May 302016

Wicked Wednesday The topic for Wicked Wednesday is Opportunity, and I really try to put myself out there and get what I want – after all, the worst that can happen is I am told no. If I say nothing, then I gain nothing. Here is what happened this last week at a rope event. 


At a rope event

where I am beginning to recognize people,

I am tied twice…

The first time

a group of people were standing around

all riggers that I didn’t know,

and I sat in the background,

just listening,

and one says:

“I have no one to tie tonight”.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail

and stated, “well, I came here to get tied.


“Well, yes, let’s do this,”

he states matter of factly

and we discussed

history and limits.

By the time he was untying

we could both tell

he discovered what I liked

as his arm went around my neck

and his breath in my ear

as the rope gripped tighter and tighter.

The second man

I knew from events past,

and as I said hello,

he said:

“I see you put your clothes back on.

Does that mean you’re leaving?”

I smiled

and replied:

“I don’t have to.

I can get naked again.”

His friend chimed in

that that was quite an offer,

and away we went

to a quiet corner.

Where he asked about limits

and what he had observed about me.

He questioned

a hood –

an unknown factor for me,

so I consented to try it

and it covered my head

to under my chin,

which he still added a blindfold on top of,

creating pure darkness.

A first for me,

and one that I was comfortable with.

And the rope wrapped round, and his beard scratched my skin, and his fingers scratched and pinched along sensitive zones as he manipulated me into complicated positions that my body cried to be released from but my mind welcomed as a friend.

His connection,

his hands,

were about me,

and not the rope

and when we were done

he asked when he would see me next.

Sadly, it would not be for awhile,

but I hope to have both men

touch me with their rope,

their hands,

their control,

their creativity,

and make me theirs,

however briefly.

  4 Responses to “At a Rope Event”

  1. Can do Almost Anything When There is Trust! Personal, Erotic!

  2. I hope you get to see them again too… seems like there was a nice connection 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I adore rope and you captured it so well.

  4. This was very interesting.

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