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Kink of the Week and Exhibit Unadorned’s Christmas Erotica Prompt of the song White Christmas both mention semen. So without further ado:

First off, I feel that I need to state that I can no longer get pregnant, so semen does not bring the unwanted worry of a pregnancy. When I was capable of getting pregnant, semen almost seemed the enemy if birth control wasn’t locked down (it always was), and when I did plan to get pregnant, semen seemed like the holy grail of the whole point of the activity (although I still immensely enjoyed myself too). Semen was capable of granting life within me, of mixing and melding to create something beautiful – when it was planned pregnancies. I am grateful that becoming pregnant is no longer a concern, I can embrace semen wholeheartedly with my tested partners.

On a far sexier note: with my husband and I separated, when he shares videos of him masturbating, he always gives me a close up when he cums. I love to see the thick white fluid coating his skin; it always makes my mouth water as well. I keep telling him that just once I want to see it coat the wires of his headphones when we phone/video sex, because the wires are white and they would be mixed with white, and because it would annoy the hell of him but it would happen anyhow because he’d be so lost in the sensations that it would spurt out uncontrolled, and I fucking love the lack of control in that aspect.

I do not like it when a man cums on my skin – it just seems like a large waste to me. I’m not opposed to it as long as it’s not the face, but it’s not something I’m fond of. Watching him masturbate over my body is hot, but I want him inside me when he finds his release.

My mouth is always a welcomed receptacle. I love giving blow jobs, love to wrap lips around his hardness, my mouth creating a sucking sensation and my tongue pressed against and feeling the ridges and texture of his penis. I love when he holds still at the point of climax, his shaft unbelievably hard as it swells, a pulsing inside my mouth, and the salty taste pouring against my tongue or in the back of my throat. I will almost always swallow – if for no other reason than the mess factor, but I do not mind the taste. I know that I have pleased him in a skilled manner – blow jobs are not easy, though they are fantastically fun.

I love when a man cums from sex best of all. I love to feel him rigid and throbbing, push deep and held tight within my body, for him to vocalize in some way that his fluid is gushing and mixing with mine. There is something so deeply intimate about that. I love how his white drops take their time to depart my body, sometimes slowly and unhurriedly – bit by bit, other times a thick puddle, a wet reminder of what transpired; how he marked me.

I don’t necessarily have a semen fetish but I do love when a man finds his pleasure, and the white evidence of that pleasure is a turn on to me.

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  1. I admire the deep intimacy of a satisfying sexual experience~ Definitely the evidence is a pleasure ~

  2. I admire the intimacy of the deeply satisfying sexual relationship ~ There is definitely an evidence of pleasure ~

  3. I never thought of it as a semen fetish, but maybe… it definitely makes it better for me if he cums. And I want to know when he cums, some vocalization, a shout, a groan, a gasp, the words. I love all that.

  4. Enjoyable to read how semen is experienced from another’s perspective. I also know what you mean about the mess of cumming externally but am learning to enjoy it.


  5. One of things I used to enjoy when we were long distance was seeing him cum and I still love that now. There is something really hot to me about seeing his semen spurt out of his cock. I am fascinated and turned on in equal measures.


  6. I almost had to break my rule of not reading anyone else’s post on the topic before writing mine. It was so very tempting.

  7. this is sexy, i love your details of the evidence of pleasure!!!

  8. […] great Cammies on the Floor wrote a post recently about semen as evidence of pleasure, and I share this view entirely. Just as I’ll revisit bruises time and time again, […]

  9. Thank you for writing this post, as it was really neat to read about your perspective when it comes to come. I’m a writer of erotic and romantic fiction, and I steer away from including graphic images of come in the sex scenes. Men may enjoy watching come-shots in porn videos, but my guess is that women don’t follow their excitement. Your post gave me another way of thinking about it.

  10. I just love that moment, that brief lack of control as he’s lost in his pleasure, it’s something I can watch time and time again…so hot!

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