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Kink of the Week is talking dirty.  But first, a Haiku (Senryu):

I’m on my stomach,

his hand gripped hair, finger in,

friction, no work up.


Rolled over, straddled,

slapped my labia, stinging,

pinched nipples, fingered.


“My fuck hole,” he cooed,

as he had sex with my throat,

he found a limit.


I’m choking; he warned:

“noise should be you cumming,”

then rolled me over.


His hand in my hair,

face pressed into the mattress,

he slid deep inside.


I take notes after an incredible experience. I took some notes and didn’t feel like making it into a 1,000 word post; I was lazy. So I turned my notes into a Haiku.

What made the experience incredible is the usage of the words “fuck hole” and being treated as such. To be perfectly honest, this idea came from my suggestion, as I share some writings that I find turn me on, and one of them was a woman being used and called such. He obviously read it (he doesn’t always), and decided to act on it.

It wasn’t the first time he has used this term, though it’s less than a handful still. But it was the first time he hit a limit with using me thus.

Talk about feeling like a fuck hole. He didn’t even apologize for choking me, he just reprimanded me for making so much noise with it and continued with the scene at the hand, rolling me over and using another hole for his pleasure.

Fortunately for me, I orgasmed instantly with his words, his actions, his taking. The words and the act were powerful because they were cemented together. It was so hot; it was so different from the day to day us.

My husband loves me, he cares for me in almost every action, and I know that I am the most important person in his life. So acts of pain or objectifying can be a challenge for him still – not dominating anymore, that comes easy to  him now. But actions or words that seem in opposition of love come rarely; however, it is because he loves me so much that he gives me these actions. We reaffirm that I am okay with it and he is okay doing it in aftercare routines. (Part of the reason I think after care is important to us is that this is the moment he reassures me that he is truly okay hurting me, as it’s been a challenge and a lot of compromising to get us to this point. Sometimes I feel like I pushed him towards it, but he tells me that he also likes it in these moments, and tells me what is beautiful about me in dealing with it.)

Being a military couple, we are certainly used to being separated, and we will occasionally talk dirty to each other – but verbally I absolutely fail at this. If we have phone sex, it’s more him talking dirty as I moan as I bring myself to climax. Sexting, now I can do that.

But in person, we never really talk dirty to each other. I feel like we’re shifting, however, and will begin to incorporate this more; after all, he is very aware of the reaction my body has to these words.

“Fuck hole” may just very well be our gateway word into more dirty words during sexual acts. And being used as such, with those words, from time to time (I don’t think I would appreciate it the same if it was regularly done) is so desirable to me. Kink of the Week

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  5 Responses to “Gateway Words”

  1. A lovely description of your experience, full of love and the words that inhabit that uneasy space between love and sex, between making love and fucking, both of which a couple need to explore x

  2. “Fuckhole” was one of the first dirty “endearments” W used with me, and it still has the power to make me twitch. But you’re right, if it was something he said every day, I don’t think it would be as powerful a trigger as it is. He doesn’t tell me dirty stories every time we have sex either – so when he does it packs that much more of a “zing.”

    I do like how this -the use of certain words/phrases is in a way allowing you to explore and take your sexual connection further. Words have power.

  3. Ok, I LOVE your sex haiku. Seriously, that floored me.

  4. You got me completely hooked into the moment with your haiku, amazing!

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