Dec 012015

Wicked Wednesday This week’s Wicked Wednesday is about tentacles, a recent fascination for me.

This picture is not of me; I took it of one of my friends. She’s been on the blog a few times now, being my partner in crime with wax play and a dual suspension (and the upcoming festive series for Sinful Sunday) and she has a thing for tentacles. When I asked her if I could place my glass tentacle dildo on her and snap a few photos because I thought it went really well, she was gracious enough to 3

I have a glass tentacle dildo because it looked intriguing. It feels amazing but it needs to be inserted and moved around cautiously. I don’t actually use it much because soft, cautious, and slow normally won’t induce orgasms for me. It’s still a pretty cool toy.

I have not been interested in tentacle porn, but it is exactly for that reason that the last couple of months I’ve started researching it. I’ve been reading and viewing videos and pictures to see what the appeal of tentacle porn is. I want to challenge my writing on this.

In reading and seeing tentacle porn, not only do I have a better understanding of why this is appealing, there have been some things that turn me on, get me wet, and I have masturbated to. I haven’t written any yet (if I had it would be featured for this writing prompt), mostly because what excites me the most about tentacle porn is non consensual scenes and that is something that I’m not sure would have a big audience, not to mention the addition challenge of writing two topics I haven’t in one story: forced sex with a creature.

I really am hoping once I get enough down time to write a sexy story – writing tentacle sex has been a goal after for awhile.

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  1. Well, if/when you do I will be excitedly in the audience!

  2. Tentacle porn is something I just never really got, or understood the appeal of. Maybe I need to do my own research.
    Regards CNC scenes, or rather writing them….it;s not so much a smaller audience that would bother me, as my readership is small anyway, it’s the fact that people, even within kink circles, seem to have a problem with it, and I don’t wish to invite negativity to my blog. That said, I yearn to write CNC, my own relationship has elements of CNC to it and it’s something I have a deep fascination with, and love of.

    I look forward to reading what you come up with x

  3. as ever, you are so smart and in-depth in all of your posts, the post is fantastic and i am eager to see your tentacle erotica…

  4. The image is really brilliant and vibrant, but what I am more excited about is you wanting to write about tentacle sex. I know I will be reading for sure!

    Rebel xox

  5. Totally not my thing, I admire your challenge to yourself and I will admit I have not looked into tentacle porn but it really just holds not interest for me. I look forward to reading what you write though, maybe you can lure me in.


  6. Oooh– chills at the thought of that thing inside me! Looks utterly devious.

  7. I like watching animated tentacle porn for some reason. I like the idea of the tentacle dildo. It’s super pretty, but nubby toys tend to be uncomfortable for me, so I’m afraid to get one like that.

  8. I’ll admit, I found this week’s prompt a real challenge because for me, too, tentacle porn isn’t something I’ve really ever thought about. But, funnily enough, the non-con idea also occurred to me in relation to it and, accordingly, there are shades of it in my Wicked Wednesday post this week.

    Great photo (and dildo!) by the way. And I’m totally, totally keen to see what you come up with on the tentacles!


  9. thank you for that picture, I wonder where in the UK I can get hold of that toy! I can’t wait to read what you may one day write about tentacle and octoporn… what I like about it is that you can explore cnc more easily than via other fantasies, and written well folks can read into the story or post what they will.

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