May 012015

I participated in the A to Z Challenge this month, which led to me reading a few new people. I found this blogger, Lillyanna Rose Submits, through that challenge. For the letter D, she writes about Domestic Discipline, and while I can’t relate to Disobedience, I love and try to practice the other Ds.

Another new blog (to me) discussed from Wicked Wednesday is Through the Smoky Looking Glass, and he writes what he does in such arousing detail how he convinces her she’s beautiful.

XCritic showcases Kayden Kross’ reasons why she likes cum, and it’s more extensive than I would have been able to articulate.

This really made me laugh. Shelby Cross discusses, slide by slide, a photo meme she read which discusses anal sex. And the article is ridiculous, which she points that out in a witty and utterly obvious frustrated way.

Molly (Molly’s Daily Kiss) describes a slow build up of anticipation and it is moments like this which fuel my desire far more than touching.

A Dissolute Life Means writes about Casual Sex Rules, and what she beautifully weaves a story in there.

Easily Aroused writes such beautiful erotica and the experiencing a new, and taboo, activity is gorgeously written.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post;) I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post as well. That is quite the complement.

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