Oct 212017
Sinful Sunday

Taken in a public dungeon room, with my ex-husband, this may have been a sight someone could have walked by as I posed suspended with my legs spread in front of a doorway.

  12 Responses to “From the Doorway”

  1. And what a wonderful sight . . . and eye-catching ropework !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Holy Moly… that would be something to see! I agree with K, interesting to see the rope work, the way you are attached to the hook.

  3. Yes love the ropes and the feeling anyone could have seen 😉

  4. I’m fascinated by the rope work – I saw it for the first time at Oz Kink back in September. It looks very aesthetically beautiful. Unfortunately because of years of arts modelling I’m in danger of making my varicous veins worse if I stay in the one position for too long (assuming I found someone to do the work on me), so I don’t know how I’d go with it. I totally get the idea of being exposed like that and I think I’d love to be suspended and then taken…

  5. I can imagine everyone enjoying this view immensely as it is gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  6. Fantastic sight – I love the rope work x

  7. Well that would have been a spectacular view to walk in on! Xx

  8. Beautiful rope work and I am sure anyone passing would enjoy the view


  9. That was, and would have been a wonderful sight to see while walking past.

  10. Oh wow! That rope work is amazing! You would definitely have got my attention!
    Aurora x

  11. Wonderful rope work and suspension! Beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful sight for someone to stumble upon.

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