Mar 302013

This week’s choice for Sinful Sunday was turned into a sexy threesome as Jack and Jill of Frisky in the 916, one of my favorite couples, helped decide which photo made the cut. Thank you for your awesome help and great inspiration!

From Jack and Jill: 
This one may be our favorite, though as stated above, it was really difficult to decide.  This one feels like a modern-day cheesecake type pinup, the sort of image one might find on the cover of an erotica anthology edited by Violet Blue or Rachel Kramer Bussel.  An exquisite shot that combines everything we love about the two previous shots, from the position of your head to the alluring stockings.  Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say it: This one is our favorite.

  27 Responses to “Frisky visitors”

  1. I have to agree, a wonderful shot where pose, clothes, lighting all work together so well.

  2. Lovely lines through the picture, your eye is drawn down her legs.

    And B&W which I adore! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful shot 🙂

  4. We appreciate the opportunity to help you decide. It means a lot to us that you think so highly of our opinion. We can’t imagine you taking a picture that isn’t hot, and we’re glad we were able to narrow it down and pick a favorite. With every new glimpse of you we get, our feelings for you are reaffirmed.

    – Jack

  5. This shot is proof that when great minds conspire, the results can be breathtaking! Gratz all around…


  6. Very nice combination of sexy and classic 🙂

  7. Beautiful indeed, and so sexy 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  8. Such a beautiful image. A brilliant choice and incredibly stunning!

  9. Well chosen and I bet Jack n Jill loved having to ponder your pictures.

    Striking and provocative xx

  10. I agree with Jack and Jill; lovely composition and lighting with a beautiful subject! 🙂

  11. The composition is great. The ’empty’ space above the body adds greatly to the whole.

  12. This is a lovely photo. I love the space in the photo, the huge white at the top and yes indeed, it has a pinup feel to it. Really beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  13. I think they made a brilliant choice, this is beautiful shot. I really like the isolation of it, you appear to be so very alone, waiting, expectant and yet completely relaxed like you know it is all going to be OK.


  14. Looking gorgeous. Love the natural lighting.

    Maggi xxx

  15. Wonderful and noirish.

  16. I love this picture!!!!!! WOW!!
    It is sensitive, sexy and the pose is just perfect. You look stunning!!! The flower in your hair is something special that makes you look so delicate … Wow! xxx

  17. This is SO gorgeous..I love the shadowcasts, I love your delicate head turn, the position of your arms. You look beautiful. I also love the editing. More! 🙂

    Pea ~x~

  18. I love this! And yes, I agree, it looks like to cover of a classy erotica novel.

  19. This is lovely, the light works really well to compliment the image.

  20. The picture is sexy, seductive and not sleazy. Wish you Happy Easter holiday!

  21. Gorgeous, love it!

  22. Very very classy. Love it. xxx Jilly

  23. No argument. Freaking gorgeous!!

    xx Dee

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