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He shoved me up against the wall, hand to my throat. I could barely make out his features in the night. The dark street was devoid of people. Faint music from businesses further on drifted on the night air, but I doubted any sound I made would carry so far.

I slapped his face with all of the strength I could muster. His hand tightened around my neck and he kissed me with almost as much violence as was delivered in my slap. I melted into his grasp and kissed him back with just as much fury. His free hand slid up my skirt and I heard the delicate fabric of my panties rip. I felt them begin to slide down in tatters just as I felt his strong fingers probe for my clit. I knew he could feel my arousal. My eyes rolled back then quickly snapped to focus, glancing around to make sure we were still alone in the dark.

His mouth drifted to the exposed cleavage of my dress, and the bite he delivered caused me to whimper. His fingers were causing my muscles to spasm and grow weak. Another rip sounded in my ear as he decided the part of my breasts exposed was not enough. His tongue flicked against my nipple as he seized his prize. His mouth was hot and wet as he used his teeth to illicit more moans. His hand moved from my neck to my hair as he yanked my head back.

His gaze was intense as he took in the pleasure written all over my face. “Be a good girl, and get on your knees”. The pressure of his grasp in my hair started pulling downwards and I was not proof against the insistence of his hands and the look in his eyes. I dropped to my knees and eagerly began undoing his pants. The tug at my hair increased my arousal and my lips watered in anticipation.

His arousal was just as evident as mine as it throbbed before my eyes. I wrapped my lips around him and heard his breath drawn in. I greedily took in every inch of him, always wanting more. Both hands in my hair now, he started thrusting his hips and I encouraged him in my thoughts. More. I barely felt the hard ground beneath my knees, my every thought focused on him.

He suddenly yanked my hair upwards, his other hand going back to my throat. Again I was thrown against the building, but this time he followed me with his body. My leg wrapped around his hip and my hair was released as he lifted my other. I was now supported between him and the wall as he plunged into me. His mouth came to mine and absorbed my cry. His hips thrust into me with voracious desire, and I squeezed him with my arms and my legs, wanting more. My body was at a fevered pitch as I grew closer to climax. The exposure and risk of our very public coupling only intensifying the pleasure.

I cried out, and dug into his back with my nails, as the release rushed through my body. My muscles relaxed automatically but it didn’t hamper his motions. His breath became ragged in my ear. He dropped my legs forcefully, his hand pressing me down again, and I knew what he wanted. I dropped quickly to my knees again and took him in my mouth. The taste of me mingled with the taste of him as he came in my mouth. He thrust deep to ensure I got every drop of his orgasm.

His hand smoothed down my hair and he whispered “That’s my good girl”. He gently helped me from my knees, kissed my forehead, and tucked me under his arm as we started down the street. Just a couple of young lovers, out for a stroll, because no one saw what happened down that dark street.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Oh, I like this very, very much! I had a remarkably similar fantasy when thinking about this prompt – there’s just something about the idea of a dark street that makes me crave dirty, gritty sex … Love the mention of the hard ground beneath your/the narrator’s knees – for this location is all about texture and sensation, fucking the street as much as your partner. Jane xxx

  2. Dirty sex on a dark street. Not sex for love, but sex for the sex. You have described it beautifully!

    Rebel xox

  3. Jeebus. I probably shouldn’t have read that while sitting in Starbucks. Damn that was hot!

  4. Sadly i didn’t get time to write my alley way story for this week but I will…. it has some strong similarities to this but I came away wearing a bit more than I started with *grins


  5. That was pretty sexy 🙂

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