover began pounding into me, spanking my ass hard at times, and my moans surrounded friend’s shaft. His jewelry hit the back of mouth and rotated at times to my teeth. I was a bit concerned at continuing to perform oral on him with it in, but so swept up into another orgasm I just sucked and screamed around him.

…And apparently dug my nails into his thighs, which he had to stop me after a bit due to the pain. I was unaware that I was even doing that, so focused on my mouth around him and lover’s hard cock inside of me.

***Lover: While making out with her, I was curious what he was doing, and his involvement. Occasionally, I’d look over to check and make sure he was taking care of her. I continued just pleasing her like I always do; I needed to have sex.

Making sure she was okay with giving him head, I positioned myself behind her. He hadn’t had much involvement yet, and it had been awhile since he had any action. She was already so into the experience.

***Friend: Feeling more comfortable about our situation, the other man became more involved, first playing with her by penetrating his hands deep inside, seeming to make her gush her savory liquid all over his hands, while she simultaneously screamed at him to never stop. With every passing second I envied his hands, wishing they were mine, or even better having my face lick her candy-like fluid. Just as the thought went through my brain, he swooped his tongue deep into her lap. With her indulging in many orgasms, I moved my lips to her delicate, supple breasts, slowly sucking softly on her nipple while running my fingers through her hair.

It was apparent he wanted more pleasure as he spun her to the side and began to penetrate deep inside her with his engorged penis. Turned around, she looked at me, digging her fingers into my chest, sensing that pain was turning me on to the movement of her nails. Almost instantly, it felt as if it was just her and myself in bed together; she nimbly sucked and used her ivory teeth on the very tips of my firm nipples. The pleasure with every nibble made my cock pulsate wanting more. Again it felt as if they were reading my mind, because at the idea of her delightful mouth being around my throbbing shaft, she moved her head down to my privates. I was left in awe and wonder with the pleasure she could produce, with the motions of her tongue and lips. I have never been had that much pleasure without cumming in my life; I had wished it would have gone on forever (or at least a few hours). Sadly and excitedly, the moment change.

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Sep 102013

Lovers, partners, exes, and …Betty White? A strange mix.


1. Tell us something kinky that you refused to do with a partner (ex or present) but secretly wish you had done.

Nothing, everything I can think up he agrees to at least try, and I haven’t refused him anything either – no matter how unfamiliar the territory is.

2. Pick your top three lovers and explain why you picked them!

My current one – we communicate so well about everything – I’m not afraid to express any fantasy. He also is showing me things I’ve never experienced.

My 3 year relationship – he was the first to introduce some kink into my life. He also had a drive that could keep up with mine (the only one so far). 

Polyamorous bad boy – not necessarily for the skill or the great relationship, but he was just pure fun.

3. Where on your body would you get your ex’s name inked on your body if you had to?

Underneath my pinky toe – tiny and no one would see it. And then I could walk all over him

4. Would you rather have sex on a Ferris Wheel or the bumper cars?

Ferris Wheel, I believe I’d have more control over actions there, and the scene would be exquisite with the pleasurable sensations

5. Men: Have you ever tracked a friend’s or partner’s periods for the purpose of treating them different during that time? Women: How would you feel if a partner did this?

Okay, it would actually help since then I wouldn’t be surprised or track if he knew. But to treat differently is strange, the only thing I could see is needing an IV drip for fluids on my ovulation days. 


Would you rather eat a white crayon or go down on Betty White?

Go down on Betty White. If nothing else, she’s far more entertaining than a crayon.


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Sep 092013

A continuation from Contrasting Perspectives 1, in which after a threesome I asked the guys to write up their perspectives and blended it into mine. There is still two more to come.

***Lover: She didn’t know where she wanted this to go. I had no idea what she was comfortable with, this was unfamiliar territory, so I set a limit of no intercourse. Our friend came out of the room and we all went down together; because of this, I figured something was going to happen, and was unaffected when she stripped down naked. I opened up the chest to get the massage items, and when our friend saw the chest he also pulled out some toys he had brought with him.

So this was planned, I thought. He had things that he traveled with, and brought with him. They had been spending a lot of time together and talking, whereas I had been mostly working.

While he was massaging her, I wanted to be involved and began kissing her. I don’t think that he had ever messed with a hot candle or realized how much she liked it, so I poured some and her reaction was just what I expected.

It was no longer awkward when I saw how much she was enjoying herself. In fact, I became more aggressive with the situation, really wanting her to have a good time.


***Cammies: Getting to the room just a moment before our friend did, I stripped out of all my clothes and laid on the bed, with lover also stripping. I informed friend that he was giving me a massage and rolled over to my stomach. Lover went into our chest to get out massage oil and a massage candle. Friend set down his bag and took out a few toys, having a casual conversation with lover about the merit of each, and it was as if none of us were naked and unsure what the hell we were doing. Their tone was casual, unhurried, and friendly.

Friend started with massage oil while lover lit a few candles. Lover then moved to kissing my neck and mouth, while friend rubbed my shoulders, back, occasionally down my ass and up my thighs.

Lover pulled back and poured the massage candle wax onto my back, and they discussed how nice the candle was to soften not to a waxy build up but more similar to an oil that could be rubbed in. I loved the warm-not-quite-hot wax pooling on my skin and then being spread around with deft hands and fingers.

A few minutes relaxing and relishing the feel of the hands on me, and then lover – who questioned the heat content of the massage candle, grabbed the hotter candle he had also lit. Friend commented that that would be too hot, and lover insisted that I liked it, and poured it on the small of my back. I let out a grasp which turned into a moan, and raised my hips, welcoming the hot liquid.


***Friend: Soon all three of us, half naked, headed to the bedroom. I could still feel some hesitance from him, however I could tell this was going to happen. Excitement filled my body up from my head to toes. In bed, all together, I remember wondering how big he was; I know from hearing stories he is very well endowed and myself am just average. My curiosity was satisfied almost immediately, then she wrapped her luscious lips around his member. The whole time I was thinking how beautiful and exciting to join this most intimate moment they were sharing. Even with how arousing I found everything, I could not keep my hands off her ravishing body any more.

Slowly stroking her opulent skin so she could feel a calming sensation, yet knowing that she had no idea what I would do, I took pleasure in that conflict. Every stroke got longer – starting from her breathtaking calf, gently moving up to her grandiose inner thigh. I began to use more force; the very tips of my nails ran up to her stunning inner lips, where I could feel her sweet juices on my fingertips. The three of us engaged with each other so intently, it felt almost as if we were one body.

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Sep 072013

battling bareHere is the only time the Cammies sisters will be pictured together, and it is to raise awareness of a very serious topic.












Battling Bare started to provide support for spouses, children and family members who struggle with the burden of PTSD with their loved military member.

The poem and a photo started it all. Now many are raising awareness, finding support and comfort. We can’t thank this organization enough!

 Battling Bare Tribute to Suicide Prevention Video

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”470″]

To support/contact: Battling Bare Facebook Page                              Battling Bare Blog

Military Wives Strip Down to Fight PTSD

[jwplayer mediaid=”471″]

According to NBC News:

“U.S. military…potential suicides in 2013 among active-duty troops…a pace of one suicide about every 18 hours.”

“Last year, when self-inflicted military deaths outstripped the number of troops killed in combat, there was one suicide every 17 hours among all active-duty…”

Dept of Veterans Affair: 

“Research suggests that for Veterans, the strongest link to both suicide attempts and thinking about suicide is guilt related to combat. Many Veterans have very disturbing thoughts and extreme guilt about actions taken during times of war. These thoughts can often overwhelm the Veteran and make it hard for him or her to deal with the intense feelings.”

And families are affected too. Dept of Veterans Affair:

“They share less of their thoughts and feelings with their partners. They and their spouses also report more worry around intimacy issues…Families of Veterans with PTSD experience more physical and verbal aggression. Such families also have more instances of family violence…Wives of PTSD-diagnosed Veterans tend to take on a bigger share of household tasks such as paying bills or housework. They also do more taking care of children and the extended family. Partners feel that they must take care of the Veteran and attend closely to the Veteran’s problems.”

This is a cause very dear to our hearts.

Sinful Sunday While not sinful, thank you as well for allowing the message to be spread with the loveliest of bloggers/viewers.


Sep 042013
Having introduced a threesome recently into our relationship, I immediately asked for their write-ups and perspectives so that I could compare opinions. This is the first quarter of the story pieced together:
The characters’ perspectives:
Cammies, Lover, Friend
***Cammies: Exhausted from partying at strip club the night before with just two hours sleep, I warned my friend, when he expressed the desire to drink with my lover, that he had until a certain time and then I was going to bed. Lover couldn’t be partying with us the night before due to work.
Fighting off a migraine, which is rarely suffered, wasn’t helping matters in staying up. Yes, I wanted lover to drink and have fun with us, but I wanted sleep a little bit more that night.
A pain and migraine pill were my poison of choice that night, hoping it would dull my thunderous head to tolerable. The men drank hard liquor, and immediately in large quantities. Friend, in knowing my time constraints, pushed lover to drink faster, as if we could squeeze a whole night of fun into just a few hours.  We played cards, and then relaxed on the couch.
Time was up, but I looked at the men and neither one seemed inclined to move. They were relaxed and talking and drinking. I still wanted bed, selfishly still wanted sex, so I straddled my lover and kissed him.
It never ceases to amaze me how the world slows and dissolves from just a deep kiss. My head was silent for once that day (or was it the finally the medicine doing a phenomenal job?).
The friend was sitting next to us on the couch, and he remarked that lover should grab my ass and pull me in deeper to the embrace, to which lover did. I was amused by the instructions. I moved to lover’s neck, my head unhappy with the movement and briefly opening eyes. Friend gave further instructions, and next thing I felt were nails being raked up my thigh, eliciting a moan from me. I pulled lover’s shirt off, caught up in my own passion, and began kissing his chest.
My own shirt quickly disappeared, as did friend’s. Making out with lover, with friend’s hands occasionally on us, or his voice directing, intrigued me. Like Alice curious – I wanted to follow the rabbit down the hole and see where it went.
I suggested, finally, going to bed. Friend stated that he was going to the guest room to get a few things and would meet us there, pausing to ask: “is that okay?”
I looked at lover, who looked back at me, and I’m sure we had the same questions of: where is this going, and was the other person comfortable with this. This was new territory to our relationship, and new elements we usually discussed at length before pursuing.
I shrugged, and he must’ve given a positive consent as friend went into room. He grabbed me in a hug and whispered, “what are we doing?” His tone was negative, and that puzzled me in my foggy brain.
“I don’t know. We can always say stop or no later,” I whispered back, trying to lead him to the bed, still curious about this journey.
“Okay, but no sex.” He followed behind.
***Friend: My drink was strong, I could taste the alcohol starting from my lips all the way down to center of my core. Feeling more at ease to let the night progress to brand new, fulfilling experiences. It was already late when all three of us finally sat down together. I could feel the sexual tension building up, to what turned out to be a night that would open our eyes, and see world in a whole new yet very pleasurable way.
I could not hold the urge in much longer. I wanted to feel her body against mine, feel the heat radiate off her smooth silk-like skin. As I looked into her eyes, it was almost instant, that she could sense the same urge. However, I was afraid that she would not make the first move, and wondering if this was going to progress into anything more than a blue balls night. With less than a blink of eye, she stormed his body like hot, soapy water attacks the stains of a sauce pan. All I could do at first was sit back and watch, letting them tear into each other with their mouths, waiting for my moment to take action. I found my opportunity – it started simply moving his hands around her body, guiding them to touch her amazing body, giving it the attention that it deserves.
***Lover: I felt taken advantage of, pretty much the entire time. I get home for work and he immediately thrusts a drink into my hands, encouraging me to drink more, or faster, or get another. She immediately was on me, kissing and touching me. I didn’t know that she had medicated herself, just knew that she wasn’t drinking and clearly the sober one.

She was undoubtedly okay with this. Did they have the whole thing planned? It was awkward at first when he took my hands and moved them to parts of her body on the couch. I knew what she enjoyed, but it was good when she liked some other things that he said.
When he went to his room, I looked down and asked what we were doing, what was going on. I didn’t know our limits, I didn’t know if she was okay with this, where she wanted it to go.
See also: part two, part three, and part four of four.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

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Sep 042013

M’s monthly: To be honest, this summer has been a little chaotic and so full of activities and exploration, it’s been a challenge to read. However, two postings still stand out in my mind.

From the simple moments enjoyed, to the journey to each other, so beautiful.
“unto a canvas  
         my hands curl towards you, like vines” A Sweet Lust: Us, the puzzle

I had some crazy dreams while ovulating one night. Woke up wet repeatedly, disappointed that it was only dreams. AFirmHandsoftheHeart published this a day after, and I couldn’t have more connection to it at the time:  afirmhandsoftheart: Another Day

Oh, and sis and I took photos together for a very special cause. Yeah, can’t wait for that.

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