Jan 042018

Anal sex is something that just recently occured in my life, and to date I’ve probably engaged in it about five times, including the first time when I was forced. Because of the rocky start that first time, it was something that I felt I needed to do again, and do it correctly with someone I trusted and shortly after that experience so that I didn’t turn it into something far more dramatic (like getting back on a bike after falling off?). The second time was complicated, especially with moving on from the previous experience, but I’m grateful I tried anal again. The third time was because I believe I should try something at least twice before passing judgment and the first time didn’t count.

Now? It’s meh. Mr. Texas has been the depth of my experience in this and he realized it was a go-to when he felt frustrated with me (something he had every right to feel in between all the reconciliation attempts with my ex-husband). Since he discovered that motivating factor for him, and because I am so neutral on the whole experience, we haven’t had anal sex in quite some time. Mr. Texas also isn’t the biggest fan, though I believe this to be because it was a turn off for him until we decided to give it a go and he’s slow to change his opinion on things.

So no, I don’t have a thing for anal sex, though at times I quite like anal stimulation.

I’ve also been the giver with pegging my ex-husband and my take away was it was hot to watch him be pleased but didn’t do much for myself, though I did learn that the thrusting motions are far easier from that side than to bounce up and down or even grind as the person being penetrated on top – no wonder men in my life can go forever if they want to.

I’ve also learned that having anal sex makes me feel more submissive somehow, less likely to make decisions or give a call to action – I want him to be pleased first and foremost. Anal sex isn’t unpleasant, I’ve even orgasmed from it, but it’s certainly not my kink and nor something I believe I’ll actively pursue (at least, not yet; my kinks have certainly expanded over time).

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  1. I pegged Fox once and like you, found it incredibly easy to do from behind. It was also strange to not have any sensation myself… I wasn’t sure if I’d like him being in a more submissive position, and certainly wouldn’t want to do it regularly!

  2. Nice truthful post. I’ve long believed that anal is a guy thing, getting off on the whole power thing, and women usually don’t get off without some sort of clit play.

  3. I undertake anal using toys and in conjunction with both vaginal and clitoral stimulation again with toys (I’m not having sex at the moment.) It is my choice, and I don’t do it every time I masturbate, but I do find it adds another layer of pleasure.
    When I had anal sex with Ryan we had no idea what we were doing (it was back in the 80’s) and there was only limited preparation so we only did it occasionally. Given how often i masturbate anally with toys now I’d probably find the experience much better provided my partner wasn’t too big was careful to prepare me properly, and used good lube.
    I also pegged Ryan, a couple of times he enjoyed immensely, but I also enjoyed the domination side of it. I’m curious about whether I would get any erotic sensation from pegging a fleshlight, from the movement and the idea of it, though perhaps via clitoral/labial stimulation.

  4. I am glad that you overcame that first time experience and went on to explore past that


  5. I think it’s fair to be ambivalent about it especially with not so good experiences in the past. I also think it’s fair to have it be something that you don’t do. Not everything is with doing when other things are far more pleasurable.

  6. I do think anal can be complicated – i have had good and not so good and some that was attempted and just didn’t happen at all 😉

  7. My first experiences with anal were quite similar. I am slowly working up to it with a partner I trust.

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