Dec 112013

I’d already gotten the message he sent… I was to have 3 toys on the bed and be waiting naked for his call at home. If I wasn’t punctual I knew he’d make me beg. Half the time he’d make me beg anyway. Work of course doesn’t excuse me. By the time I got home I had 3 messages. I was definitely going to have to plead. I wasn’t even sure if he’d answer now.

“And how is my beautiful little slut doing?” he asked as I finally connected with him.

My breath came in a rush hearing his voice on the other end. This was the man who turned me on with a syllable, and orgasm with a whisper. We’b been fucking each other via phone for a long time now so even just the sound of his voice could get me wet, after all, I knew what was coming. If we could swing it, for up to an hour of fulfillment and orgasms. I’d never be able to meet this man in person, but he was master over me despite the distance.

He asked if I had followed directions, and of course I had, I was as eager as a school girl. He could tell whenever I was overly excited, like now. He instructed me to circle with my fingers on my clit for 3 seconds, then stop. Skim my fingers across silky thighs as he instructed me to spread my legs and display myself for his pleasure, telling me how much he liked the view. Our sessions are always a combination of fantasies, fulfilling needs for both.

I love to hear his breath quicken and he loves to hear me moan. Holding back is not allowed. Knowing he is at work is just an extra detail to get my blood flowing, I love the thought of the risk for him. After teasing myself with butterfly caresses across my breast and teasing seconds on my clit, I was starting to squirm. I wanted to use a toy but I knew better than to do so before being allowed to. This was my punishment. 20 seconds this time on my clit and my body is pulsing for more than a tease. Still the command has not come and I wait breathlessly until I can’t stand it much longer.

Honeyed tones answered my pleading ones as I ask permission to use a toy; I’m dying for some pressure. His voice is commanding as he instructs me; I follow them knowing that I will be punished if I don’t, and I really want the orgasm that I can feel coming on. He instructs me to insert my toy, and because he in such a generous mood, I can use my anal toy as well. A photo is the cost of this generosity, to be delivered after our session. My moans are broken now as I finally get pushed to the pinnacle and the “please” escapes my lips in a strangled whisper.

Dead silence follows for the eternity of a moment until, finally, mercy “Yes, you may cum”. I’m flooded with release and my body is shaking. I can hear his answering moans and I know he coming right along with me. We wilt, feeling the tension leaving and savoring the sensations. He doesn’t have much time, and so our session is cut short but as always we both find fulfillment. We take a moment to calm skipping heartbeats and enjoy the release we both found before goodbyes are issued. He says perhaps if I am punctual next time he’ll give me the other two orgasms he was planning on giving me today, however now I was instructed to wait for his allowance of them. I hang up and get ready to go to work myself, already looking forward to another phone message.
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  6 Responses to “Call me, maybe”

  1. A very hot session and wonderful write.

  2. mmm I wonder how hot it will be if you are punctual 😉

    Rebel xox

  3. That was delightfully hot to read! I don’t have phone sessions very often any more – but a lot of skype/jitsi which is extremely arousing indeed. Distance, that voice in the ear, the tease, the messages … mmm 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. Very hot…seems phone sex is not a lost art after all.


  5. I’ve never understood the allure of phone sex…well, until now. 😉

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