Aug 192017
Sinful Sunday

We were playing board games and a play partner mentioned his belt. He promptly took it off and smacked her, then she encouraged me to go next. It was my first time being hit with a belt.

  18 Responses to “David’s Belt”

  1. One of my favourite activities. Did you enjoy it?

  2. Nice marks. Something special about the impact of the belt.

  3. I see the belt made quite the impression!

  4. Great marks for your memory. I love my man’s belt…

  5. Oh I love belts! Beautiful mark, I hope it lasts for you.

  6. Ouch – I bet it was fun though x

  7. And since everyone else has mentioned the marks… nice butt!

  8. Oooooh I LOVE being hit with belts!!! It just seems so natural; you don’t need any special store-bought toys, and the sound of a belt snapping is enough to make me swell. Hope you enjoyed it – the marks look great!

  9. As I think I tweeted, the act of removing the belt to create the anticipation as much as the satisfying sting of the slap of the belt itself… Delicious.

  10. I have a true love/hate thing with the belt. I HATE the sensation, it is pain that I can only just manage but the marks it leaves are just the best

  11. I’m a fan of belts . . . just not on me . . . but you wear it well !!!
    Xxx – K

  12. You can’t just stop the story there!!!

  13. Interesting board games evening!!! Xx

  14. The first time I heard the belt being taken from the loops around my Master’s waist as I knelt over the bed waiting for him, I came on the spot. The belt is still my favorite.

  15. Nice marks!

    Rebel xox

  16. I love his belt, the sound of him unbuckling it to that beautiful patterned mark it leaves.

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