Nov 212014

So many small thoughts and moments I want to mention, no real moment has jumped and claimed me, more like moments keep going past:

Pajama Pants I was kissing the side of his neck. We were still dressed, laying in bed. He had his phone in his hands and wasn’t taking my subtle hint that I wanted sex, or he was just pretending to ignore my desire. My hands roamed, and I unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, enjoying the revealing of the broad expanse of chest. My tongue would trail and explore the newly exposed skin. He questioned if I wanted anything. He began talking of daily, casual things. I ignored him, loved and savored the unique taste of him. I reached his pants and went for the button, and he talked louder. I stopped and looked up at him. His smile was mischievious.

Two could play. I sat up and took off my pants. Then I twisted the legs on them, reached for his head, and shoved the pants in, tying it around. My makeshift gag worked pretty good, if his muffled confusion was any indication. And his eyes widened at surprise. “You should be felt and not heard,” I stated, before going back to unbuttoning.

I think I heard a “fuck you” behind the gag. He put his phone down. Before I even fully took off his pants, I licked up his shaft and wrapped my mouth around his penis; his hand went to my head and pushed, trying to make me gag on it. I pulled up forcefully, something I don’t do, and went to his nipple and bit it. He yelped. He hated that. And of course, he had to test that if he tried to force my mouth deeper if I would do it again.

Of course I did. But he wouldn’t let me bite his nipple again. As I tried, he yanked my hair and pulled me off of him. He rolled us where he was now covering my body, one hand in my hair, the other taking off the gag.

The gag went around me, my clothes were quickly discarded, and my nipples treated to a bit of abuse. And then my body alternated between pleasure and pain as he started that rhythm that brought me calm in his control.

Arts and Crafts Part of our new impact play has been the creation of new toys by my husband. My house is now littered with projects, the garage has piles of sawdust. It reminds me of a lego minefield that the kids create whenever my husband is home all day on a weekend. I am excited he’s found such an intricate and time consuming hobby that he can be passionate about, and I am the recipient of the creations. But his more sadist side – one I wasn’t even sure existed, is coming to the fore and now I am testing my own threshold for daily pain. We don’t play hard every day, but the new impact toys are certainly making me remember the play sessions, especially every time I sit down.

Part of his experimenting has also been trying to find a chest harness for suspension that works well with me. I’m sure we’ll get this figured out, and we’ll talk to experienced riggers, but the two times he has suspended me I’ve now had bruises wrapped around my chest. It is getting better, and it’s a work in progress. I am vocal, but my biggest issue is I don’t feel any discomfort right away.

His bedroom bondage in general is getting more intricate, and yet at times more simplistic. Some lazy nights, he goes for simpler, and faster ties. I love the impatience to have sex and the lack of waiting. Other nights, he takes his time and creates beautiful ties. I also want a camera on those nights, and relax with the knowledge that it’s going to be a long, lovely scene.

Wee Bit of Drama  After sex and cleaning up, I informed him that I was bleeding. This is not uncommon, so neither of us care much, he’s a bit too big for me. Still, it’s not a daily occurence. He muttered a sleepy apology, already falling asleep. I rolled up against his back, pressed my chest into his warm body, threw one arm over as much as I could, played with his ring on his finger. I didn’t want  him to sleep yet. “It’s probably because it’s been awhile since we had sex,” I clarified, waited. He didn’t stir. I poked a bit more, “after all, it’s been ages.”

If a smile can be heard, I believe I did. “Yep, ages. Years, even.”

“I know!” I wailed.

He chuckled, “I love you.”

Okay, so I was being a wee bit dramatic, but two days felt like forever for me, and I needed to remind him that I feel that way so hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

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