Jul 282014

As you may know, from my disastrous beginnings so far, I’m the Domme in my 24/7 D/s. That means that unlike my olden days of being a carefree sub, I’m now supposed to be the big bad top. I think I’ve done pretty well so far, but I’m not proof against some teasing.

I’ve been pretty pleased with the glowing red marks I’ve produced, and my art with markings. I even take pictures for bragging rights. I’m in with some pretty heavy players though, and am starting to feel like the kid sister.

“Oh his ass is red? That’s so cute! Where’s the purple though? The varying shades of misery? There’s only a microscopic scratch left the next day? Adorable!”

Grumble. I know it’s just razzing but at one point I felt the need to point out the glaring fact that my boy is new. He has played with an amateur, bedroom only, player before me. That’s it. In fact, during this apparently coddling spank session he even asked me to switch cheeks through gritted teeth. I don’t want to break the toy, I’ve barely gotten it out of the package!

I have fun beating him. I do. The devil of it all is that also, he hasn’t done much to earn that reward yet. As you’ve seen from previous posts, I’m still dealing with a ton of behavior modification that has required very firm handling and has reaped very few rewards for him.

I still haven’t gotten the cattle prod they used for corrections. I know the verbal corrections aren’t working but I definitely don’t jump right to the physical. I don’t even own any punishment toys yet. There’s a lot to buy. It’s like adopting a puppy, a really bratty puppy who enjoys pain so you have to find something other than spankings for negative consequences. Much like that puppy, there’s tons of peripherals to buy and I need to prioritize.

Thank God he hasn’t peed on the carpet yet, although he did flood the bathroom because he didn’t realize the shower curtain needed to be IN the shower to be effective. So excuse me while I go purchase a squirt gun to blast in his face when he derps. Sigh.

Wicked Wednesday

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