Jan 282015

Sigh. Another toss, another turn. The bed was not my friend tonight, and frankly, neither was my head. Insomnia being my constant companion was wearing on me. I was irritable, tired, and worn thin.

I felt his hand slide across the cool sheets, reaching for me. My insomnia was now becoming his companion too. He caressed my hip and rolled me over. In the dim glow from the clock I saw his eyes searching my face, seeing my angst. He kissed my forehead and then got out of bed. I watched as he headed towards our toy chest. My interest peaked.

My lover returned to our bed with restraints in hand… that and the paddle.

He removed the blankets that were shielding my naked body from him and gently nipped at the round globe of one of my buttocks. His hands slid up my body and he secured my hands in the leather cuffs. He attached the cuffs to one of the hard points I had installed on my bed for play. Stretched out across the bed on my stomach, my heart beat an extra rhythm.

“Clearly counting sheep isn’t working for you tonight, my love. So, in an effort to get you to sleep, instead we’ll see how counting strikes works.”

I was wholly on board with this plan. I loved spankings, I loved that paddle, and I loved the way he worked my body. His hands smoothed over the skin of my ass and I felt the light sting of his palm delivering the first blow. I can’t cold start with impact, I need to be warmed up. The blood needs to rise with my desire and then I am putty in his hands. I was lost in thought when suddenly the smack of wood meeting rump reverberated through the room.


The counting had started. I squirmed and jerked and suddenly sighed. I needed this release. My lover continued his administrations and never once admonished me about the disobedience of my not keeping count. I was lost in the sensation and the pleasure he delivered with each blow. I can’t tell you how much time passed before I was suddenly tired as a kitten, floating in my own special space. Suddenly the sound of the paddle ceased and I felt my lover place a gentle kiss on each cheek he had brought to glowing color.

He eased back into bed and pulled me into his arms as he released my hands from their binds. As we were drifting to sleep he chuckled at my barely audible “sheep are overrated”.

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  5 Responses to “Care to Count”

  1. You got a little more than my attention with this one. Truly sexy and wonderful food for my dirty mind!

  2. Counting strikes. I love it – although I admit that this would wake me up more than put me to sleep 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. I’m with Dee – I have a feeling I’d be wide awake after!

  4. What a fantastic insomnia cure! Sir never notices when I’m tossing and turning or pacing up and down all night because when his head hits the pillow he’s gone, perhaps I need to learn to wake him up and put a paddle in his hands!

  5. I am totally with you, sheep are overrated and a good spanking will nearly always lead to a good sleep for me


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