Jan 132017

An item on my 101 things list, an ABC and 123 of me:

A – affectionate, amorphous, amateur

B – beguiled, bittersweet, blogger, brazen

C – creative, careless, civil

D – damaged, decisive, deflated, devilish, disheveled, dirty, disgruntled, dreamer

E – energetic, emotional, eager, educated, excited

F – fanciful, fair, fearful, firstborn, flexible, focused

G – gutsy, grieving, gluttonous, gracious, gloomy, generous, gentle

H – handful, halting, hardworking, haphazard, headstrong

I – impulsive, independent, irritable, immoral, intimate, intense, injured, idealistic

J – just, jaded, jubiliant

K – kind, kinky, knowledgeable

L – lover, lecherous, labelled, layered, little

M – muted, maternal, merciful, minx, maddening

N – naughty and nice, neglectful, nagging, naive, nerdy, needy

O – open-minded, opinionated, offbeat

P – playful, passionate, patronizing, pale, petulant

Q – quaint, qualified, quick, quirky

R – reactive, radiant, ready, real, reckless, readable

S – spontaneous, silly, sexual, sheepish, slippery

T – taboo, trying, tired, trustful, terrified, talkative

U – uncensored, unsteady

V –  visceral, voluptuous, vulnerable, vibrant, vocal

W – willful, weakened, wet, wild, wanderlust, warm, wanting


Y – yielding, yearning, youthful

Z – zany, zippy

0 – grandparents still alive

1 – vehicle

2 – children

3 – other children that are like my own

4 – my favorite time to wake up

5 – random sex hook ups during slutfest

6 – my birth month

7 – about the time that I become absolutely worthless in energy

8 – the age when the sexual abuse stopped for me

9 – how many memes that I’ve participated in that have since retired

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