Feb 062016
mimir 2

I am aware of the tight rope and the cold knife waiting to be unsheathed. I forget that I am so exposed and the world slowly fades away.

Sinful Sunday

February Photofest Badge 2016

  26 Responses to “Awareness”

  1. Super artistic. Super sexy!

  2. Beautiful image. The mistiness totally fits with the feelings of being there. Xx

  3. The world fading away is so often such a wonderful thing.

  4. Stunning!

    Velvet x

  5. That is the perfect sensation, being so inside your mind that everything else fades away


  6. So sexy…I absolutely love it!

  7. Wow, breathtaking photo–so sexy!

  8. this took my breath away, with its glossy silver!!!

  9. Unnfff! And beautiful.

  10. Oh my god! This takes my breath away!

  11. The eroticism in this picture is so great!

  12. This image is soooo lovely… the sharpness of the knife against the ghostly pale cloud of skin!

    ~Kazi xxx

  13. That is just, Wow! Beautiful image.

  14. I love how everything is slightly out of focus except the knife. I heart knives.

  15. Oh wow, this is stunning! The B+W and focussing really brings your words to life, and you look incredible. Just, wow… Xxx

  16. OMG . . . this took my breath away. Absolutely stunning . . . time standing still !!!
    Xxx – K

  17. This is just incredibly beautiful!

  18. This is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous and sensuous. I love the way you’ve kept the rope in sharp focus but your skin and the background are soft and dreamy.

  19. This is a really stunning image. The shape and form of your body are so strong and so vulnerable all at one. And that edit that softens your skin while sharpening the ropes is really wonderful. Just gorgeous.

  20. This is gorgeous, the softness of your pale skin and the coldness of that beautiful knife makes a wonderful contrast x

  21. Oh my… This just works… Don’t ask me why, it just does.


  22. I love the feeling of the world fading away. I love this photo even more. Actually this photo might be causing me that wonderful feeling right now.

  23. WOW, just simply WOW!

    Rebel xox

  24. Beautifully done, with shades of a film noir. So sexy.

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