Jun 182013

Thoughts overtake me. Walking, attempting to sleep, sitting down, in the company of others when it’s not appropriate the thoughts rush my body. Wicked imaginings: I envision you. Heat, moans, a quickening of the breath, water pouring down us both. Guilty pleasures flash through my head, bad but oh so good. Whispers of limits, shattered lines, softly uttered curses, religious prayers, and begging of need. Feeling, taste, sight, overwhelming my body, forcing my breaths heavy, devastating my senses. Becoming an obsession, addiction, a drug I need inside my body. Oh the things I need to do to you:  I yearn to have my lips, my tongue, and my hands all over your body, my body gliding along yours. Memories flashing, burning through my head, coursing down my body.  A tightening of where I crave you most. Stop, but to no avail; I bite my lip.  So amazing, overpowering, consuming, fulfilling. Each thought of you my body begs for your touch, careless that it can’t partake. Tender from bittersweet pleasures, a physical reminder of what was. Erotic. Pulsating. Throbbing, hot, wet. Oh God, just once more, one chance encounter, one moment, but it won’t be enough, just a slight cooling and releasing until the next buildup. I’ve had a taste, I desire more. A memory to savor, torture on cold nights. I can already hear my moans for more, sense my body arching towards yours. Anticipation. Waiting. Aching for the moment. I think of you and my blood pounds, excitement mounting. I can feel your deep breathing next to my ear; eyes conveying longing, your desire pressing hard and ready against my skin. Your lips gently pulling on mine. Our bodies entwined, unable to deny urges. Can’t get enough; you’ve taken over my thoughts, my body now powerless to our yearnings. We shouldn’t, so good, stop, please I need you. I can’t alleviate it, I won’t resist, no longer want to. Make me feel the things I crave. I can almost savor you in my mouth, your hands gently in my hair, compelling me on. Smell you on my skin, a stimulating, impetuous scent. Feel you in my body, overwhelming, pushing, engulfing. When I was mindless with heady passion, not yet you said softly then, the words no truer than now. But like then, it’s only a matter of time. Bad thoughts…guilty pleasures.

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  13 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. A very wicked mind you have there. I love how it wanders to places that are wonderfully sexual. Great post.

  2. Wow, just wow! The farther I read, the quicker I breathed, almost as if I was working to a climax.

    Lovely post, and that of your sister’s are too!

    Rebel xox

  3. I nearly ran out of breath by the time I reached the end!!! You pulled me in and held me there so well.

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. Lovely and wicked mind (I did call you filthy earlier in the day!)

  5. I’m with Mia. Oh my! Hot read. Steamy writing!

  6. A sexy feast for the senses!

  7. Quite compelling, the words pulled me along to the end. Pleasurable, yes… not sure that I feel guilty about it 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  8. To me, pleasure is not something to be guilty off!

  9. The power of your words is breathtaking.

  10. love your thoughts 🙂

  11. Simply electric read full of breathless desire


  12. I love that feeling of being utterly consumed with desire for someone. Beautiful writing.

  13. Bad thoughts? Delicious thoughts!

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