Jan 202016

Questions found from Insatiable Desire:

Day 8: Post a kinky image you find erotic.

*I repost almost daily on tumblr things that I find sexy or erotic. Here’s an example of one (rope, choking, and dominance, yum!)

And then there’s my own that turn me on, because I remember how it felt or what it does to me:


Day 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

This doesn’t get started until about 40 seconds in. I heard this at a rope intensive. My favorite lyrics:

I feel you
Controlling my every move and what I say
Oh it’s such a crazy game
But still we play it
And you play it hard enough for me

I’m a masochist for you
I love all the pain you put me through
I’m a masochist for you
My heart and hands are tied for you – Niia “Libertine Hero”

And I know I’ve shared this one before, but still, so hot:

Wicked Wednesday*For Wicked Wednesday, the prompt is porn. I use tumblr almost daily. One thing I’ve started recommended to friends who are shy about confessing their desire or fantasies to their partner is to both get/use tumblr, and then repost things that they may want or that turn them on. It’s a safe way to express what they find hot without having to verbalize. Their partner can see, and see again – which is also turning them on hopefully. It’s also a good way to have a conversation, asking what specifically do they find hot about the image.

When I use tumblr, I’ve also noticed the added benefit of discovering what I’m in the mood for: am I posting more sensual or more rough images? It’s what I’m in the mood for at that particular moment.

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  6 Responses to “30 Days: 8 and 9 Media”

  1. Your original pics are so much more sexy than anything you could repost!

  2. what us your tumblr, i would loce to see what you are looking at!!!

  3. I tend to find double meanings in songs too, and like you, I post images on tumblr that I find sexy. I’m now following your tumblr 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Wow . . . I see what you mean about the Mine Video . . . it is gorgeously sexy!
    And I love your idea about sharing fantasies via Tumblr!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. I have a Tumblr and I post some of my stuff there but I also do exactly this, posting images of things I find hot or a turn on…. a little trail of thoughts for him to discover


  6. I remember discovering tumblr and seeing nothing but porn images. Even though it was against the TOS it was everywhere. I have now noticed that with Instagram. It started out nice and clean, but it porn images, are starting to filter in more and more. OMG that second vid is fucking smokin’
    LOVED IT!!!

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