Mar 312014

1. What’s the wallpaper (photo, design, etc) on your phone, laptop or PC? Is it the same or different on these devices?
It’s a picture of my family normally, or just a picture of my husband and I kissing. The pictures, however, constantly change. The content never does.

2. What’s on the desktop of your phone or notebook/tablet (i.e., icons, files, windows etc.)?
On my phone it’s mostly game apps. On my desktop, it’s mostly WORD files. But various picture files are starting to crop up recently.

3. What type of computer device do you use most often?
A desktop that probably needs to be updated and parts replaced. But it runs, and I’m not picky. Not to mention, I hate technology changes.

4. How many computer type devices do you own including smartphones?
Two desktops, one laptop, a smartphone, and a kindle. Quite honestly, that’s plenty.

5. Do you make sexy videos with your smartphone?
Not with mine, but with my husband’s, yes we’ve done that twice I think.

6. Do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer?
Yes, distance sucks and that’s when these sessions occur.

7. How many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone camera?
Not very many compared to most, but I have no idea. More than 10 and less than 50. But to be fair, most naked photos are taken by my husband either on his phone or with our camera.

8. What is the most photographed part of your body?


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Mar 302014

Scarlet Versus, a sweet lust, writes such a lovely poem, and touches my heart on so many different occasions.

Between my Sheets is very open-minded and not normally negative about subjects sex-related, so when she confessed she was an Absolute Porn Bitch, I was curious, and then understood.

Girl on the Net has such a fascinating story of worthless tokens which have a wealth of meaning. An excellent way to handle conflicts, and one I may have to incorporate somehow, or would that be a way of keeping score?

Blogging and Anonymity is a very sought after thing for many of us, and when one person is threatened and bullied when discovered, My Dissolute Life calls it like he sees it.

Jade, from Kink and Poly, wrote an amazing skill that she can do in 45 seconds, and I wanted to be her so badly. I must’ve read this five or six times.

Images: (I didn’t use to refer these, but there’s so much cool stuff out there!)

Michael Oswald’s Deviant Art is pretty darn cool, and my husband makes me feel like a marionette so often, so discovering this sexy one, titled Play With Me, is irresistable.

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Mar 272014

Bliss. Perfect happiness as to be oblivious of everything else. I know I am happy when you make me oblivious with your perfect fingers – fingers that wrap around my throat for a kiss or control, tangle and pull my hair to direct, sink into my folds and rub erogenous zones with amazing precision. Bliss is where you take me when I am overwhelmed physically that my mind is silent to compensate. Amazing.

*Ask my friend for one word. He gave me an easy one. 

Inspired by Blacksilk.


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Mar 262014

I’ll admit, I am a bit of a procrastinator. So when I suddenly fell ill, of course my Wicked Wednesday post wasn’t prepared ahead of time. It’s really hard to feel sexy when you’re sick, so in turn, it’s really hard to think of sexy things to write…

That’s why I’m lucky to have sexy friends!

A fellow blogger I enjoy some naughty chats with messaged me tonight and started something awesome. Excerts of the results are posted bellow, with his kind permission.

In trying to brainstorm:

Him: Together at the DMV

Me: Together at the DMV we wait, patiently

Him: The line is as long and as pointless as our relationship, but he fucks me well enough I keep him around… Reminds me of my 96 Corolla

A: Oh that’s good. Hmm… I’d wait for him in bed for eternity, like the lines of the DMV, I will wait forever for us to be together

Him: sounds great, I can’t wait to read it… are you home alone, naked?

Moving along a bit:

A: oh no no no, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be sexy right now, think of it makes me naseauous

Him: then I’ll think about it for the 2 of us… I’d take care of you, tuck you into bed, and masturbate next to you while I let you sleep

A: I’m sure I could think of a way to repay you for all the TLC once I’m better

Him: I’m sure you would, for now I’d just take care of you, and wash the sheets in the morning

A: Haha, what if I want to keep the smell of you in them?

Is it getting warm in here?:

Him: I could make your hair smell like me for days. I’d like to cum on your tummy and let you meet with the parents. You’d always be reminded that you belonged to me. (A would say) “We are always together when I can feel your cum drying on my thighs

A: That’s strangely erotic. I had a date once take my panties home with him, use them for a few days, then return covered in the evidence of his enjoyment…. I didn’t wash them

Him: I like the thought of my dried cum against your wet pussy

A: the thought would keep me wet all day

Him: and then I’d pull them down, shove them in your mouth and fuck you while you tasted us both

A: Mmm, well now that is a delicious sort of together…

At this point of the conversation it was impossible not to be turned on despite my malady. A quick conversation about writing something with the prompt of together resulted in us writing something quite steam about being together, well, together

The conversation meandered as conversations do, but the sexy thoughts continued as they always do with him. Together we wrote, together we teased, and together we turned me on so now I have to wait for him to give me permission to fix that, which he denied me tonight! (Grumble!)

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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Mar 192014

I am done having babies. My husband has had a vasectomy this last year. With three, we’re quite certain we don’t need any more of the wondrous little people.

Birth control gave me migraines, but overall, I liked being on the pill in my youth.

I had an IUD, the Mirena. I told my husband he had five years to get a vasectomy. One of my sisters had zero complications with this, and no period. Score! At least I thought so, until I had one implanted. Two solid months of bleeding, needing to get on estrogen hormones for two weeks, made me rethink the thing. But, whatever, it was in and after hormones, I stopped bleeding…well, except for once a month crap. I wasn’t as lucky as my sister. My husband always could play with it with his fingers, complained sometimes he felt it, and I always replied, “get out of my damn cervix then.” Then year four with the IUD, and I began bleeding every two weeks. Six months into that and I was done. The doctor put me on the pill (yep, two different forms of birth control) for three months, with the IUD, until my husband could up his vasectomy date. He had it  (I am hoping he’ll write about this experience, but he doesn’t write, so probably not). My IUD was removed…and I bled for another month straight. And we’re not talking “gee, this sucks, I’m having a light period for a month,” we’re talking being in the hospital for bleeding and clotting severely, being put on blood (clotters?/thinners? I forget now), being on bed rest for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, sister has had one removed and immediately replaced with another, and no issues. She loved it.

And then my periods were awful: cramping and heavy bleeding and emotional. In meeting with my doctor, they suggested NovaSure. It’s a procedure for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (taken right off of the flyer I’m looking at). A simple procedure they reassure me. Something to help with the periods, for women who are sure they aren’t having any more babies and are just awaiting menopause (does anyone really wait for that?).

The doctor who would be my surgeon had to run some tests, and a biopsy. He told me that it was good that my husband had a vasectomy, as it is very important that I don’t get pregnant after the procedure.

Hmmm…my mind is constantly paranoid about pregnancy. I take a test a few times a year, regardless of IUD, or vasectomy. So of course I asked what would happen if I got pregnant. In my mind, I was envisioning baby-with-issues, mandatory abortion, “uterus exploding,” he said…yes, he said UTERUS EXPLODING! I don’t know if that’s the technical term, but that’s what my surgeon told me. Oh hell no, my uterus will not explode. What if I wanted to have a threesome, or another partner at any point in my life? What if (*shudders*) something happens to my husband, and I find someone else? So I asked him what do women do if their husbands do not have a vasectomy, and he stated they have an Essure done.

Well, sign me up for that! No exploding uterus for me, thank you. I don’t trust vasectomies 100% to bet my uterus won’t explode. I can’t predict the future enough to know that I myself might risk a time bomb of active sperm escaping from a condom, setting itself on a ticking timer, just waiting to kill me from the inside.

The Essure (haha, I’m finally on topic)

The Essure system is a type of permanent birth control for women. The Essure system includes two small metal and fiber coils that are placed in the fallopian tubes. They’re inserted through the vagina, so no incision is required.

After insertion, scar tissue forms around the coils, blocking off the fallopian tubes and preventing sperm from reaching the egg. It takes time for this to happen. So you must use another form of birth control for the first three months. You’ll then have an X-ray (hysterosalpingography) to confirm that your fallopian tubes are blocked.

The Essure system doesn’t offer protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and isn’t reversible.  –Mayo Clinic

They schedule the procedure around ovulation. I picked up my medicine before the procedure, and started Ibuprofen 800mg 48 hours prior to the procedure. I also had some pain medicines and anti-anxiety stuff that they requested I bring with me. I couldn’t eat prior, and I needed a ride and a caretaker for the day. Oh, and to drink lots of water. It was an outpatient – I was to be awake and no hospitalization. The nurse also gave me a shot in my ass. My husband and I talked pleasantly while we waited for the medicine to kick in, and then he was kicked out, and the surgeon came in. I definitely felt some cramping, and slight pain, but otherwise, it wasn’t too bad to be straddled in for a little over two hours.

By the time it was done, and I could get up, I was higher than a kite. The nurse handed me a card that gave out information about the Essure, and wanted my primary doctor to put it in my files. She helped me walk out to my husband, and even to get in the car. We stopped and got donuts on the way home (I was told to eat immediately). Barely eating just one, I went to sleep. Three and a half hours later, he woke me up to give me my next pill, and within 30 minutes I slept again. That’s how my day went. At one point, he was holding me in bed, we just had lunch and I had another pill in my thirty minute waking period, and I started an argument (I’ve no idea why, I was high, remember). He said, “go to sleep,” not wanting to argue with me, and I said, “okay,” and passed out on his chest. He joked the next day that we needed to invest in stock in the medicine.

Some light bleeding and a mild bit of cramping, and I was go to go. I had sex the following day. Next up: NovaSure.

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Mar 172014

I wore lingerie once, when I was very young and unsure of myself. I put on makeup and made sure my hair was perfect. I was a bundled of nerves wrapped in silk and lace, and just as fragile. And my partner of the time walked right by me, not even complimenting or acknowledging the sexy attire.

I was crushed, I mentioned what I was wearing, and he still just muttered something and went back to what he was doing. I felt ugly, defeated, frustrated, and cried.

Looking back, I can acknowledge that he was emotionally abusive, that he was self absorbed, and really not interested in anything sex related unless it was on his terms.

But the younger me is still there, fragile and unsure, at times.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to sit on my lover’s lap, have him hold me. Getting out of bed, I went to put on a big tshirt (my normal pajama attire) and decided instead to put on a sexy nightgown I just got. I wanted to be sexy for him, it was just as easy to slip on as a shirt so I didn’t feel inconvenienced.

(I don’t wear sexy things for him (though this is slowly changing, unless we always know in advance we’re having sex and he’s normally there). There’s no risk-no surprise on his part and no disappointment on mine.)

Normally when I walk into the office, he is unwinding in front of the computer, and while he always welcomes my company, he doesn’t get off. I was okay with that, I just wanted to curl up on his lap.

I opened the door, he looked back, sat up, and took his hands off of his keyboard and mouse. He complimented me, not taking his eyes off of me. I didn’t even realize I was bundle of nerves until I felt myself relaxing. I didn’t expect that reaction. I crawled into his lap and his arms went around me; it was what I was hoping for.

And then his hand went to my hair and pulled it back, his mouth crashed down on mine. The other arm pulled me tighter to his chest. After a few breathtaking moments of this, he stopped, turned off his computer, and told me we were going to have sex.

I wasn’t expecting that. For one, we had already had amazing sex twice before he left me to be on the computer. For another, he got off of the computer.

I hopped off of his lap and went to the bedroom, I sat in the middle of our big bed. He followed in, apologized for not coming dressed to the party in just sweatpants as he stripped them off. I commented that him in just sweatpants was ridiculously sexy, and pondered if I should take off the silken nightgown. He pulled me down onto the bed with his body, his mouth once again ravaged mine, his fingers slipped into my folds, murmured his appreciation of the dampness already evident. He looked down as his fingers softly delved into my body, complimented my curves, told me how sexy and beautiful I was.  The other hand skimmed the silky surface of the fabric as he said these things, and the lace covering my breasts was soon pushed lower on one side by his fingers, his mouth came down to suck hard on one nipple while at the same time the other hand’s fingers were relentless suddenly – curled and rubbed my g-spot.

I instinctively raised my hips, came. He moved between my legs and slid in. Raised up by his arms, he paused fully inside of me, and asked, “ready to cum right away?” Before I could reply, he slid almost all the way out at just the right angle to rub a pleasurable spot, then back in. Keeping a steady rhythm, holding himself rigid at just the right angle, I orgasmed immediately.

Sometimes the way he knows my body astounds me.

Lowering himself to his elbows, he moved more vigorously, deeper. His hand tangled and pulled my hair as his mouth claimed my neck. There was nothing gentle about the pulling, nor him driving himself into me. It was as if he was driven to meld with me, he was so intense. I orgasmed again.

He moved up onto his knees and forcefully rolled me onto my side, slid in and pounded with the same intensity. My back arched and his hand went around my throat to keep me in that arched position, my clit rubbed one of his thighs as one leg was under him and one wrapped around the side of his body. Deep inside hit so many spots that by the time he changed positions again, I was dizzy and breathless. And the blessed silence of just being in the moment was so needed – it had been too long.

He moved to stand at the side of the bed and folded a pillow. “Don’t make me wait,” he warned; I scrambled to move to the side and propped my bottom on the pillow. Again, there was nothing gentle, his hands grabbed my hips and forced me to press even deeper against him with every forceful thrust. After climaxing a few times, he leaned over with his feet still on the floor, grabbed my head and whispered for me to make him cum, to tighten, to clench onto him, and fucking make him cum.

I don’t know if I was able to grasp him any tighter in my body, but through a haze of pleasure I still tried. He groaned after a few minutes and came, briefly rested his upper body on top of mine when he finished.

He crawled up on the bed, picked me up and moved me to the center, where his arms went around me as he laid on his side next to me, his knees bending under my own, forcing me into a small ball pressed into the center of his chest. I felt safe, cherished. He rubbed my hair, whispered compliments on how gorgeous I was.

After a few minutes, I got up to clean off, came back to a bed that he had smoothed the covers back into place, and slipped under the comforting weight of them and into the place on his chest where my head fit perfectly. I was vaguely aware of his fingers caressing my back as I fell immediately to sleep.


Sexy Nightgown

Sexy lady in Nightgown

The morning’s reflections are still astounded by his reaction to the nightgown. Maybe I am sexy to him, maybe I will try to wear more sexy things without the reassurance of prior mutual planning. The unexpected happened, and it was glorious, after all.

Mar 172014

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Mar 162014

He requested that I dominate him.

In the past, before I requested the same thing from him, we would switch. It wasn’t true domination, but rather a long tying session, where we would tease and taunt the other person tied up. This would we switch.

He outweighs me double, and our height proportion is a vast difference. So clearly my dominating would not be of a physical sense, but more of an emotional/mental one. In this regard, unquestionably I am this person outside of the bedroom already.

I asked him what he wanted. For weeks. He didn’t give me an answer. I pushed, prodded, to know what it was he desired. After all, I gave him explicit information for my request of domination, even a list of other bloggers’ posts to read, stating that “I wanted this”.

I wanted to give him a great experience, and that would be helpful if I had an idea of what he wanted. The most I got was, “so you know what I go through, and vice versa”. Vague, mostly still shooting in the blind, but at least something.

So, I tied him up, took away his physical control. Blindfolded him, took away the knowing of what was next. Teased and taunted him. And to give him a taste of what I felt when he dominated me, even threw in a few phrases that he would tell me.

After a long session of this, he was disappointed. He felt that I was trying to be him at points (when that was all I had to go off of). He wanted pegging (unstated). He didn’t want to be tied the whole time, but that is the only way I am able to physically control him.

I did peg him later in the night, when he stated that was a desire he had. He wanted soft kisses and close embraces with that. That is not my impression of dominating.

I was frustrated with the experience, and several weeks later, I am still frustrated. I feel that it is very important to ask for a fantasy, to be insightful into what it entails; otherwise, do not walk into a situation with expectations. It will lead to frustration and disappointment to both parties.

I have no idea if he wants to try at it again; I think we both ended with a bit of defeat. I just know that I personally don’t want to try to fulfill what he wants without him explaining it, because obviously he had specific things that he anticipated, and wasn’t satisfied with me doing my best with a blank story.

Fantasies are amazing to have, and should be asked for if desired. But to be vague, it is more fair to leave the fantasy open to what will happen between the two (or more) people. If something very specific is wanted, then that needs to be shared. There’s nothing wrong in asking for exactly what is craved – it’s not demanding or lacking in spontaneous – it is the fantasy being carried out.
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