Sep 022017
Sinful Sunday

  19 Responses to “Blue”

  1. That’s an amazing image! I love the highlights and they way it draws my eye over your form. Stunning.

  2. Stunning image and the edit really makes it breathtaking!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh, god, yes. I love that feeling. And that sensuous pose, ass towards us, is amazing.

  4. I like how this makes you look like you’re wearing really shiny tights.

  5. This is a beautiful image – the way the light enables you to see different textures.

  6. What a great effect on the picture. And of course you beimg helpless witj your hands tied like that could lead to all kinds of possibilities.

  7. Oh this is so clever. Beautifully . . . and intriguingly blue!
    Xxx – K

  8. Wow – how did you get that shine on your bottom and legs?! Is it a filter, or is it natural shadows? Everything about this photo is insanely hot, from the texture of the rug under you to your back muscles to the beautiful rope work to the sheen on your legs… one of my favorite photos of the week. x

    • The blue was a filter, the light showcased my bottom and legs and once the blue was applied thickly it made everything shiny and smooth like this

  9. Holy Cow! This is one amazing shot.

  10. Wow what a gorgeous tie! And I have no idea how you created the shine to below your waist but it’s incredible! This is really an absolutely stunning photograph!
    Aurora x

  11. Oh man – I simply love the edit of this. You look lush in it x Stunning rope work x

  12. I like the glossiness of your curves. It makes for an intriguing edit.

  13. Love the edit on this and the way you look so completely relaxed


  14. You look so relaxed and totally in the moment…this is so beautiful.

  15. Just gorgeous. Just … wow!

    The blue suits the image so well!

    Great picture!

  16. I love the filter – it looks like you’re wearing flesh colored tights, which adds another layer of sexy.

  17. Lovely looking gote – I really like the pattern of the diamond shape building on the structure. The colour too is so striking. Very nice! 🙂

  18. This is fantastic. The edit makes it look like you are made of silk, it’s such a cool effect. And as ever, you look like an angel tied up.

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