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Cupid sucked. That was what she decided. So what if the day before Valentine’s she broke up with all her boyfriends and her girlfriend? She didn’t want the pressure of the sappy, consumer-driven holiday.

Barbara pretty much told Cupid to go to hell when he visited her in a dream. Of course, that was after she could stop gaping at his dreamy figure. He could have been a fashion model, so tall and well built. No wonder he was in charge of love, though she thought lust would have been more appropriate.

“All these years, and you’ve never settled down. If anything you’re getting more wild,” he lectured, pacing the carpet at the end of the bed.

“Mmm, you want to see me wild?” she asked, parting her legs and touching herself. What the hell, it was a dream, and it was Valentine’s day, she deserved a little lust, erm, love.

He rolled his eyes. She felt it rather unfair that if this was her dream, he should have joined her, spearing his shaft into her quiver. She giggled at the words that came to mind.

“You are going back to the eighties and you will stay there until you find a husband-“

“Not a wife?” she interrupted.

“A husband, while you’re still in college, like all the good girls do,” he continued, and poof, he was gone.

She finished masturbating, her body tense and her eyes shut tight during orgasm, and when she opened them, she was in a familiar, but very dated bedroom.

Dammit, she really was back in the past! How dare he! That was less than a week ago, and Barbara found herself exhausted and frustrated from fighting against his decree, from trying to conform and acting like a date was an interview for life, from putting on so much makeup and styling her hair so big again. She never wanted to live out these days again, and yet here she was.

She was devastated and collapsed to the ground, her dress parting. She really didn’t feel like she could continue in this period, and gripped the stupid land line in a hand, trying to think of who to call to get her out of the hell.

FFF Prompt – Devastated

 Key Word:  Devastated
Word Limit:  Short week, low limit, 180 words
Forbidden Word:  Phone, Carpet, Nipple
Extra Words:  20 Extra if her mom or dad finds her or is on the phone.
Extra Credit:  Tell me a story about your worst phone call.


Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past This may very well be the oldest “naughty” photo I have

February Photofest 2015


2008 - before kid 3, a photo I sent while we were separated

2008, 2 kids by then, a photo I sent while we were separated

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  1. A great story, and the 80’s? I loved the 80’s. I had a purple suit, with contrasting buttons, a white man fro, lifted shoes, and a girl friend with the biggest hair 2 cans of hairspray could produce. It was awesome!

    Thanks for joining in, and that picture? DAMN girl, that’s one hot mom.

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