Dec 292017
Sinful Sunday
I like to play with clothespins with him, most often while I’m teasing him with my mouth, body, hands.

In this particular case, I believe it was more innocent. I clasped the clothespins on his side, straddled his hips, and massaged his back. I made my thighs dug in extra hard at times, hurting my own skin the process of torturing him with the little wooden clamps.

*apparently UK people call this a peg

  14 Responses to “Clothespin Tease”

  1. These marks look sexy as can be but I must confess I do not know what a clothespin is?

  2. Such delicious indents <3

  3. Sounds deliciously painful.


  4. I love those marks 🙂
    Happy 2018 to you!

    Rebel xox

  5. I love the marks. Is a clothespin like a giant clothes peg? Whatever it is it certainly gives a fair old nip. x

  6. Great image!

    We do call them pegs, yes. This can cause confusion when it comes to pegging. 😛

  7. You have a very interesting relationship with the wicked little things.

  8. Yep, indeed we do, they are clothes pegs not pins…. but they leave the exact same evil little marks


  9. What is with these Britts calling them pegs anyway? I’m not sure you would do any pegging with them.
    Thanks for the fun look, those must be attached with care of course.

  10. Love this. I could imagine that being hot as either the teaser or the teased.

  11. Whatever you call them, they leave great marks, and they can feel pretty torturous for an object so mundane! Happy New Year! xx

  12. Aussies call them pegs too. The joys of improvised instruments of torture! Are they wood or plastic? Does it make any difference? Genuine question.

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