Jan 032016

I made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.

Here’s where I stand on 1-1-16:

Starting Date: May 11, 2015/End Date: February 5, 2018

Goals completed: 21/Goals failed: none yet

What have I accomplished for the blog?

Participated in 2 new memes – including Masturbation Monday ; written for Oleander Plume’s Writing Prompt and  Charlie in the Pool’s Summer Playlist Competition. Blogged chronologically on a concept and about someone other than my husband. I did a Scavenger Hunt photo. For numbers on the blog: I got to average views of 300 per day, far more than 900 views on a single day, and over a total of 3,000 comments.

What have I accomplished sexually and broadening my horizons? 

I’ve experienced over three new sexual things and have had a new sexual partner (write up coming soon). I’ve attended over 5 new BDSM events, had new play partners, and gotten out of my own comfort zones over three times. I own and have worn garters (they’re lovely and my husband picked them out and then fully appreciated them on me). I’ve tried reverse cowgirl with him again and still don’t like it.

What have I accomplished in writing?

Nothing really. So here’s what I’m going to do: my New Year’s Resolution is to make this more of a commitment. I need to sit down and write for the sake of being published and less for the blog.

What about my self-improvement?

A bit of a slacker on this one too, though I have accomplished taking a naked photo outside, been credit card debt free, and logged my food for an entire month. My New Year’s Resolution is to make myself and my well-being far more of a priority, as I almost feel like I’m heading more towards self-destruction in not taking care of myself right now. I know that when I am stressed, as I have been the past few months, I get into a horrible downward spiral of eating unhealthily and not exercising. I numb myself on more TV, take less baths, drink a bit more, stop reading for relaxation, and don’t get out and socialize as much. I also create a bit of chaos to distract myself from real issues.

So my focus towards these goals and where I want to be:

Work more towards being published – make the time and commitment, get less out of fear and more passionate about this dream.

I want to start out the year with a yoga focused relaxation – this will help motivate me to become more physically in shape, not to mention allow me to become a stronger rope bottom. I have an excellent friend or two who I may be able to work out with as well, and get me less isolated in loneliness.

Baths and reading for pleasure need to become more of a thing for me.

I need to have a healthier outlook towards food – not resent cooking it, and not looking at it as the enemy or a comforting balm. It’s food and it’s important, but it shouldn’t be such an intense experience in any one way.
Wicked Wednesday

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May 152015

Reading the Wicked Wednesday prompt has inspired me to tackle the hardest list I’ve ever seen: 101 Things to do in 1001 Days.

Starting Date: May 11, 2015

End Date: February 5, 2018

Goals completed: 33

Goals failed: 2

*progress updated: January 3, 2017


1. 75 total TMI Tuesdays (66/75)

2. 500 total pictures (thank you Sinful Sunday) (365/500)

3. Learn 15 new photo editing techniques (7/15)

4. 150 total Wicked Wednesdays (163/150) Done 1/3/17

5. In Elust a total of 60 times (53/60)

6. Participate in a monthly meme that requires daily posts (Done A to Z Challenge)

7. Participate in 2 new memes (2/2) (Done)

8. Write erotica from Oleander Plume’s Writing Prompt – Done! 5/21/15

9. Write a list of ten things about his orgasm (inspiration Molly)

10. Write a list of ten things about my orgasm (inspiration Molly)

11. Write a list of ten weird ways I’ve orgasmed

12. Write a list of ten reasons why I write erotica (inspiration Through the Smoky Looking Glass)

13. Write ABCs and 123s (inspired by Stella Kink) done 1/13/17

14. Write 5 more fairy tale stories (0/5)

15. Write 5 mythology stories (0/5)

16. Write 5 sex fail stories 5/5 Done 1/3/17

17. Average views to 300 per day Done

18. Get to 900 views on a single day: Done! Views: 1,169 5/15/15 (All time since:2,316)

19. Reach 500,000 total views: currently Done!

20. Total 3,000 comments  Done 

21. Reach 1500 twitter followers Done 4-29-16

22. Find/support/refer 10 new bloggers Done 5-1-16

23. Meet ten bloggers/writers/readers in person (6/10)

24. Read and review 3 books (1/3)

25. Write a letter to my younger self with loving patience (inspired by Malin James)

26. Write a post for Charlie in the Pool’s Summer Playlist Competition (done 5-5-15)

27. Participate in Masturbation Monday meme (done)

28. Blog chronologically on a concept (Done 10-29)

29. Blog about someone other than my husband (done)

30. 30 days of Kink (in progress)

31. Scavenger Hunt photo (done)






35. Submit at least ten pieces to published (3/10)

36. At least two pieces published (2/2) Done 1/3/17

37. Write once a week for the sole purpose of published writing

38. Complete the 50 questions that will free your mind

39. Write up how husband and I were in the beginning and some changes I’ve noticed

40. Come up with 10 more blogging goals (7/10)

41. Come up with 3 more writing goals (0/3)

42. Come up with 5 more sexual goals (2/5)

43. Come up with 10 more self improvement goals (0/10)





Sexual Adventures:

47. Experience 3 new sexual things (3/3) (done)

48. Attend 5 new BDSM events (5/5) (done)

49. Experience a new partner or come to peace that I won’t (done)

50. Get out of my comfort zone 3 times (3/3) (done)

51.  Wear a corset again Done 1/3/17

52. Wear lingerie 10 times (8/10)

53. Own and wear garters (done)

54. Be suspended by 10 new people (5/10)

55. Have sex twice a day for a solid fourteen days Done April 2016

56. Go to a Burlesque Show

57. Try Reverse Cowgirl again (done 6-1-15)

58. Scene: tied, with legs spread, to a chair (done)

59. Scene: with someone new (done June 2015)





Self Improvement:

63. Read 50 books (24/50)

64. Finish “The Ethical Slut” and return it

65. Keep myself on a domestic schedule for eight solid weeks

66. Do yoga at least three times a week for a total of 50 weeks (0/50)

67. Complete another weight training series

68. Cycle up to 30 miles at a steady pace

69. Exercise 3 times weekly for a total of 50 weeks (8/50)

70. Lose 15 lbs

71. Take a naked photo outside (done 9-12-15)

72. Take 30 long baths (21/30)

73. Say no to overeating 50 days that I am stressed (10/50)

74. Say no to retail therapy 20 times (8/20)

75. Get two massages (0/2)

76. Go to Las Vegas Done 1/3/17

77. Go to DisneyWorld

78. Go skydiving or take hot air balloon ride

79. Go to Washington DC

80. Go to the Outer Banks

81. Go to Oregon

82. Go to a different country Done 1/3/17

83. Take a honeymoon (divorced so no longer applicable – failed!)

84. Travel with just husband 4 times (divorced so no longer applicable – failed!)

85. Either create 3 new scrapbooks or get rid of all my stuff Got rid of my stuff 2/2016

86. Organize my menus

87. Try 30 new recipes (10/30)

88. Cook/prep for the whole week 30 times (0/30)

89. Pay off 2 credit cards (2/2) (done 8/15/15)

90. Successfully log my food for an entire month (done 8/15/15)

91. Have my lover take photos of a part of my body that I hate (inspired by Exposing40)










101. Write up a list of 101 things I want to accomplish! – DONE! So hard to do!