Oct 072017
Sinful Sunday

  16 Responses to “Close Up Curve”

  1. Not sure. Mouth looks inviting. The piercing not so much

  2. Very good shot – I had to look twice to get it because I was so focusing on the cock…

  3. Awesome. I think piercings are fascinating, and great fn to play with. I miss my nipple ring, and have often considered a genital piercing … though nothing as extreme as a PA.

  4. So many curves in this one that it took me a moment to work out that I also see your (?) mouth! Love this!

    Rebel xox

  5. Hot shot – like the others it took a second to spot your mouth x

  6. Such a clever shot, I love how the piercing seems to fit perfectly over the shape of your lip and is that a rim of lipstick round the head of his cock?


  7. I had to look again to catch the curve of your lips – the other curves are so arresting to the eye!

  8. Oh my. Lovely.

  9. Wow. What an amazing shot!

  10. OMG . . . breathtaking . . . or, breathstopping!

    I want to know who was taking the picture???


    Xxx – K

  11. It took me a minute to figure out because the balls on the barbell are so large… the reflections in the metal are really neat!

  12. Oh my word…this is stunning!

  13. I love close up photos and this one is definitely extra special! Fantastic cock jewellery, I love how it’s curve fits your mouth so perfectly!
    Aurora x

  14. Amazing photo!

    (Though I have to admit that I saw the piercing, and did not envy it.)

    Even so, the colours, clarity and luscious lips make it special!

    Great phpto!

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