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He bound my wrists before leaning back, legs straddling my waist, and pressed his hand tight against his jeans, exhibiting his bulging member. The low light cast shadows underneath the length, and he was so hard, so unbelievably big. “You look like a porn star,” I remarked, so large underneath his blue jeans, his fit form also hidden underneath a tight white t-shirt.

He smiled, looking down at me with lust and a glint of mischief, still slowly rubbing himself. He leaned down, moving his waist to between my legs and his arms on either side of my head. He moved and rubbed between my thigh, my skin feeling just how badly he desired me, the rough jean barrier still unable to hide anything against my soft and sensitive thigh. One hand he used to gripped my neck, the fingers taking a side of my jaw and moving my head to the side. “Can you imagine how good that would feel inside of you?” he whispered. I moaned, rotating my hips, lifting my legs around him. “This is my show, but you will be the beneficiary,” he whispered, kissing the side of my neck before lifting himself up and off of me.

A short moment later, my ankles were tied. I was confused by this. “Why would you tie my ankles? My legs won’t part.”

He looked at me. “Are you questioning me?” he asked. I understood the tone, shook my head no. His body covered mine again, and we kissed. My wrists were only tied together, so I moved them behind his head, bringing him in for a deeper kiss. “I obvious need to tie you tighter,” he murmured, using one arm to force my hands above my head, the other hand going for more rope.

And now my wrists were truly tied – bound to the bed post above my head. He straddled me and slowly removed his belt, the fabric lapping over one breast as one side was freed, the other nipple became hardened as he pulled it out and down across it. He moved down to remove his clothing, revealing just how ready he was, and slide the belt across my thighs, around, belted them together. I kept my puzzlement to myself this time.

He grabbed the belt once it was secured, and pulled my legs up, holding them above my chest as his mouth, and the other hand explored my crevices. I was so ready with anticipation, that my lips seemed to part for his exploration despite me not being able to open my legs.  He moved me to my side, a more comfortable position for me while he played and licked and fingered me. But when he stopped, he realized the belt had slipped from thigh to knee.

“That’s not going to work,” he sounded disgruntled, but grabbed yet more rope and secured a harness around my waist, moving the rope down the front of my thighs and securing the rest of the length around my thighs. The rope wasn’t moving down – my wide hips wouldn’t let it. Satisfied, he grabbed the section at the front of my thighs and swiveled me around to my side again. His mouth and fingers were there just briefly before  a buzzing was heard, and then the Lelo couples vibe was inserted in, with the other side resting against my clit.

I groaned, and he grabbed my legs and moved me back onto my back. “Oh,” he smiled roguishly, “can you not move that?” I shook my head no, my body throbbing with the pulsations, my legs tied closely, my sex tightening with the vibrations, oh how I wanted to cum. “Does that feel good?” he asked, kissing my nipples.

“Yes,” I mumbled, arching my back into his mouth, my waist bending into the toy more fully. It felt so amazing, it felt so torturous, the small implement teasing and taunting an orgasm.

He situated himself by my head, grabbing the back of my head and I opened my mouth wide to welcome his sex. He thrusted in, finding a rhythm to his liking, and it was hard to remember to breathe with the sensation between my legs, his rigid length in my mouth, the moans that I grunted. He also moaned a couple of times, and removed himself. He took the vibe out of me, and before I could thank him, I was back to my side and he was entering me; again, my tightly bound legs offering no resistance  to my greedy, soaking body. The orgasm rushed at me as he hit a wall inside of me and continued his aggressive intrusion, I clenched and screamed into the pleasure, welcomed its final arrival.

He waited until I came down from it, moving gently in and out of me until I became aware of his presence once again, and then withdrew from me. But only briefly, as he grabbed the waist harness and pulled me around to my stomach, an arm going under my stomach and lifting me to kneel. My bound wrists adjusted quickly to the new position, but couldn’t support my upper half. Ass up, chest down, my legs still pressed tightly together, he plummeted inside of me, again hitting so very deeply, grabbing the harness about my waist, holding onto it and using it to pull me even further against him.

I orgasmed again, my body vaguely feeling the pressure of him too deep but uncaring at the moment, and upon the wave departing, he increased the tempo once more and I was right back up, taut and holding onto him so forcefully that he came with me.

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  1. Well…that was fucking hawt! Like super nova. And okay. I maybe a wee bit jealous. 🙂

  2. That was amazing. I could feel the ropes and the taunting… well now I am horny. Which I am positive was the whole intent of this.. it worked!!

  3. Wow!

    Have you thought of entering any of your writing to a call for submissions – check out http://www.erotica-readers.com/ERA/AR/Erotica_Authors_Resources.htm 😉

  4. Wow…so hot. And here I am all alone! Ker-waa.

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