Nov 192016
Sinful Sunday

Rope, photo, and foot by TK

  11 Responses to “Current Mood”

  1. wow what wonderful roping but also what a powerful image

  2. Something about the pose and coloring of this photo make me think of a PSA. Were his feet cold? That’s a special kind of torture!

    • Ack – posted that without reading the post title!!! Foot inserted squarely in mouth. In all seriousness, I know you’ve experienced a lot of heartache this year… definitely too much for one person. I hope you are starting to heal a little bit and finding the support you need. <3 <3 <3

  3. I guess the tones say it all really. It has been a tough year that is for sure


  4. I’m not sure i have ever seen you tied with your hands in front before. It makes for a nice change.

  5. I love this. It taps into my feelings.

  6. I look at this and where it is a lovely image with beautiful rope work, I want to pull you closer, put my arms around you and just hold you. I wish I could do that…

    Rebel xox

  7. I know this feeling. Many hearts and chocolates for you.

  8. You almost look like you’re hugging yourself. You deserve a lot of hugs after this year. Xx

  9. The blue tint really adds to depth and feeling to your photo. I so admire all your rope photos.

  10. This says so much. You’ve had an awful year and I know those words don’t really cover how awful it’s been. I’m glad you’re still taking what you need though.

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