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It was freezing but gorgeous. She still thought herself crazy for agreeing to it. She hated the cold, it made her tense up until she felt sore, and yet she had agreed to be naked in it at some point.

She trudged along, behind her partner’s broad and tall back, made even broader by the layers of snow clothes and backpack. She couldn’t help but be slowed by gazing around at the glistening pristinely white scenery, but he was accustomed to her awe at nature and was patient when she fell behind. She could only steal quick peeks at it, however, as the snow covered ground made hiking treacherous with hidden rocks and roots below the fluffy, powdery whiteness. And while she couldn’t see beneath, she tried to follow his flaked swept trail.

She loved it out here; so did he; they hiked in all weather and so she wasn’t overly concerned as she plodded along.  He picked a great day for this excursion, as the snow wasn’t blinding with an overcast sky.

The air felt thin at their high altitude, and she felt sweaty despite the freezing temperature. Right when she felt that her legs would protest too much and call for a break, the tree line thinned at the crest and the backdrop view  of the mountains was breathtaking. There was a large boulder below a bare, gnarly tree ahead of them, and she knew that was where he was planning on doing the photo shoot.

He stopped, pitched their tiny tent for the occasion and placed the sleeping bag inside, and began unloading the rope and photo equipment that was so weighty upon his back. She rotated her own much smaller pack to the ground in front of the tent, crawled into the small opening, took a small sip of water as she didn’t want to pee out in the elements then realized she would be bare anyhow and still deciding she didn’t want to pee. She unloaded the sealed heat packs and  spread them into the corner for easy accessibility when she came down from poses to quickly warm up as he prepared for the next shoot. What was she thinking? she thought as she watched her breath mist in front of her face.

It would be beautiful, and she trusted her partner, she amended. The setting was spectacular, breathtaking already.

“Here, give me your wrists, remove your gloves. We’ll keep on your jacket and pull the rope through when it’s time.” He gave a sheepish smile, as if to apologize for the cold he knew he would be subjecting her to. She did, and watched his concentrated face as he worked the knots around, bending to give a gentle kiss on each palm when he finished. “Keep on your lower garments, but remove your top half, now,” he instructed, and she sucked in an icy breath at the expectation of willingly being cold. She quickly shed her clothes while he assisted the untied portions of rope through her clothing. Her nipples instantly perked up, and he obviously noticed, winked at her. “This’ll be fun, babe,” he promised, and she wondered fun for whom? After quickly tying her torso, he wrapped the sleeping bag around her as they undressed as swiftly as possible her lower half, the rope zinged around itself and whipped her a few times in the momentum.

She realized this whole thing would feel like a race, though she was sure the pictures would come out more serene.

He picked her up and carried her, placed her on the boulder he had brushed clear of snow. He tucked a heating pack under one foot and she felt the warmth, a little too hot to be stepping on, but far too arctic to want to get off of. She shivered as he worked on stretching her wrists above her head on the branch, her skin was covered in goose bumps and prickled from the chill. He had to navigate in his hiking boots in strange positions to balance between the boulder and the tree with rope being thrown, but before she knew it, she was spread out. The foot once on a heating pack was now on tiptoes, the other ankle tied up towards a branch with one wrist above her, another wrist tied to the trunk of the tree. She felt like she looked like a star pointing in all directions, and while it wasn’t windy, her thighs tensed with the cold that penetrated into her normally protected slit.

“Exposed to the elements,” he stated, the clicking of the camera accompanying his words. “That’s what this will be called.” She did feel exposed.

She hoped it would be done soon. Normally flexible, her body felt overly stretched when it fought the cold and she kept trying to think of warm thoughts and being back in the bag with heat packs around her. Of course, she realized, it wouldn’t be for too long as they agreed to take several different scenes.

She was apparently not exposed enough, as  he put down the camera and came at her with more rope. “Real quick,” he promised when she shot him a concerned glance. He quickly tied rope around her waist and between her legs. She was surprised that as it slid between her folds she felt turned on, despite it hurting slightly in his haste and roughness. He parted her lips with the rope, tied tightly to keep it there, and she felt incredibly vulnerable. The ice moved in further, and it stung, and suddenly his lips and breath chased away the chill and replaced it with warmth at her entrance. Suddenly, her body’s focus gravitated towards that warmth and heat seemingly seeped through her torso.

How could she want him in this environment? But she was shocked to discover she did. Her legs screamed with tension, “pictures first,” she said softly, and the ice seeped back as he left her to snap a few more pictures from some intimately close angles.

“When we are done, you will feel the snow on your skin, but we will make it melt with our bodies,” he said, and she couldn’t decide if it was a threat or promise. She clenched her hands around the rope as her body clenched in excitement, regardless of the cold.


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  1. Lovely.

    Your word-pictures are crystal clear, sharply focused, yet suffused with tenderness. I really liked this piece.


  2. Gorgeous play with the hot and cold on this one…


  3. Euch, I hate the cold too, but this scene is just so enticing I can almost picture myself there x

  4. yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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