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A continuation of three perspectives of a threesome

***Friend: We found ourselves all laying next to each other – with a guy on each side of her. We were able to both fondle and induce pleasure on her at the same time, with each of us ever so intently sucking on each one of her bountiful boobs. I knew at the same time we were doing this that it was not enough, therefore my hand founds its way first to her bristle patch, feeling all the curls in between my fingers. Not being able to contain myself, I started to play with her outer pussy lips, slowly at first, slipping them into her so I could feel the warmth, moistness on my fingers. I continued to move them around faster and without warning, drove my fingers inside, feeling every inch inside of her. Almost instantly she began to vocally insist to keep going, her urging me to move in and out even faster; as I increased speed, so did the intensity of her voice until she erupted with an overwhelming pleasure to cum all over my fingers.


***Cammies: Back in between them, lover again fingered me to orgasm. They both took on a nipple and sucked hard, bruising them both, and seeing/feeling two mouths on me was so hot. I was rolled onto my side facing friend, while they both took turns smacking an already red ass cheek. Lover grabbed the candle again, and the searing heat melted into the crimson marks on that oh-so-sensitive flesh.

Lover fingered me again, my juices soaking the bed, and my nails again digging into friend’s skin on his chest. I joked that that was why I was facing friend, so that lover didn’t get scratched up, and lover joked that this was true, a “better you than me”.

Laying again on my back between them, being stroked and touched and teased for the longest of times, I had so many orgasms that I finally begged off.

“But what can I do for you?” I asked friend, who hadn’t been pleased yet. Lover seemed surprised he hadn’t.

“Well I have condoms, but I don’t want to cross any boundaries. I’m okay now, just being a part of this.”

But I wanted to please, and for a moment I was sad that we couldn’t have intercourse, as that would be the most pleasurable and something I believed he wanted too.  But I was ever-conscious of lover’s feelings and wishes. “I can give you head,” I offered, and after a few minutes, positioned myself to wrap my mouth around him.

Lover moved in between my legs and licked, rimmed, fingered me to several more orgasms. Again, nail pain distracted friend from pleasure. The piercing wasn’t working for my mouth a second time, and I was too sensitive for more pleasurable sensations that lover was intent on bringing me.

I stopped, complained, moved up and kissed friend’s nipples – also pierced. He started stroking his own dick, and I let my hands roam his body as I sucked hard on the small nubs, my tongue flicking the tips, and the balls of the piercing. His noises clued me when he was cumming, and he was far more vocal than most males I’d been with.


***Lover: When it was all said and done with her, I expected her to make sure we were all taken care of. She makes sure of quality. When he said he said he had condoms, I knew where he was coming from. When someone doesn’t prepare for something, nothing happens. It’s always good to be prepared. But we hadn’t discussed this; and I still didn’t know where she was coming from. She offered more oral sex.

With her so sensitive, I love playing with her, and it’s hard to leave her alone. It also gave me something to do. She grinded into my fingers, with me inserting one into her ass. I could hear her excitement.

She stopped and complained that she was too sensitive, that he was taking too long, and moved up. I stroked her back for a bit, then couldn’t help myself and moved lower on her again.

His noises clued me in that we were done. And for a long time we just talked and relaxed. Eventually, I wanted more and grabbed the back of her hair and pushed her mouth onto my cock, and she sucked. It felt good, but I had already cum, so I wasn’t going to again. I was still aware that he was messing around with her, after all, why wouldn’t he?

We eventually all fell asleep together, and I thought that was a great way to end the night.


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