Oct 182016

*This was written by Atargatis. When I saw the mermaid prompt, I realized I had a gifted mermaid friend who was also an amazing writer, and asked if she was interested. I think this is an amazing story.

By 19, I’d had no serious suitors, had never even kissed a boy. My only experiences were “practicing” with girl friends in the dead of the night. I’d given up hope of finding a woman willing to be different in our small town, willing to run away with me. So I found solace in wandering the cliffs by the sea. It was one overcast day that I heard singing from the rocky shore below. I carefully lowered myself down to the rocks.

Her long, pale green hair hung in gentle waves upon her breasts. Her skin was pale and seemed to glow with light reflected off the water. Her lips were plump and the pale pink of the inside of a shell, and they matched perfectly the soft nipple peeking through her hair. Her breasts were larger than my own, and round and perfect. Her slim waist flowed into the swell of her hips, and it was there the scales began. They were darker than her hair, and gleamed like fish scales. They ended in a paddle like tail that trailed in the water.

She was the source of the music. Her voice was high and light, and she idly combed her hair.

I climbed over the rocks to get closer, trying to keep quiet so I didn’t startle her. My heart was thumping in my chest and my stomach swirled with nerves and arousal at the sight of her. I was about five feet away when a stone turned under my foot and she turned to face me.

Her eyes were large and black in her delicate face. Her perfect mouth formed an ‘O’ of surprise.

“I didn’t mean to scare you.”

She lowered the comb and smiled at me. “Usually men are drawn to my song. You must be a special woman.” I blushed and her smile widened, revealing pearl-white teeth. “Would you like a kiss?”

I nodded and beckoned me toward her with one long-fingered hair. Her lips met mine and they were warm and smooth and tasted like saltwater taffy. Her hand rose to my cheek, slid back to cradle my neck and deepen the kiss, her tongue stroking skillfully against mine. When we parted, her cheeks were flushed as pink as her lips. “Let’s go somewhere.”

She took my palm in hers and rose to feet that had replaced the tail. She guided me behind her as she easily strode over the rocks, leading me up the cliff once more and to a ruin. I followed her in a dreamlike state, taking in her long, bare legs and firm, round ass. As we crossed the threshold into the crumbling building, she turned toward me once again and let go of my hand. Our lips met and I wound my hands in her soft hair, traipsed them down over her delicate shoulders, running down her ribs and settling just under her full breasts. The heat of them beat down on the back of my hands.

We lowered to our knees and she gently pushed me down onto my back, pulling out of the kiss to lift my shirt as we readjusted. “You’re beautiful,” she murmured before taking one of my nipples into her mouth.

Her body was now flush against mine, a leg sliding between mine and working my skirt up. I cried out and held onto her shoulders as she nibbled, kissed, sucked, licked my breasts, my eyes shut tight. It took a moment for me to register that she’d stopped. She was holding herself over me and staring down with those large back eyes.

“I have never lain with a woman,” she admit. “I am not certain how it works.”

So I guided her down to her back to replace me, and laid my palms against her perfect breasts, returning the kisses she’d laid on mine. And my kisses continued down to her navel, where I gently licked, and down to her rounded hips, which I nibbled. The sounds each of my attentions evoked was more erotic than all my fantasies. Her moans were soft and breathy, and her scent when I reached the cleft between her legs smelled musky and feminine.

The curls were darker than her hair above, almost a murky green, strange. I laid a hesitant kiss atop them. She was on her elbows now, gazing down at me, her dark eyes hooded. I slid my hands between her thighs and parted them, groaning at the wetness between them. Her head tipped back as I brought my fingers to tease her entrance. Finally, I lowered my mouth to the nub right between her lower lips, and sucked.

As my fingers entered her and began gently pumping her core in time with the licking and sucking of my time, her moans grew into frantic cries. One hand caught tendrils of my hair while her other twisted a pink nipple. Her hips ground against my face and I felt as though I was riding a wave as she came, more juice flooding between her thighs.

As she caught her heaving breath, she laughed, palmed my cheeks to guide me to her mouth, and kissed me again. And then she rolled me over with a mischievous grin, easing down my body.

The rest of the night was a sticky, sweaty, beautiful mess of breasts and fingers and tongues. I fell asleep on her soft chest while she stroked my hair.

And I woke at first light, cold and alone.
Wicked Wednesday

Dec 262015
Sinful Sunday

Photo taken of one of my friends by another friend, Atargatis.





With Christmas lights coming down and the New Year’s sparkles going up, it’s fun to just enjoy playing in the moment.

A very sexy cat I happen to know reminds me of this.

Dec 122015

Sinful Sunday

DSC_5261We had this vague concept of wanting to do a dual suspension. We were just throwing out ideas and settled on this.

We envisioned more of yin yang concept since, without discussion, one wore black and one wore white.

It quickly became apparent that it was going to be an intimate suspension. With laughter we began calling it the 69 suspension.

It was further complicated by the ropes trying to twist us away from each other. We curled our faces into each other’s thighs and nudged ourselves back into the center.

It couldn’t have been an easy thing to capture in photographs, but it sure was fun.


Photo by SgtVash

The photographer also climbed up above us and shot this photo straight down.

Dec 012015

Wicked Wednesday This week’s Wicked Wednesday is about tentacles, a recent fascination for me.

This picture is not of me; I took it of one of my friends. She’s been on the blog a few times now, being my partner in crime with wax play and a dual suspension (and the upcoming festive series for Sinful Sunday) and she has a thing for tentacles. When I asked her if I could place my glass tentacle dildo on her and snap a few photos because I thought it went really well, she was gracious enough to agree.blog 3

I have a glass tentacle dildo because it looked intriguing. It feels amazing but it needs to be inserted and moved around cautiously. I don’t actually use it much because soft, cautious, and slow normally won’t induce orgasms for me. It’s still a pretty cool toy.

I have not been interested in tentacle porn, but it is exactly for that reason that the last couple of months I’ve started researching it. I’ve been reading and viewing videos and pictures to see what the appeal of tentacle porn is. I want to challenge my writing on this.

In reading and seeing tentacle porn, not only do I have a better understanding of why this is appealing, there have been some things that turn me on, get me wet, and I have masturbated to. I haven’t written any yet (if I had it would be featured for this writing prompt), mostly because what excites me the most about tentacle porn is non consensual scenes and that is something that I’m not sure would have a big audience, not to mention the addition challenge of writing two topics I haven’t in one story: forced sex with a creature.

I really am hoping once I get enough down time to write a sexy story – writing tentacle sex has been a goal after for awhile.