Aug 082016

Wicked Wednesday

Chase didn’t want Tracey to go out with her friends one night; they had both been taking turn going out with friends more and more, and he suspected it partly because their relationship felt like it was in a rut – not good or bad, but they had been coasting along  balancing children for awhile now.

“What can I do to keep you here tonight, to change things up a bit? If I can’t offer it, if you want to go, then fine, but I’d like to try.”

She looked surprised at his offer, thought for a few moments, mentioned that if they both stayed home than she wanted less family time  and more adult time. Quietly, leaning in because it seemed hotter, she also whispered suggestions to shake things up. “I want it rough tonight: I want us to play with the candle wax – it’s been so long since we’ve done that. Then let’s have some drinks after the kids go to bed  in the hot tub. Finally, I want to be dominated.” She sucked on the lower part of his earlobe before leaning back and looking into this face.

While smiling, he hesitated, “I don’t know how to do that.”

“You already do it sometimes,” she reassured.

And indeed he did, he was commanding her to keep her hands to herself sometimes, playfully pinning her wrists if she cheekily disobeyed. He was yanking her hair the way she told him she liked way back when they first started dating, at the base of the skull and with a fistful of hair.

The kids Chase immediately distracted with kicking out of the house to play outside, as inside the parents played with wax. He kept mentioning that he didn’t understand the appeal of it – he didn’t like it when Tracey did it to him years ago, and he had been avoiding doing it to her for almost as long, the candles sitting in a drawer she kept with a vibrator, but after she instructed that she needed foreplay to get pleasurably sensitive before dripping it, he realized he did enjoy hearing and seeing her respond in a way that he’d forgotten she would. He made a mental note to use wax more often, felt himself harden with every reaction.

His resistance to the candles with the commentary just couldn’t get her into the right head space at first, but before she called quits to continuing, he fingered her to an orgasm at the same time as dripping the heated wax across her nipples. That’ll do it, she thought, while orgasm slammed into her so hard, and to her surprise he blew out the candle right after,  rushed to pull down his pants, not even bothering to fully undress before thrusting into her body. His enthusiasm, his lack of care of undressing for so meticulous a man, increased her own pleasure as he climaxed rather quickly for him.

They enjoyed some quiet cuddling before going back to being centered on the kids and dinner.

A few hours and drinks later, after kids were in bed, Chase poured her another drink. “I really can’t have any more,” Tracey said, grabbing a towel and a water bottle. He poured himself another and she teased that he shouldn’t have another either – they didn’t drink much and both were already pretty tipsy.

“We’ll be fine,” he insisted as he carried the drinks out and we headed towards the steamy tub. The air kissed their skin as they each stripped slowly, loving how each gaze made them feel so desired, before the heated water enveloped skin and teasingly hid from view. His hands were first to explore the curves and valleys, unhurriedly under the night sky; her smaller hands a bit more assertive and conveying a sense of urgency.

Yet, they talked of future things and dreams, hands drifted and glided towards each other as if by accident, the jets pulsing at their backs, the drinks poured down throats.

Drunk and hot, she crawled out of the hot tub and laid her towel out on the concrete alongside of the in-ground tub, stretched her naked body for his viewing pleasure as she laid down, felt the cool air refresh her overheated skin.

He turned and rested his chin on the side of the concrete, his eyes not leaving  her own as his fingertips danced across her skin, unable to resist.

By the time they made it into the house and the bed, neither of them were sure if sex were possible in their inebriated state, but he claimed he was one determined man and he rolled alongside her on the mattress, kissed and caressed her into a wet mess. “I’m so drunk, I may accidentally finger your ass,” he laughed at himself.

She smiled lovingly at him and rejoined, “Who knows? I may enjoy that with some lube,” but she also knew that he wouldn’t want to try that – even drunk, at least not yet. Maybe when they both sobered, they could explore that, however. She had never thought of it before.

They roughly fuck for hours, a feat neither of them could remember doing since the time when they first began dating, when he proclaimed that he fucked the alcohol right out of his pores. “You know, we’re noisier than we think we are,” he said at one point, his hand covering her mouth.

“Yes,” she groaned as he thrusted into her depths, trying desperately to form a coherent sentence when he uncovered her mouth to add: “so stop fucking me so I can shut up.”She felt unable to be quiet, though knew she wasn’t screaming.

Chase laughed, pulled out of her luscious body but only to flip her onto her stomach, grounded her face into the mattress. “Problem solved,” he declared proudly, but groaned in his own pleasure minutes later.

Tracey laughed at the irony – after all, she wasn’t the only one that was verbal.

Sometimes, she realized, she just enjoy drunken sex and the messy sloppy fun that comes with it. She was determined to make more nights like tonight happen, and not wait for him to initiate prioritizing time together. She was also relieved the next day when they found out they were not as loud as feared – no children were waken during the night.

photo credit: Collage via photopin (license)

photo credit: Collage via photopin (license)

  3 Responses to “Drunken Sex”

  1. I like how they both work at getting the magic back into their relationship again. So many couples forget how they were before the kids and just accept things as they are, ending up being unhappy with each other where once they had wanted nothing else but grow old together. Lovely story.

    Rebel xox

  2. I always find it difficult to “let myself go” if I know there are others at home in the house. And being face down and pushed into the mattress doesn’t help much either . . . wine or no wine!
    Very arousing story!!!
    Xxx – K

  3. Thank goodness for kids free time is all I can say. I am not a big drinker, it just makes me feel ill. A glass of wine now and then is lovely but that is about it for me.


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