Oct 232016

So, after a long separation from Mr Texas, I started picking back up with him again. Our kids saw each other still, so it’s not like I sought him out.

After a week of sex, where his fingers slipped once or twice between my drenched cheeks and I moaned in appreciation of the anal stimulation outside, I decided I was going to work up the nerve to ask for it.

Understand: this is a big deal to me. I am shy about anything to do with the topic of anal for some reason. I had also, perhaps foolishly, decided that since my one and only experience with anal sex was so miserable that I shouldn’t like anal stimulation at all, that it made no sense.

As we were drinking in the hot tub – gosh I missed our hot tub times, his fingers brought me to an orgasm and intentionally slid back afterwards. I sighed in appreciation.

“Do you like your butt hole played with?”

I was mortified- he just came right out and said it in that abrupt and undignified way he had. (It’s true: he once said that I was like a pig in the mud when it came to kink events.)

And he had already stated that he had zero interest with anything to do with anal from the very first day of our relationship. What would he think of me?

But I had already resolved to ask for at least outside stimulation, so I hid my blushing face and nodded. He knows when he turns me shy.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I’m surprised you didn’t tell me. You’re so open about things.”

“This one is hard for me,” I muttered into the jetted water.

“Okay. Do you want to try it tonight?” I hesitated, then nodded. I wanted to drown in embarrassment. “Well then let’s try it. How do I go about it? I haven’t even done anything like this before.”

I was relieved he handled the matter so well.

I had been embarrassed about asking my ex husband for it, but my husband wanted to do all types of anal play, so it felt safer to ask for it after he made me realize I liked it.

But Mr. Texas – vanilla and stated already his distaste for anything anal – that was a scary experience.

He keeps reassuring me that he is more open minded, that he realized he was judgmental without being exposed to things first, and that he would try to get more out of his comfort zones if I was patient.

I was trusting in that as I opened my mouth and explained what kind of stimulation I was wanting.

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  1. I look forward to read whether this was a more gentle experience than the other one.

    Rebel xox

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