Feb 282014

Interesting reads for the month of February.

This post made me add a new blog to my reading list. Why we should accept “those kinks”. 

US Court of Appeals ruled on net neutrality recently, and MySexProfessor worries what this may mean for sex education.

As a female, I’ve always been so curious what a man feels like at initial penetration. InnocentLoverBoy describes it.

I certainly like what LoveSexMarriage likes.

The Dirty Romantic wrote something for Wicked Wednesday that had me so going I attacked my husband. Mmm

I’m always making decisions, it’s maddening. I specifically sent this post, from Married Man Sex Life, to my husband so he has some ideas.

Dark, erotic, powerful, the Flash Fiction Friday from WordWytch tugged at me.

Okay, I normally don’t have reflect on photos, but this one is ridiculously amazing! Penny has the best sense of humor, and they both are ridiculously hot, but the third party they invited for the photo and festivities has to be epic!

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  2 Responses to “Frosty February”

  1. Thanks for all these great links. Now I have some great new blogs to follow.

  2. Congrats on your new home- I will be watching you!

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