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20130402_130221Kink of the Week is on Asses/Bottoms/Bums. Since blogging, I have experienced spanking for the first time, truly creating a better appreciation for my backside. The first photo with the green lace is the first time he had marked me. I have never liked my ass and only saw it as being good for sitting on until the past couple of years.

My husband, while thinking it’s my worst quality, still caresses, pats, fondles it every chance he gets. He always has. There’s nothing quite as lovely as being pulled in for a kiss, a hand snaking around and grabbing a cheek and pulling me up and against him. iphone 202It’s possessive, intimate, and makes me feel as though he can’t get enough of me.

When he began spanking it, it was soft pats more than spanks. He was afraid of hurting me, and I always whimper at stinging pain. He moved onto smacking my ass hard in throes of my orgasm to temper the pain and pleasure aspect. He didn’t do warm ups well, and still doesn’t often – but now that’s evolved to the power dynamics that we engage in – it’s more of a punishment that my body isn’t ready for impact. He certainly doesn’t mind just smacking me hard on the ass.


20140402_115048I also had a lover who would do a wonderful warm up, who created a rhythm of taps on my skin that lulled my mind elsewhere to help me find subspace; I love rhythmic impact play for this reason. He would work me up to such points that I could take quite a bit of force on my bottom. I used to joke that he should whore himself out to others for spanking services. Oddly enough, it was the sound of his hand connecting to my ass that bothered my husband the most – and eventually began the downturn of trying polyamory.

assEverything seems to be a graduation of sorts, because impact play has moved on from spanking to paddling. My husband and I have a few paddles, our favorite being an incredibly light-weight wood one. It’s a soft wood so doesn’t travel with us much, but occasionally he’s brought it out when we do suspension scenes. While I always wear yoga shorts in a suspension (it helps the pinching of the ropes against the inside of my thighs during transitions), I am tied up, vulnerable, and my butt is rarely protected in rope. I can’t move to protect myself, to move into the sensation if I like it – it’s a strange feeling to so completely at the mercy of another on such a binding physical sense.

Halloween 177 compressThis past weekend while I was upside down in a suspension, he spun me around and began punching my ass as I moved round that direction. He’s punched my ass a few times now, for a quick reminder that he can do what he wants and something to remember him by. It’s never at his full-force, just what I can tolerate and that will leave a longer impression.

He made two impact sticks with baseballs at the ends to drum on my cheeks, sending a muscle deep pain (think charley horse cramp). I feel that impact for days afterwards; fortunately we don’t bring them out often. What’s a shame is that it leaves no marks, but an undeniable feeling of a deep bruise.


A few years ago, at Eroticon, when we learned about the misery stick, that’s also marked my bottom in stripey marks (pictured) and also “M” for a blog picture (pictured on the St Andrews Cross). I may hate that stick, but it certainly does mark immediately.

He’s also been the first to bend me over and thoroughly kiss my backside. There’s something so sensual and intimate about lips and tongue exploring places that are rarely touched. One of his favorite views is when I am chest down, ass up, in a modified yoga’s child’s pose. When I shared a photo in which he tied a wand in this position, I also received a lot of positive feedback on how sexy that was.

child's pose 003So even though I dislike my bum, even though my husband thinks it’s my worst physical attribute, his reaffirmation that he still views it as sexy anyhow and can’t keep his hands off it, and the positive feedback through this blog, I have learned to accept and work through my dislike for this body part.

A new photo to share, however, would have be one of him; he participates in the hunts (as both hunter and prey) and when he is tied to a post, many of the lovely spectators can’t resist beating his ass. While we may agree that my bottom needs work, his is pretty spectacular – even in the rare state of bruised (the only time he allows impact on him is at this event). fet 020




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  1. Your ass rocks!

  2. “The Little Pink Book”

  3. Looks very damn tempting to me.

  4. the rest of you must be spectacular if hour husband thinks your ass is your worst physical attribute. It looks pretty awesome from here!!!

  5. You have a gorgeous bottom, I can’t believe it’s your worst attribute! And how I love to hate that damn misery stick too.

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