Jan 132018

512px-Edouard_Manet_-_Luncheon_on_the_Grass_-_Google_Art_ProjectMidnight at the Oasis has a new meme called “Art Twist” Here is the original image of Luncheon on the Grass. The point of the prompt is to take a new twist on this. So, not knowing anything about art, nor am I even close to being creatively artistic, I read

The presence of a nude woman among clothed men is justified neither by mythological nor allegorical precedents. This, and the contemporary dress, rendered the strange and almost unreal scene obscene in the eyes of the public of the day…He made no transition between the light and dark elements of the picture, abandoning the usual subtle gradations in favour of brutal contrasts, thereby drawing reproaches for his “mania for seeing in blocks”. And the characters seem to fit uncomfortably in the sketchy background of woods from which Manet has deliberately excluded both depth and perspective. – Google Arts and Culture

Here is my take: I went with the naked woman, clothed males. I made them all headless (and some of their bodies are only half duplicated), well, because I am headless. What you are seeing are several military men dressed up for a special event and awaiting orders. I am in rope, because frankly naked women aren’t shocking, but tied up still has a shock value to it. The background I softened to make it more contrasting, and is from one of my many hikes along the Blue Ridge Mountains. I liked this, despite not knowing how to do editing nor photoshop. It’s creepy to me, and possibly the stuff of fantasies.


Sinful Sunday
Jan 052018
Sinful Sunday

I have had three flannels from an ex boyfriend since I was 15. They are cozy, amazing, comforting, large, warm. They are aging and frail by this point, with truly only one fully intact without holes. Still, when I wake up and roll out of bed, I slip into one. Anyone that has seen me in my home has seen me in a flannel (though I’ll also wear them out). I wear flannels so much, they’ve even been seen when I was told to wear my best outfit for a strip dance.  

Dec 292017
Sinful Sunday
I like to play with clothespins with him, most often while I’m teasing him with my mouth, body, hands.

In this particular case, I believe it was more innocent. I clasped the clothespins on his side, straddled his hips, and massaged his back. I made my thighs dug in extra hard at times, hurting my own skin the process of torturing him with the little wooden clamps.

*apparently UK people call this a peg