Aug 232015

Questions found from Insatiable Desire:

Day 1:

Dom, sub, switch?  What parts of BDSM interest you?  Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

*My biggest identifying titles/labels to my least:

Wife: while many wouldn’t find this kinky, it’s because of this title that I truly felt the trust needed to open up about my darkest desires. We have a goal to always be together, we just don’t know where the road where veer to explore a bit more from time to time.

ADD Brat: most often evident when he is tying me. My friends chuckle at our dynamic in this, as I can’t help but look at the rope (you never should, it’s how you get whipped in the face), or teasing him about something, or dancing in my rope before I’m up and suspended, or talking to others around me (unless I’m in subspace). While he complains, and tends to hurt me a bit in warnings, he secretly (and not so secretly sometimes) really likes this aspect of us. Our overall dynamic could be described as playful, and this aspect of myself makes that evident.

Rope bottom/bunny/slut: I really don’t care what’s after the rope title, but I love being tied.

Light weight: I am not a masochist. Get me in the right head space, and I want pain. Get me in subspace, and I can deal with quite a bit of it. However, I would describe myself as a lightweight with pain. I’m currently in negotiations with a rope top, and she informed me that she’ll have to learn to be more playful than sadistic because we want to play together but I’m a wimp.

Primal: My husband and I wrestle, roughly. For the most part, it’s for control or to show who’s on top. These tend to be issued challenges (from either of us) – a clear communication to the other that we want it rough. Bruises will occur, kicking, scratching; we will be sweaty and breathless. I love this as it’s as close as I ever get to consensual non consent play; he will eventually overpower me (I’ve only won once) and force himself in between my legs, gloating over his victory. He’ll have earned it – these last for a minimum of an hour.

Switch: I prefer being a bottom/submissive. However, this is only towards BDSM/sex/kink; in my day to day life I am very dominating and a bit controlling (I think there’s a difference). So for me to take control in the bedroom is an easy adjustment; it’s because I am always in control that I would prefer to not be in that role of top/dominant, despite my ability to take on the role.

Submissive: Get me in the right head space, and I am everything submissive. I will do anything, be anything, endure anything that is asked. However, this is a hard switch for me, so it takes time, or really knowing what shifts gears in my head, hence why it’s so low on this list.

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