May 052016

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Bosom Buddies…

For guys and girls who like girls – what is it that you like about boobs? Is there an ideal shape or size?

For girls – how do you feel about how you feel about your “girls”? Are you happy with them? Have you always been?

For everyone – do you think the female “chest” has been over sexualised?

I was thirteen, a size zero at barely 100 lbs, with DD bras. I had no hips, a boyish figure forced in a Catholic School uniform that had a button down shirt straining to stay shut. It was terrible. No that’s not sarcasm, it was truly horrific for me.

Perhaps that’s why the school girl uniforms are an absolute hard limit for me. I was forced into that, so self conscious because I had such large breasts for such a small girl and attention when I wanted none but just to desperately fit in.

My daughter had the same problem – began binding her breasts in sports bras in the second grade. She too hides rather than reveals.

How do I feel about my breasts? For the most part they are a hindrance. I didn’t appreciate them until about five years ago –  no kidding for those that know what they are capable of. Before my son, I wanted a breast reduction to reduce back ache. After my son, I was a ridiculous size really wanting not just a reduction, but a lift (oddly it was my son who created such havoc on my breasts, though he’s not my only child).

I’ve been blessed and grateful that my breasts have nursed my babies. I hated the looks I’d occasionally get when I revealed myself (even just for a second) before my baby would latch on in public. In that regard, I think we as a society do sexualize breasts too much. I was feeding my babies, not having sex in public, yet sometimes I would be judged for one act as if I performed the other.

A rare moment I'm braless, so odd I had to search for a photo

A rare moment I’m braless, so odd I had to search for an old photo

About five years ago, my nipples were treated roughly. This made me change my mind on wanting a breast reduction – as I suddenly cared about a lover touching them and turning me on and I heard that surgery can diminish sensitivity. Prior to that, I didn’t care much for them being touched by a partner.

This is not to say that my breasts can handle a lot of roughness – I don’t even like to go without a bra on, but I love my nipples treated roughly. I learned that they create a painful sensation that is somehow translated to pleasure somewhere around my core and makes me tighten and become so wanton between my legs. I can orgasm from nipples alone (though only after an orgasm through penetration of some sort). But my breasts, they still have to be treated gently – it’s part of why you don’t see them tied around to a painful tightness in rope, but you may see nipple clamps on.


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  1. Great Blog and Great Picture! I Really Enjoyed Them!

  2. As a male, I have at times looked at breasts, and though about what the nipple may look like and how does it taste.

    I understand at some breasts are sensitive especially one week a month.

    Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

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