2016-04-14 16Seriously, the first thing that came to my mind on how describe this particular character is hot. The very first words I told him when I met him was that I needed photos of him. He’s incredibly photogenic and takes directions well (which I don’t) so doing an actual photo shoot with him was ridiculously easy.

I’ve known him for awhile and count him among my friends. He’s a hardworking officer in the United States Marine Corps, and deliciously kinky in his free time. A past lover who seems to have a harem of women play partners. He always strikes me as a person up for a good time, adventurous, calm, great sense of humor, and a fantastic listener.

You’ll see him here in photo series, lots of them. The series my own sister, A, took meant to tell one whole story, so feel free to go through them chronologically (though you’ll see the series backwards). However, for blogging purposes, it’s a bit hard to tell the whole story one week at a time, not to mention breaks needed for photo prompts.

You’ll also see him tagged in a few posts, and photos that may include rope, or one that has a belt mark prominently against my cheek. Like I said, we’re friends, and what are friends for?