Sep 192013

FFF Prompt for Sep 20

Granny paused in front of her door, just in case Little Red was already there with her goody basket. She looked down and made sure the front dress buttons were done, reached behind and adjusted her panties. They were still twisted from rushing through the woods once she realized the time.

What a time it was! The woodcutter had looked exceptionally brawny today, with sweat glistening off his brow. The sun caught the few streaks of red in his beard, and glistened off his muscular arms – the flannel sleeves being rolled up. She had brought him a picnic lunch, spread down a blanket before spreading her own legs, the invitation to partake of her body before the meal. With a twinkle in his eye and manly chuckle, he had dropped down between her legs. The fabric of his pants coarse against her skin, but she didn’t complain, not when he was already gathering her in his arms, kissing her with such strength.

It was hours before she remembered her granddaughter was supposed to come over, and scrambled to get dressed, rushing away with the promise of tomorrow. She heard a crash inside as she adjusted her clothes, and slowly pushed open the door…

Word Max = 200

Word Min = 200

Bonus Words – None
Extra Credit – See above
Key Phrase – None – Just tell me a story
Let’s keep it tight folks.
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  8 Responses to “FFF: Granny’s Door”

  1. Granny is a hottie. Good for her. I love the twist on the story, the pic, the woodman, the whole thing works for me. Great Job!

  2. That’s granny?!?!? Wow…I’m thinking about this story in a whole new light. 🙂

    Very creative take. Happy FFF!

  3. Great twist on a Fairy tale, am loving your retellings of classics x

  4. You do love your fairy tales 😉

    Great use of the prompt.

  5. Oh yes… adored this take! Nothing like a twisted tale! Great FFFing with you!

  6. oh cammie…that’s such a delightful take on this picture! I’ve seen a bunch of others but this was the BEST –i love erotic fairy tales.


  7. Freaking loved this! Go granny!

    xx Dee

  8. Ohh I love this version!

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