Jan 202018
Sinful Sunday

  22 Responses to “Hickey”

  1. I was remarking recently how I’d necer had a Hickey before. My guess is it feels pretty nice to get one of the photo is an indication

  2. Now, I want to do that.

  3. That is cute! Like a third nipple.

    Gorgeous pic too, of course, but goes without saying…

  4. Damn sexy!


  5. Oh fabulous. A wonderful marking on a beautiful breast.


  6. This is all kinds of hot – it’s been a while since I had one!

  7. I love to play this game! I like your boobs (and seeing them as sexy makes me feel more proud of mine so that’s a bonus for me!)

  8. Love bites – and your boobs rock too 😉

  9. Love your love bite. Hot as anything! CP xx

  10. Glorious.
    What a place to have one!

  11. yum!
    i can’t remember the time I had me one of those

  12. Oh that takes me back…

  13. This makes me so jealous!

    Candy xx

  14. Don’t you just love marks of passion? Funnily enough, I don’t mind a hickey on my breast, but I would never want it in my neck…

    Rebel xox

  15. Someone called into Dan Savage’s podcast recently and asked if people ever gave each other hickeys as adults, or if it was just a teenage thing; I found myself saying aloud into the void, “OF COURSE THEY DO!!!” I *love* getting and giving hickeys (nowhere my boss might be able to see them) and I’m almost 40! I’m glad to see you’re a fan, too.

  16. Such a sexy place for a love bite . . . and a lovely photo!!!

    Xxx – K

  17. This looks like a reminder of a very fun experience – and a very clever place to have such a mark left! Gorgeous photo. x

  18. I don’t think I’ve had a hickey since my teens and yet I love how they feel.

  19. Pretty little mark 😉

  20. Ohh my! so hot!! gulp thank you:))))))))))))))

  21. So gorgeous!! Missing you too!

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