Dec 012015

Wicked Wednesday This week’s Wicked Wednesday is about tentacles, a recent fascination for me.

This picture is not of me; I took it of one of my friends. She’s been on the blog a few times now, being my partner in crime with wax play and a dual suspension (and the upcoming festive series for Sinful Sunday) and she has a thing for tentacles. When I asked her if I could place my glass tentacle dildo on her and snap a few photos because I thought it went really well, she was gracious enough to 3

I have a glass tentacle dildo because it looked intriguing. It feels amazing but it needs to be inserted and moved around cautiously. I don’t actually use it much because soft, cautious, and slow normally won’t induce orgasms for me. It’s still a pretty cool toy.

I have not been interested in tentacle porn, but it is exactly for that reason that the last couple of months I’ve started researching it. I’ve been reading and viewing videos and pictures to see what the appeal of tentacle porn is. I want to challenge my writing on this.

In reading and seeing tentacle porn, not only do I have a better understanding of why this is appealing, there have been some things that turn me on, get me wet, and I have masturbated to. I haven’t written any yet (if I had it would be featured for this writing prompt), mostly because what excites me the most about tentacle porn is non consensual scenes and that is something that I’m not sure would have a big audience, not to mention the addition challenge of writing two topics I haven’t in one story: forced sex with a creature.

I really am hoping once I get enough down time to write a sexy story – writing tentacle sex has been a goal after for awhile.

Sep 192015

blog1“It’s not very kinky,” a friend said while watching.

“No, perhaps not, though it’s still hot wax and knives at work. What I get out of it is the attention and focus on me, the warmth, and of course the pictures.”

Sinful Sunday
Feb 142015
Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

I thought about covering up and editing my stretch marks (I never have before but I now have an editing program), I thought about not using this photo, but my body tells the story of motherhood’s hips, and I myself am getting sick of seeing perfect bodies. He loves me, and he loves this position so much that when taking a photo of the wax heart he dripped on me, he told me to assume this position. I chose it because despite the imperfections,  my large hips taper to a small waist that in itself reminds me a heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to love and celebrate yourself!

February Photofest 2015
Sinful Sunday

Feb 132015

She came over and rang the bell, unexpectedly, or I would have opened the door. God, she was beautiful. I watch an episode once of How I Met Your Mother where a character, Barney, described the crazy to hot factor and she certainly had that going in her favor. Sure, she was insane, but she was model gorgeous, with dark hair and light eyes (my personal favorite), a killer body, and lush lips. Funny thing was, she didn’t even have to work for it. Whereas, I watched what I ate and went to the gym, this girl could out eat me at any meal, all day long if I could stand her that long (and there weren’t that many occasions) and yet she never touched a gym. A few months in, I decided that based on her personality I had no wish to meet her family – I had no death wish.

Man this chick was all sorts of kinky – at first something that I thought was a plus. She introduced me to a bunch of her kinky friends, and I thought for sure a threesome was somewhere in my future. I was wrong. All I was introduced to was a bunch of boring classes on how to hit someone right and with what implements. Man, I didn’t that lesson – I ain’t about to hit my girl, but if she special requests, how much is there really to it?

______________Chapter Two_________________

Of course, there was that one time that she wanted to wax my back, and I’m not talking the type where hair is removed – I’m not an ape. So I bought wax and thought, hey, it’ll feel like a massage, and I’ll about them. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t pay attention in class and got the wrong type of wax, and then let it boil to melt.

And then my crazy ex says nothing about, just comes into my apartment looking her fine ass self, and dips in a ladle and burnt the hell out of my back. No shit, I still have the scars on the middle of my back. That’s when I jumped up and demanded she get the hell out of my place before I ended up dead from her crazy.

So I was a bit surprised when she showed up a week later, and reminded her of the last time. In the middle of my tirade, her phone rings and the disrespectful bitch picks it up, says a few things, looks at me, and responds to stop being such a paranoid wimp. She picks up her lighter, and I kid you not, lights it and sets it to the tip of her tongue as she listens to the conversation on the other line. She gives me some comment about how pain feels so good as she pulls that sweet pink tongue into her mouth again, and then hangs up the phone without even saying goodbye to the person on the other line.

Now, I am not trying to play around and pretend I am something I am not – I’m just a man. And I was taken in by her seductive technique of flashing that talented tongue, so much so that I lost my train of thought on all the reasons that we should not be together and found myself walking towards her.

My lips were on her faster than I could take a rational breath.


Flash Fiction Friday

Required Phrase – “And then my Crazy Ex…….”
Word Limit – 2 short chapters of 230 each
Forbidden Phrase – Burned
Bonus Words if someone ends up dead.
Extra Credit if you fictionaliz a real world story.

I cannot get the image for this prompt to work, but follow the meme title and you will see this crazy woman in all her sexy glory. 


wax 2

Black lighting and wax fun with his back.

wax 3
February Photofest 2015

I did fictionalize a story as my husband and I just this week bought the wrong kind of wax (we are educated enough, but apparently rushed that day at the store) and bought a wax that was far too high of a melting temperature. So I ended up burning myself, but not badly, because we did check the temperature and did a small test area just to see if dripping from far enough would cool it enough to tolerate (it didn’t). 

Jan 262015

Laying in bed, I rolled over and positioned myself to give him a blow job – a sure signal that I was in the mood and we were having sex. He didn’t complain.

After some time, I traveled up his body, leaving a trail of kisses behind me. I playfully bit his neck, kissed and sucked his sensitive zones there, and shifted to his mouth.

He smiled and turned away. “What makes you think you warrant a kiss?”

I smiled back playfully, my hands gripped the side of his face and I attempted to force his head still for a kiss.


I was suddenly on my back, forcefully thrown off of him and pinned down by a hand around my throat. Okay, so maybe we weren’t being playful.

“Who is in charge?”

“You,” I couldn’t help smiling. That firm voice was one that gets me excited and anticipating what’s to come.

“That’s right. I have another idea for your mouth,” he leaned back briefly to grab some lube and then positioned his cock at my mouth. He slowly inserted it and withdrew, once, twice, and then pushed back to the resistance of my throat. I opened wider, exhaled, opened my throat to try to accommodate more. I didn’t get much more, but some. “So good, you’re getting there,” he stated softly, his finger teased between my lips, plunged in and curled deliciously. I whimpered and arched, so ready to cum already. He stopped and looked at me. “No cumming,” he ordered.

I took a deep breath, nodded, tried to relax with his finger rather than tense against it. He rubbed in ways that I loved, but I kept my eyes opened and focused on his face and didn’t cum. He leaned down beside me, his hand patted and then smacked at my lips as he whispered in my ear, “you can cum when I kiss you. Really kiss you. Not when you force me to, not when my lips graze yours,” his mouth hovered over my lips, stirred from one corner to the other, lips so close that my tongue could easily touch – wanted to touch. He stopped smacking. “You can’t cum until I kiss you,” he repeated, still kept his mouth close to my own, the finger again inserted and rubbed, the palm brushed against sensitively stung skin. He coerced my body to squirt.


“What did you just do?” he sounded disappointed. I was angry at him for forcing an orgasm that I had no control over.

“I came,” I all but wailed.

“Yes you did. What should I do now?”

“Kiss me?” I suggested.

“What are you going to do to be punished?”

I hated being asked to decide my own punishment. It wasn’t fair. Especially since he forced the orgasm. “Head?”

“You won’t like it,” he warned. I loved giving him head. “Understand? It’s a punishment,” he picked me up like a rag doll and flung me to the side of the bed, a hand in my hair with my head over the side before I could get my bearings. I opened my mouth to receive him and he thrusted in, deeply, not giving me time to adjust. Tears sprang to my eyes unbidden and I tried to take more of him, to relax around him. He withdrew and pushed right back in, hit the back and kept pushing patiently. My hand slapped at his thigh, I couldn’t breathe. When he withdrew, I coughed.

“No cumming,” he reminded me and pushed me into the center of the bed. He entered my body, and I took calming breaths, kept my eyes on him, tried not to cum. He positioned himself up to rub a place that is amazing to me. I struggled to relax.

“Please, let me cum,” I begged. I touched his face softly, my hands roamed his body and went back to his face, occasionally tried to pull him closer to my face. “Please kiss me.”

“Oh you can cum,” he said, “whenever you want. And if you keep putting your hands on my face to insist on a kiss, I will put hands on your face.” I withdrew my hands, kept them to his shoulders. With him fully in control, my brain stopped thinking and I just felt what was going on.

Then, he positioned pillows under my hips and the head rubbed up against the roof of my body. I tried, but this time to no avail. I tensed and arched and orgasmed, didn’t even try to hide something he could feel around him, and moaned. He let me calm down, increased the tempo until I almost came again…almost. He edged me four or five times, it felt easily like twenty times. I thought he was being extreme. He withdrew.

“And now what’s it to be?” He flipped me over, reached for some rope and tied my wrists to the bedpost, stretched me slanted across the bed. “Come on, decide. You came.”

“Anything, please let me cum,” my body trembled from all the edging, from the need for release.

“Should I beat you?” He hand spanked my ass, hard, not building up but already at the level that stung and kept that.

“Yes, please let me cum.” My ass already felt hot and red.

A blindfold was placed on my face. I heard him in the toy chest. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you decide your punishment-”

“Anything,” I panted, desperate.

“You can choose what’s in my left hand or my right. That’s all I’m going to give you.”

I had the choice but no clue what they were. Evil. Wicked. He’s left-handed; an instrument with more precision and force was easier with his left hand. “Right.”

“Okay,” he took a moment, and then his hand was back to spanking. “This isn’t it. This is your warm up.” I tried to remain still and not twist away from his hand. I have no idea if I was successful but suddenly his hand stopped and hot wax poured down the cheek that was already hot and sensitive.

I cried out, jerked, felt wax run towards my sex, froze. That was why he needed a moment and spanked me – for the wax to melt. He poured some more, and it burned against skin recently hit. It was a challenge to remain still; I was vocal about the pain, however.

“We’ll go up a little distance,” he said, and the wax splattered and pooled up my spine. Something cold touched the center of my back and I shuddered from the surprise. More hot wax rained around the cold object. “Stay still if you don’t want to burn yourself,” he warned. I realized that the shockingly cold object was the candle holder laying on the center of my back.

He was seriously testing my will tonight. Staying still was never my strong suit.

He took off the blindfold and I saw him untying my wrists. He picked up the candle and put it on the nightstand. “Come here,” he hand was in my hair as he dragged/motioned me to the headboard. I gripped the top, my breasts against the cool wood, and he entered and pounded into my body. The hand compelled my head to the side, and he kissed me with a crazy passion. When he stopped, I was breathless and already orgasming. The head of his penis crashed into my wall repeatedly, caused both pleasure and pain. I was going to feel it later, but my body welcomed it, I pushed against him as he pushed into me and a tempest dance of a harsh orgasm welled. My screams covered his own sounds of pleasure.

It was the roughest we had ever had sex, I thought.

After, my body unable to even move, my fingers too sore from gripping the headboard to release it, he eased out of me and gently pulled me away, onto the soft mattress and against his body. He curled me up tightly against him, my back on the bed, the top of my head tucked into his chest with his face securely keeping it there, his arms my anchor and blanket, my legs draped over his. He held me, kept me warm, praised me, loved me, cherished me until my trembling ceased and I drifted into a deep slumber.

I needed that.

Wicked Wednesday

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Dec 232014

Hmmmm… as M suggested we compile our Christmas lists this year, I found myself at a bit of a loss. Some of the things that came to mind were silly, while others had a bit more basis in reality.

Being the single sister, I’m sure my list is quite a bit different than M’s.

Let’s start with stuff:

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a we vibe 4 plus. The uses to a single girl going on adventures is vast and naughty. Hey baby, why don’t we go to the movies, and you have the controls in your hands? Then ask after the movie how much of that movie I actually saw!

I’d love to get a rabbit that actually hits my clit without some fancy hand/finger wedging maneuver. I was super excited to get my Vr 11, only to be let down by the armature bit not being ideally positioned.

I’ve been shopping for an anal plug that actually stays where it’s supposed to during sex. My muscles are strong, and shooting a guy in the face with an anal plug, while amusing, isn’t the goal! I need a longer stem with a bigger bulb to stem ratio.

Lingerie. More lingerie. If it’s lace or soft and girly, I want it. It’s a constant shopping desire of mine. Some women like shoes, I like lace.

Now let’s get to the good stuff:

I’d like a date who was open and relaxed and DIDN’T just say everything they think I want to hear… relax dude, I can sniff that stuff out, and while I know it’s part of the dating game, it’s unnecessary. If I’m going to sleep with you, I am. Telling me a bunch of stuff isn’t going to get you farther.

I’d like to move my hot steak of successful orgasms during oral into other sexual acts. I’ve always been a difficult girl to get off, and I’d like to continue my growth to easier orgasms. I think an orgasm while he’s slamming into me from behind would be the most epic thing ever.

This is a repeat goal/wish from last year, but I’d really like to be able to take a bigger dick in the ass. My anal opportunities would open up a lot more. Having a size restriction blows!

I want to find a top for bdsm that I jive well with. It’s been far too long and I enjoy it far too much. I think I’m just extra particular about who I bottom for, it’s been much easier having partners to top.

I want a fire play kit so bad I can taste it. I want to set my toes on fire!

I want a whip. I’m big into impact play and I’ve found the delicious, burning sting of a whip is a sting I enjoy. I’m a thud girl, but some sting hits the spot for me, and this is definitely one.

I think this about sums up the top things I’d moon over for Christmas! I want to wish everyone happy, and naughty holidays, and thank you for making this year an awesome one! XoXoX

M’s Christmas List:

No kids for two weeks, but unfortunately they left us their colds. Still we’ll suck it up and deal with it, here’s what I want for Christmas:

I want to have wax art done on me; I think laying down and feeling the heat of the wax, the focus on the art form on my body, would be incredibly sensual;

I want to have rope wrapped around nipples;

I want to be tied with lights;

I want some long play sessions, where I am mindless.

Some longer term goals:

Longer sessions of pleasure and play, with more consistency;

More connection with my husband during suspensions;

Playing during suspensions;

To become published;

To publicly play;

To continue learning new fetishes/kinks;

When we move (again), to bravely go into the kink communities and meet some wonderful people, like what I’ve done here.

**As a side note, I looked at my wish list last year and was so happy to see so much accomplished!

A very special thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope all your wishes come true! Here’s to a new year with new adventures!

Wicked Wednesday