Sep 132013

A continuation from when we awkwardly all got in the bed and still didn’t know the boundaries, with the exception of “no sex” from my lover. A new element in our relationship, and afterwards I was curious about the men’s perspectives.

***Cammies: Lover and I mostly made out with friend beside us,  who occasionally stroked my skin or reached out to touch lover for just an instance. He would kiss the side of my neck. Lover fingered me to squirt multiple times, my screams becoming louder with each orgasm. He pulled me up to whisper, “would you give him head?” and I nodded. “I thought you would. I’m going to fuck you doggy style.”

I rotated with my head near friend’s hip and ass up in the air. Lover entered me and I stroked friend’s penis and sucked the tip into my mouth. Opening up my mouth wider, I slid my lips as far as I could get. I could have taken more of him, but he had a piercing that I was unaccustomed to. The jewelry was not soft on the back of my mouth.

Lover began pounding into me, spanking my ass hard at times, and my moans surrounded friend’s shaft. His jewelry hit the back of mouth and rotated at times to my teeth. I was a bit concerned at continuing to perform oral on him with it in, but so swept up into another orgasm I just sucked and screamed around him.

…And apparently dug my nails into his thighs, which he had to stop me after a bit due to the pain. I was unaware that I was even doing that, so focused on my mouth around him and lover’s hard cock inside of me.

***Lover: While making out with her, I was curious what he was doing, and his involvement. Occasionally, I’d look over to check and make sure he was taking care of her. I continued just pleasing her like I always do; I needed to have sex.

Making sure she was okay with giving him head, I positioned myself behind her. He hadn’t had much involvement yet, and it had been awhile since he had any action. She was already so into the experience.

***Friend: Feeling more comfortable about our situation, the other man became more involved, first playing with her by penetrating his hands deep inside, seeming to make her gush her savory liquid all over his hands, while she simultaneously screamed at him to never stop. With every passing second I envied his hands, wishing they were mine, or even better having my face lick her candy-like fluid. Just as the thought went through my brain, he swooped his tongue deep into her lap. With her indulging in many orgasms, I moved my lips to her delicate, supple breasts, slowly sucking softly on her nipple while running my fingers through her hair.

It was apparent he wanted more pleasure as he spun her to the side and began to penetrate deep inside her with his engorged penis. Turned around, she looked at me, digging her fingers into my chest, sensing that pain was turning me on to the movement of her nails. Almost instantly, it felt as if it was just her and myself in bed together; she nimbly sucked and used her ivory teeth on the very tips of my firm nipples. The pleasure with every nibble made my cock pulsate wanting more. Again it felt as if they were reading my mind, because at the idea of her delightful mouth being around my throbbing shaft, she moved her head down to my privates. I was left in awe and wonder with the pleasure she could produce, with the motions of her tongue and lips. I have never been had that much pleasure without cumming in my life; I had wished it would have gone on forever (or at least a few hours). Sadly and excitedly, the moment change.

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