Oct 142017
Sinful Sunday

This is of my friends, I’m simply the photographer

  17 Responses to “Held Up”

  1. Love this – such anticipation and working out of control – look forward to the others

  2. I love the way she is looking up on him, there is a tension between them that is seriously hot


  3. The look in her eyes is everything – love this shot <3 x

  4. I love how their colorfulness stands out against the pallor of the background.

  5. Wish I could see his face too, but then it does add to the mystery. Great shot! The red of the clothing really catches the eye…
    Indie x

  6. Love the dynamics and emotion in this shot.

  7. Like Molly said, the way she looks at him is hot! It’s like they are talking to each other without words.

    Rebel xox

  8. this is really a cool shot. love these outdoor, action type shots. I feel like such a voyeur 😉

  9. Cool shot, photographer.

  10. I love it… Great shot… The look on her face is absolutely priceless! You have a wonderful eye!

  11. What a gorgeous place and so well photographed! The look in their eyes is so incredibly powerful!
    Aurora x

  12. This makes me think of a kinky version of the typical “engagement photos” where couples stand, lovey-eyed, in a field and then do close ups of the ring.

    Except this is cooler. And hotter.

  13. It’s a great photo, capturing the tension between them before things really start to happen.

    A completely shallow side-issue is that I always like a girl with green hair.

    Just perfect!

  14. Wow, that’s incredible intense.

  15. Oh my, this is absolutely captivating. I’m in awe of all of it. The colours, the composition, the absolute intensity of the couple… Brilliant x

  16. Wow – beautiful setting, pose that’s sexy as hell, and green hair?! This is fabulous. I love the “I dare you” look in her eyes… really excellent shot!

  17. The intensity in that look in simply fabulous!

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