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Curvaceous Dee writes “Doing as I’m Told“, and my response, I found, was going to be too lengthy, so I thought I would expand here.

She discusses coming on command, without arousal, a scene, or buildup. I am unsure if I can do this, though my husband has ordered me to come with very little buildup, so little that I am beginning to believe it would be possible. However, in those rare moments when I obey his command with very little turn on, he was at least making sure I was in the right head space – so the power play dynamics were at work (he is only Dominant in the bedroom or a scene).

Part of this reaction, I believe, began because I willed my body to orgasm when he would command it, because he is not naturally dominant (though nowadays, I wonder…), because any time he stepped into that role I wanted so badly to reinforce (yep, I realize how topping from the bottom this makes me sound) it, how I didn’t want to disappoint him (see? working towards more submissive, people are dynamic), how I wanted him to be proud of me. I wanted him to be confident that I would do my best to obey, I wanted him to know that he truly could control me.

But even with the power dynamics, I don’t believe that I would be capable of this if it wasn’t for conditioning my body to respond for years. Even before we began the power play, we were unknowingly working towards this goal. He used to build me up for a long time, begin verbally painting pictures of how much he desired me and what he was going to do, and then the foreplay would stretch until the merest touch could set me off – so a command telling me to welcome that pleasure that is building and pushing at me was an easy thing to attain.

When he began controlling my orgasms (withdrawing and ordering), I believe it came from being together for so long and the knowing intimately of a partner’s physical cues. I believe that I required touch to get to that point.

Recently, I’m not so sure. The very little arousal, but correct head space, is proving that may not be the case. Perhaps it’s as Dee states, a mental conditioning to respond to another – and like her, I will not respond to just anyone, only my husband. When he tells me to come, I tighten and clench immediately, without thought, to such an extent that pleasure ripples throughout me and I am wet and climaxing – I no longer control it, he does. His voice drops a timber, he always says it clearly and firmly, and he is always watching me for the tell-tale signs that I am obeying.

More often now, I am shocked when he orders this and my body reacts, especially if I am not sexually aroused. But when my eyes open in surprise, his smile of approval now reinforces this reaction.

I wonder if I will get Dee’s “X Man mutant ability” to come on command with a written word even, or a different word that we’ve established beforehand to go in public with. In the past, I would have believed that this is not possible, now it may very well be a (rare, sure) superpower.

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  1. Wow! I’m jealous! I want to be able to do this!

  2. It sounds like conditioning is what’s occurring. Maybe it will become a full-blown mutant power – but regardless, it sounds like you’re both enjoying the process.

    xx Dee

  3. I am not (yet) able to do this, but come close as well in that I don’t always need my pussy to be stimulated to come. Nipple play and his words are often enough.

    I think it’s wonderful that your husband has conditioned you in this manner 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. A couple who I know have got this arrangement that whenever he says one innocent sounding word the woman has an orgasm. On particular occasion he used the trigger word three times in about an hour while we were sat around a table having a drink.
    The first time he made her orgasm this way she was a little embarrassed, but after a little discussion she was more relaxed that we knew. Very few people around us were not even aware what happened.
    We discussed how she was able to come on command. It was all down to a combination of hypnotherapy and conditioning.

  5. I’m getting closer to this. But, like you, there’s that necessary head space thing. It is definitely a “conditioning;” however, so I’m sure, with intention and practice, it could easily be achieved. Guys love that, too, don’t they. Just being able to ask for it and have you do it…a true testament to their power, for sure.

  6. I can come on command with my man. We both worked on it and it has proved to be very useful as we are long distance. Being able to be made to come by his command during a phone call really works. He has, of course, enjoyed making me do it in pubs etc as well. I think the fact that I can orgasm in different ways from different stimulation made it possible to develop it. I love finding out that others can too.

  7. I can’t ever image my body doing this. I need clit stimulation to orgasm, I have never had an orgasm without it, and I don’t think my body works that way…. or it is too ingrained in my body to work that way


  8. It’s only happened with one person the summer before I met Jolynn. He wouldn’t see me for a month, so that all wore off, and I broke it off since he wanted to do things I did not.

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