Dec 292014

Taking the same idea last year, this is a review and reflection of 2014, using the first lines from our past posts.


“A Medieval knight finds a cell phone. Startled, Gregory slips it into his pocket, and glances around to see if anyone else noticed.” Forbidden Item

A story of a society that gets rid of technology because it was replacing real people, experiences, sex. This was our first crack at A Darker Flame meme, something Stranded in Toronto started. We’ve participated from the very beginning. It’s also a story that haunts me – I want to further develop it and turn it in to a larger writing.


Onomatopoeia is a word as hard to spell as it is to decipher your sounds.” Very Short Stories Onomatopoeia

Taking a cue from a fellow blogger, Blacksilk,  the idea is to get a word and write something very small, perhaps using a sticky note. Another way in which we get inspired and participate in something else.


“I am done having babies. My husband has had a vasectomy this last year. With three, we’re quite certain we don’t need any more of the wondrous little people.” Women’s Health and Essure

My first of two procedures this year, and also the first post I’ve done of reproductive health. It was easy, uncomplicated, and a great alternative to having “tubes tied”. Mostly, I wrote it for anyone curious about the procedure and wanting to be permanently done with getting pregnant. I’m still waiting on my husband’s rendition of his vasectomy to add to the blog.


“I teased him until he obviously had enough – if him grabbing me and forcing me off of him was any indication.” Repetitions

Orgasm control was the name of this game, not to mention a bruised ass, of which there’s a picture. An incredibly hot contribution to Kink of the Week that still gets me incredibly wet when I read it again. And again. It’s one of the few stories that I reread a lot.


“No, we aren’t splitting up. Some exciting news is that the sisters will be within driving distance to each other very shortly! Hopefully we’ll have some spicy stories to share.” Split the Blog

Ah, to be a military spouse and move. Drafts helped the blog coast quite a bit, as A wasn’t writing much at all, and I was moving. And then I was traveling quite a bit the next three months until I settled into boring unemployment. With so much going on, us sisters didn’t have any spicy stories to share any time soon. Still, it was nice to see each other.


“You see, we’re of the same bent. I’m a switch, but definitely lean to the sub side of life. He says he’s a switch but is swimming in the pool of slavedom and loving it. It’s been more apparent it’s going to be hard to get our needs met with the dynamic we currently have.” First Day Disaster

A’s beginnings in her adventures of Domme. It was a role she didn’t imagine herself in, but still committed to fully living and working at it 24/7. She is very honest about her failures (and of course, successes) and this one discusses “utter failure on day fucking one”.


“He didn’t care that I was nine-months-pregnant-naked, he wanted me. A few minutes later, he walked away and came back. “Do you think you can hold these?” he questioned, and I looked up.” Yoga with Balls

“As you may know, from my disastrous beginnings so far, I’m the Domme in my 24/7 D/s. That means that unlike my olden days of being a carefree sub, I’m now supposed to be the big bad top. I think I’ve done pretty well so far, but I’m not proof against some teasing.” The Kid Sister of Kink

“I had two friends talk about our blog. One asked for it so his wife could read, as he wanted them to get into kink. My other friend suggested that they watch porn instead.” Learning from people who hurt

Okay, I’m cheating in July. It was a month of learning. It was learning to be comfortable with and to find ourselves. These three excellently demonstrate that.


“So, he had asked for me to dominate him. For those that regularly read, this is always tricky for me. We even had a conversation a few days prior how I need something specific from him, how he has expectations that I don’t know about and therefore fail at, how I grope around the dark (as it were) trying to find that magic desire. He stated that I should just keep trying something different every single time until I get it right…” Lists will Save Me

M’s adventure at failure in the Domme role. Only this time, it wasn’t quite as disastrous. It was about embracing my strength rather than trying to pretend to be something I am not, or do something that I can’t (like physically forcing domination). It was about accepting his natural need to please and using it to my advantage. Unlike A, it isn’t a role that I find great enjoyment at, but I am always willing to try.


“I had no idea I was in trouble. I was thinking we were just engaging in awesome sexual play. And while rope doesn’t always come out, he loves rope so much that it’s not unusual.” Beyond Sensitive

This year has been huge into rope exploration for me, both of suspensions (new this year) and bedroom bondage (continuing). This month also began my husband’s very expensive hobby of making rope, but it’s a passion of his now. We’re lucky the kinky people around us will buy his rope, because otherwise we’d have way too much of the stuff. Next year, plan on seeing quite a few more suspension photos, and I will try to do more write ups on the steamy stories and my love of bondage. Whenever he brings out the rope, it’s always a grand experience, even if it’s imperfect at time.


“It’s eye opening to see posts bloggers write, that instead of the warm and fuzzies, it’s the reality of life and the struggles we all go through. Like so many people I go through struggles within myself about anxiety, depression, body image, and self worth.” Second Class Girl

A has been crazy emotional about three men, all of whom have treated her as a second class girl. I’ll use her words: “Agreeing to see him while he’s in between girlfriends isn’t his fault. However, it speaks volumes about his view of me when he’ll actually date these other women, but never me. It’s a toxic situation and degrading…I’m a second class girl to them. I’m good enough to fuck, but not good enough to be with.” This hit a chord with quite a few people commenting, many privately rather than publicly.


“Following from here, a hunter finds himself in a tall tower with a lovely but naked woman who possesses long hair. Nervous and unsure, he tries to leave.” Tangling

Our first Wicked Wednesday Top 5 (Rebelle had just started doing a roundup). And it would be strange to do an entire year without mentioning the Fairy/Folk tales that I love to write, so much so that they have their own menu on the home page. These writings tend to stay in drafts for a long time, as I wait for the opportunity to publish them when other posts aren’t demanding the spotlight. I am also considering taking a mythology inspired erotica route, as Fairy Tales and Mythology were two of my favorite college classes.

November also is our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging and it has been amazing!


“Hmmmm… as M suggested we compile our Christmas lists this year, I found myself at a bit of a loss. Some of the things that came to mind were silly, while others had a bit more basis in reality. Being the single sister, I’m sure my list is quite a bit different than M’s.” Christmas List

We don’t often collaborate together, our blogging styles are so different and A’s carefree nature drives my organized and time-based self crazy. But we really wanted to compile a list together, so much so that A’s list was ready immediately upon me making the suggestion, with a comment on how she knows my patience level. After I read hers, I felt mine was a bit too simplistic and not nearly as witty (she’s quite witty), but as I was sick and dealing with some holiday blues, I didn’t elaborate.

I like when we can collaborate – there are after all two of us blogging, and it’s far easier to tell that when we’re side-by-side with each other, I believe. Here’s to hoping the next year proves as fun and interesting with us!

Thank you so much for your support, reading, and especially commenting (I know many of you don’t comment, that’s okay, you still stop by). Without that encouragement, we wouldn’t keep coming back to this space and pouring so much of ourselves out with words.

Wicked Wednesday

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Dec 252014

jollyJolly does not come in the red and green variety, nor is surrounded by a fat man any longer – no that association is far too isolated and silent now. Alone with just my husband, away from our children and family on this coast, jolly is the small happiness I find on my own terms.

It is the cold scratchy fabric of rope as it caresses against/around me, wraps me with its certainty, binds me in its beauty. It is his focus of gaze, his intention once I am fully his; his hands deftly maneuvering my surrender; his breath upon my skin as he leans in, my body’s awareness of loss as he leans back. It is a dance of flesh and twine, a back and forth, of demand and offer, round and round, until all the colors and people and seasons fade but us.


Five Sentence Fiction’s word is Jolly.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

(He made the rope just for me! Though of course he’s made some more to sell.)

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Dec 232014

Hmmmm… as M suggested we compile our Christmas lists this year, I found myself at a bit of a loss. Some of the things that came to mind were silly, while others had a bit more basis in reality.

Being the single sister, I’m sure my list is quite a bit different than M’s.

Let’s start with stuff:

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a we vibe 4 plus. The uses to a single girl going on adventures is vast and naughty. Hey baby, why don’t we go to the movies, and you have the controls in your hands? Then ask after the movie how much of that movie I actually saw!

I’d love to get a rabbit that actually hits my clit without some fancy hand/finger wedging maneuver. I was super excited to get my Vr 11, only to be let down by the armature bit not being ideally positioned.

I’ve been shopping for an anal plug that actually stays where it’s supposed to during sex. My muscles are strong, and shooting a guy in the face with an anal plug, while amusing, isn’t the goal! I need a longer stem with a bigger bulb to stem ratio.

Lingerie. More lingerie. If it’s lace or soft and girly, I want it. It’s a constant shopping desire of mine. Some women like shoes, I like lace.

Now let’s get to the good stuff:

I’d like a date who was open and relaxed and DIDN’T just say everything they think I want to hear… relax dude, I can sniff that stuff out, and while I know it’s part of the dating game, it’s unnecessary. If I’m going to sleep with you, I am. Telling me a bunch of stuff isn’t going to get you farther.

I’d like to move my hot steak of successful orgasms during oral into other sexual acts. I’ve always been a difficult girl to get off, and I’d like to continue my growth to easier orgasms. I think an orgasm while he’s slamming into me from behind would be the most epic thing ever.

This is a repeat goal/wish from last year, but I’d really like to be able to take a bigger dick in the ass. My anal opportunities would open up a lot more. Having a size restriction blows!

I want to find a top for bdsm that I jive well with. It’s been far too long and I enjoy it far too much. I think I’m just extra particular about who I bottom for, it’s been much easier having partners to top.

I want a fire play kit so bad I can taste it. I want to set my toes on fire!

I want a whip. I’m big into impact play and I’ve found the delicious, burning sting of a whip is a sting I enjoy. I’m a thud girl, but some sting hits the spot for me, and this is definitely one.

I think this about sums up the top things I’d moon over for Christmas! I want to wish everyone happy, and naughty holidays, and thank you for making this year an awesome one! XoXoX

M’s Christmas List:

No kids for two weeks, but unfortunately they left us their colds. Still we’ll suck it up and deal with it, here’s what I want for Christmas:

I want to have wax art done on me; I think laying down and feeling the heat of the wax, the focus on the art form on my body, would be incredibly sensual;

I want to have rope wrapped around nipples;

I want to be tied with lights;

I want some long play sessions, where I am mindless.

Some longer term goals:

Longer sessions of pleasure and play, with more consistency;

More connection with my husband during suspensions;

Playing during suspensions;

To become published;

To publicly play;

To continue learning new fetishes/kinks;

When we move (again), to bravely go into the kink communities and meet some wonderful people, like what I’ve done here.

**As a side note, I looked at my wish list last year and was so happy to see so much accomplished!

A very special thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope all your wishes come true! Here’s to a new year with new adventures!

Wicked Wednesday

Dec 182014

Touch me. Hold my hand. Let fingers intertwine as we mean our bodies to.20141219

Surprise me with rope sliding from your appendage to mine.

Tighten it. Mean it. Spin me around and push me onto the bed.

Take the other wrist and bind that as completely, force over my head, expose my breasts to you.

Spread my legs. Expose me. Make me vulnerable to you.

I am yours for the taking. Fucking take me as you want me.

I held your hand for a reason.

I trust you.

Now do as you want, bend me to your wanton will.

I’m yours.

*101 words, and such a fantasy (and luckily a reality from time to time) of mine. Forgive any errors, if I made any, I’m pretty floaty-minded on cold medicines. I could’ve had her orgasm to extend my word count out, but I love the anticipation of what is going to happen next moments – so she had to wait. 

Flash Fiction Friday

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Dec 172014

I was giving him a blowjob and he moved my hair to get a better view, commented how much he loves that I love to give him pleasure.

His hand was in my hair…and gripped and yanked me off of him. I looked into his eyes, a small smile played about his lips, so gorgeous, those lips. “Whose penis is it?”

“Mine,” for years now, that’s what I called it. I saw his face and further explained, “it is mine. I have a place to keep it inside, you don’t. Therefore, it’s mine.” He knows I’ll respond the wrong way, I’m just stubborn like that.

“A reminder is in order,” he rolled over me, forced me on my stomach, stroked the place where I still had the bruise on the inside of one ass cheek from his lesson that his penis was his-yes this was not my first lesson. His arms reached under my waist and he forced me into a curled position, ass up. The arm remained threaded through my waist to keep me there. His spank was hard, more palm than fingers, more pain than sting. I don’t like the sting at all, but it still hurt. “No working you up to it.” He smacked until I admitted that it was his. This pattern of spanking continued four more times: reminders that it was His penis, my body was His body, this was His bed. By the end of the night I didn’t have a cute but incredible vivid bruise on the inside of one ass cheek – I had welts striping across an entire cheek which would prove to be sore even upon waking.

I hate the pain but love the bruised reminders for days after. I am seriously conflicted on this kink still.

In between each reminder, he would enter me, “I know you get off on this,” he confessed in my ear, slowly strained the length of him inside of me, “you get so tight, so clenched.” He would stroke in and out of my body, slowly so I wouldn’t orgasm, but bring me so close. He wasn’t allowing me to touch him, “if you want to touch so damn bad, touch yourself,” he instructed, and after awhile of being teased and spanked, my fingers wandered to my breasts and pinched my nipples. His gaze dipped to my hands – a rare treat, as I kneaded and played with them. His rythym increased with his excitement, so close – I was on the brink of an orgasm. He must’ve realized as he slowed down, “no getting off for you. Are you hoping to help yourself there?”

My groan of frustration wasn’t as silent as I would’ve liked, one hand going lower, the fingertips dipped between our bodies as I circled and danced around my clit.

Clitoral stimulation doesn’t do it for me unless I’ve already orgasmed by penetration. But his eyes watched between our bodies, the pace increased enough, and I hoped the distraction would be enough. My body strained for release, my whole core tensed, and I felt sweaty from the need. My legs wrapped around his waist, and I pulled him into me further, and then again when he dipped down, mimicked his movements to enhance them.

Was it too much to ask that I would get away with it? He knew what I was doing, waited until I got to the edge of the orgasm, and stopped, frozen midway in me. My eyes snapped open, a cry upon my lips. “Get your fucking legs off me, who is in control?” My legs unwrapped, opened in air useless on the sides. He pulled out, and I was half afraid it would be for another spanking session. He laid on his back. “Sit on top and grind.”

I scurried to straddle him, slowly, deliciously lowered, positioned my legs in the most ideal situation. Smiled and began to move my body to where it felt good.

His hands behind his head, watched me, told me: “you won’t cum from this, I guarantee you.”

As if to rebel against that statement, I raised further, felt his head at my entrance and slammed my body down, repeatedly. It felt so good.

“I said grind, not fuck me,” his stern voice cut into my pleasure. I grinded, frustrated as it wasn’t the full range of motion that I wanted, needed. And yet…my body was so ready for an orgasm, that it just may have been enough. He allowed me to get myself so close, then warned, “you won’t like the price for an orgasm.”

I froze, ended up edging myself.

His strong arms lifted me off of him, suspended a moment in midair, before he positioned me on my back and again he was inside of me. I begged for an orgasm, stated it was a need, not even a want by that point. “Tell me word for word, say ‘I am willing to pay for an orgasm’.”

Breathless, with him pushing such pleasurable sensations through me, I tried the phrase a few times before I could fully say it – partly it was the distraction of what he was doing, partly my unwillingness to fully commit to an unknown price.

He positioned himself up, thrusted down into me in a position that always delivered. My body tightened, I arched, so grateful, the warm tingling began…and then he withdrew. Disappointed, thwarted again, my feet kicked at his sides in anger and frustration.

A hand at my throat, he said, “you pay the price before the prize. Isn’t that how it works?” His cock eased in between my lips and pushed to the back of my throat. For some reason I couldn’t breathe through my nose, and failed at taking him deeper. He withdrew amid my coughing and pushed again. Coughed and struggled to not gag. Pushed again. And then praised me for trying and pushed into my eager body.

I screamed and came immediately.

“Uncurl your toes,” he reminded me as he drove me to another one. The position makes my toes curl, and then they cramp afterwards – a point I always complain about. I focused on flexing my toes (not for long) until the crest of pleasure swept me up. “Breathe,” he reminded me. Light-headed, unaware of held breath or tense toes, I gulped in air and he took me back up to a third orgasm.

Down, able to function again, he pulled out of me and rotated me to my side. “I’m not going to make you pay anymore,” he stated, gripped my throbbing ass cheek painfully, and entered me. “But it’s your turn. It’s your job to make me cum, isn’t it?” I nodded yes, enjoyed him fully inside of me. “So make me.” His pace was rough, fast, and the orgasm rushed me so quickly; I gripped him as best I could as I rode out the orgasm, and the second orgasm came before the first even left me. I heard him groan amid my screams and tightened further, held my breath and saw spots, held him until he fell on top of my body spent. Then gulped for air.

Held tightly against his chest moments later, I drifted off to sleep. I apologized for being so sweaty first. He really worked me over.

Wicked WednesdayThe prompt, which I did not follow, is body hair. While incredibly opinionated on this topic, both us sisters are sick and so I didn’t do a write up on the specific prompt; I did however make sure the post included something on hair pulling, something I love. 

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Dec 162014

Photo courtesy of SassyCat

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Dec 112014

I was a wreck, naked and rushing to and fro; he was already dressed, calm and collected in his normal way. I began to feel frantic and panicked, taking far too long to just insert my earrings. I was making us late.

He moved into the doorway of the bathroom and I brushed beside him to get my evening gown.

An arm of iron swept across my chest, a hand weaved through the strands of hair at the base of my skull, and I was suddenly brought to my knees between his legs. My breath caught with the sudden action. He yanked my head back roughly to look at his face towering above, and I didn’t even have time to worry about the fact that he was ruining my hair that I had just spent thirty minutes styling. No, I couldn’t be bothered with such trifles, as my eyes beheld the lust in his eyes, his will demanding my position on the floor.

I was right where he wanted me, and I wanted to be there.20141212

While still gripping my hair, his other hand went around my throat and fingers stroked softly up and down the sides, the merest gossamer of touches. I longed for him to kiss me, could feel his breath wash against my face. My lips parted in anticipation. My body trembled – not due to a cold floor I was far too hot to feel. Please, I thought, kiss me.

His fingers gently wrapped around my throat. “You are mine,” he whispered down to me. “I will not have something I own so distraught over something so trivial. Understood?” His fingers slowly tightened, until breathing was a challenge. His look was one of love and concern; his look was one of wanting to throw me on the floor and make me beg.

How he managed to have such a magnitude of intentions written across his handsome face always astounded me. I tried to communicate my agreement to his statement. I was His, and I was at peace, unsure why I had felt so worried just moments earlier. He was always so good at getting the world to just stop when I needed it the most.

His fingers loosened the slightest degree, allowing a refreshing breath. “You are magnificent. You are just as gorgeous naked on this floor in your surrender as you will be in your formal gown tonight by my side. You are beautiful without effort, and you are mine.” And then he leaned down, and finally kissed me, both hands that had hurt to create my focused calm now moved to cradle the sides of my face tenderly. My lips parted at the soft pressure of his own, and my tongue swirled and met his eagerly, in a kiss that became so consuming that when it was done, I pondered why he was standing up and offering his hand to help me off of the floor.



Flash Fiction FridayKey Words: Lust, longing
Forbidden Words: Office, Suit
Word Limit: 426
Extra Credit: tell us about an encounter where your partner had ‘that’ look on their face
Bonus Words: +50 masturbation, owned


Kink of the Week is on “The Look

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