Sep 242016

This was taken over a year ago. I miss playing with wax with some great people. blog1

Sinful Sunday

  13 Responses to “Butterfly Wax”

  1. So pretty! I bet that was immensely satisfying. I’m craving that little burn from the wax now. Xx

  2. So glad you posted this one! Very evocative image! ~C

  3. That’s interesting. The only time I was involved with wax was by accident. Candles too close when a massage got out of hand.

  4. This is so cool – do you just burn regular candles down and use the candle wax?

    • Yes, or you can take a low temp wax and put it in a crockpot with coloring and then spoon the color onto the skin (which ends up being more or the background colors).
      I always take white wax (burns lowers) and create a background, then etch some borders and patterns in the wax that I want, then put the colors on top.

  5. I love wax play too…. it is not something you can just do though, takes some planning which I think it is time to do.


  6. Ooohh . . . I’ve never done wax . . . but it’s always interested in me and this has got me going again!

    Xxx – K

  7. I do love the feel of wax and the designs are so beautiful aren’t they!

  8. My goodness, this has made me think and perhaps venture into a little play myself. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is beautiful! Xx

  10. It’s been years since I played with wax! Beautiful designs you have there, my friend! xx

  11. Lovely! I’ve never tried wax play, but I can see how it would be really nice.

  12. It’s been forever since I’ve done wax play! I miss it. What terrific colors.

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