Apr 092015

H is for Hair Pulling, for our A-Z Challenge

He made a fist in my hair, pulled and twisted at the base of my skull. I was thinking he didn’t have to keep pulling, that the appeal for me was him directing me where he wanted me.

“You don’t need to pull so hard,” I commented, smiled down at him.

He gripped even harder and moved my face down to the side of him, tilted me, brought my ear to his lips. “You like when I do this,” he whispered slowly and sensually.

I felt myself shiver. “Yes,” I responded softly, my eyes closed and my body attuned to his breath fanning against my neck. “But I like you directing me, something you can do with a softer grip.”

His hand relaxed in my tresses, not letting go, but the constant twisting and pulling wasn’t as apparent. I smiled and titled my head to kiss his lips, and suddenly the hand twisted again. I gasped with surprise and he forced my ear to his lips again. “You like it firm,” still enunciated slowly, the syllables stroking my body as much as his hands ever can. “I can give you some space,” and he loosened enough for me to attempt a kiss again. Suddenly I was yanked back, and his other arm pushed me completely off of him and onto my back, his fist a pillow against the back of my head, the twisting pull still in my strands. I smiled and arched appreciatively. He continued against my ear, “but you take advantage of the space. Sure I can move you,” the other hand caressed my face and throat, just fingertips gently brushed against my skin, clenched slightly around my throat, “but you want to feel my presence.” He pressed against my side and I felt his arousal pushed against my thigh. His fingertips brushed against the hollow of my neck, followed a collarbone and trailed to a breast, circled around before grazing a hardened nub and continued stroking just the tip. I arched to try to welcome his whole hand. His breath hot and his voice still just as slow, “let go at all,” his fingers released my hair and I groaned and turned my head sideways to see him. He gripped and pulled me back to facing the ceiling, “you aren’t at all as happy with me.” His fingers pinched a nipple, pulled hard, and the pain circulated right between my thighs. His fingers followed that path and circled my clit, dipped into my already wet body. “So tell me,” he persisted, “which is it you prefer?”

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  1. Visiting from the #AtoZChallenge minion groups AJ’s wHooligans! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love having my hair pulled, and the dynamic it creates 🙂

    Rebel xox

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